4 September 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

A Wonderful Cameo In an Unproductive Life!!!

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      Some days of your life turns out to be unimaginably good. You don't understand how but good things keep happening to you one after another. People cherish the moment but I am little different, whenever something of this kind starts happening with me, a fear starts building up somewhere in my subconscious mind which says that something might come and all the goodness will wipe away. With months, I have removed this factor almost away from me but still a part of it stays. Recently, the end of August has been wonderful to me. Things happen without planning and when they get executed, you get influenced by the output so heavily that you find yourself speechless. I am in that state, still. Though the fever and blood pressure low scenarios has kept me little unhealthy but still, somewhere in heart, I'm jumping, dancing and celebrating. I have stopped writing personal posts long back but something is making me do it right now. I don't know why. May be God's wish. And who can deny his :-)

              Though I have been quite unproductive, unmanageable and slow in August, but still a will to perform and be like myself has always been creeping in heart. For a moment, I even started thinking that someone has done some black magic over me which is stopping me to write blogs, read books and study my course but later on I realized this is a so-called break that my life is allowing me to have despite of my continuous efforts of working incessantly the way I do. Lying supine is not my cup of tea but sometimes you have to take what the people around you consume. :-) All of you would have noticed the speed at which blogs came in August, not for a long phase and suddenly 3-4 updates. Even currently, there has been no updates since a week, I think. This is a rare scenario on this platform but one has to comply with God's plan. I have not even read a book in August. Too disappointed with myself but then, can anyone change past? No.

            Well, see how negative I have turned because of wasting a month that I forgot to discuss with you the happy news that I wanted to. On 27th August, I got an opportunity to donate blood for the 2nd time in life and doing that gave me utter happiness that cannot be defined. Helping a stranger without even knowing who will be blessed because of our deeds is something special and extra-ordinary that we can do from our side. With friends, even this becomes funny as they tease when we lie on bed for giving blood but then, somewhere in heart, bells ring and we find a sound that's nothing less than heavenly. Then, on 28th, it was my father's 53rd birthday and there's no special moment for me than my parents' birthday. All of you know that I post regarding them on their respective birthdays but now you know, how my life would have been troubling me that I failed to even write a post about my father even after I had laptop on my laps. :-( 

             On his birthday, I talked with mummy that we would be contributing halves of whatever the expenditure would come and all three of us would go to Water Kingdom. Initially, she was skeptic about this but then I had to go and finally we were in Water Kingdom on my father's birthday. He said that it was his best birthday celebration till date and what more did I want from this. :-) With parents, its always a different kind of fun that you can never get while traveling with friends or relatives. And with this, even my dream of revisiting Water Kingdom got accomplished. On 29th, I received a very special business cards which will be helping me more to promote my blog to the right people. It's something that seems to be royal but it's for the people who are in developing stage. I hope there will come a day when I won't be needing such things to make people know about what I do. :-)

            On 30th August, I got a Tablet for myself. To avail the brilliant offer that I was getting, I had to travel all the way to Borivali which is 2.5 hours local train journey from my place again as 2 days ago, for Water Kingdom, I landed at the same place. It was a dream to have something of this kind so that I can post blogs anytime, from anywhere at any cost. :-) Then on 31st, I gave an interview to a newly launched website that's on the line of Viewspaper. As soon as it would be up on their website, I will share the link. :-)  Also, on the same day, I conducted interview session with 4 other authors. Asking questions is always easier than answering questions that's based on your life and work. In all, I had a wonderful time though I have been visiting doctor throughout this whole period of time but to gain something, you have to sacrifice something. And you can see how every day turned out to be an event for me at the end of August. What more does someone like me needs? :-) And yes, I would also like to inform all of you that Uff Ye Emotions has gone in its 3rd imprint. :-)



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