14 June 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

What a Spirit!

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   Today, I met a friend who has been working in Shipping from last 6 years. Initially he used to earn stipend and now he is a permanent employee there. We used to play together in our childhood. With us there were so many friends. Some of them have failed Engineering continuously, others are jobless, some are in an ordinary job of Infosys or are posted in some HR department, others are getting married etc. But what I always search for is one person I know who has done something that not many get to experience or feel. This guy has such a job that he almost traveled the whole world. In the same way, there are 4 friends of mine who have been in IITs and IIMs. Every time I meet them online I make it sure that I ask them everything about their experience as I will never get a chance to experience this in my life. And most of them after a conversation of 30 minutes or so end up saying that they don't get time to talk to our old friends but with me, its always a pleasure because even I am doing something in life that's different even if it has nothing to do with my academics or profession. This is one of the "satisfying" moments of my life. When a person whom we see as a Celebrity says that he finds us a bit extra-ordinary, there can be nothing more beautiful than this.

            While talking to this guy who is earning in a month what a 5 year experienced guy earns in India, I asked him why doesn't he come back to India and rest for all his life or think of some entrepreneurship. What he replied to me was,"Veeru, there's not many people who experience what I am experiencing. There's not everyone who gets to visit Pyramid of Egypt, Eiffel Tower of Paris, Casino of Los Angeles and every other country in every 2 days. I am very happy with this. And I want to work. I don't want to come back and sit. Let me earn a lot. I am not counting money but I am rejoicing the experience. I work a lot because I love my work and field. I am developing with each training and each audit I go for on a ship. I get points for struggling to travel to countries in every 2 days which leads to a promotion later on in life. I am just 2 promotions away that will take 4 years from now and I would be earning per month what a guy saves in his whole lifetime in India".

           After hearing this, there was a gush of blood in my body which motivated me enough to jump and do something that I have always been dreaming of. This guy isn't thinking about his marriage, retirement, savings etc. He has decided to work regularly till 60th year of his life and even after that; as his company permits the employees. Too inspiring. He said that its regularity for him but he is thankful to God for giving him what not even 0.0001% of Indian population gets. This is what I liked. We shouldn't take these things for granted as it's struggling, I agree, but this is what we slogged so much for. He says that he is okay with his Boss's aggression towards him because that's what's making him what he is, a rare phenomenon. And he says that one has to leave useless friends behind to get over the time wastage scenarios in life. He says that one has to sacrifice family and relatives to get into the category that gives pleasure. He says that he feels lonely but he does not give himself time for missing his country and people as he starts working again. Amazing!

           For such people, my respect remains forever. Because talking with any of my old friend who has achieved excellence, for me, is celebrity. And a celebrity is meant to be respected, idolized, followed and listened to. I heard each and every thing that he proclaimed about his life because I know what he is doing is very tough for me. I told him my idea of being like him but as of now, what are my priorities. He even guides me a bit but not much as he feels that he can't reign in the world in which I'm trying myself in. This mutual admiration friendship is always interesting as respect flows for all the minutes that we are together. :-) I have learnt from him that sacrifices are recommended and any life that we get after a lot of struggle has to be enjoyed as not many are living the kind of life we have. I also learned from him that work is what one has to do in any case rather than thinking of earning a lot and then leaving it for trying something new. He said that he does not want to settle back in India as only a fool shall do this by living a life that is making him see world. What A Spirit! I will need to talk with many such friends who are living an inspirational life. Let's get more ideas and inspiration. I realized my life is still not that happening. A lot has to be done. Let's do. 




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RAN IN JAN said...

very nice article.. All i can say is..do what makes you happy. thats it. Like your friend, travelling makes him happy. Its neither about money nor work. Its all about doing things which makes you happy. In villages, you see many people, who do nothing, they eat, sit and talk . They are happy arent they?

You talked about struggles. Friedrich Nietzsche said, accept the struggles as natural, and its an inevitable step to reach something good in life.

Instead of following your friend, have your own philosophy of life. Know yourself better you will find a way rather finding what to do.

All the best in life.

Isha Naidu's Blog said...

A nice one... Well yeah all i can say is live for you..don't live for what others has depended on you....People may talk what ever but you have your own Goal For your own live and future..plan your future and this is how its done..because in your future nobody is going to be responsible with what you are...Its you who are responsible for it... Really liked this article..and Abhi Once again thankS for sharing again...The respect for you is gaining Higher...God Bless You Man.. :)

Writing Buddha said...

Hey Ran in Jan, in this post, I have tried to tell his spirit. I want to follow that spirit not the way of living life. The amount of spirit that he has shown that day has influenced me to go for something big.. That's it. And thanks, ur comment is nice. :-)

Writing Buddha said...

Hey Isha, u have also misinterpreted the blog. Plz see my above post. And plz dont respect me.. or else u might get disappointed in future. :) haha

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