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With Mr. Amish Tripathi
  It's so wonderful to experience our dream. When the first time we see it, we believe that it will remain to be a dream because it's too big to even imagine ourselves in that position. But with time if we grow serious about it, it develops an anxiety within us which we don't want anymore. We set on our path to achieve our dream until we don't start living it daily. I remember how ignorant I was about this world until the first Blog that I wrote. I was ignorant even after it but by 2010, something clicked within me which said that I have to do and create everything that I have in my mind, soul and desire. Gradually things started coming to me with the help of my hard work. Our idols are the biggest persons for us. They are God. My first idol is Chetan Bhagat whom I got to meet on 13th September, 2011. Then Amitabh Bachchan became one whom I got to experience on 30th January, 2013. Then its Amish Tripathi whom I finally got to meet yesterday, on 21st June, 2013. 

           If only I could have thanked my god, my stars, my fate, my destiny anymore to tell everyone of you in what state I am currently. I went to India Non Fiction fest which is Asia's first ever kind of fest. There are various Fiction Festivals where certain writers come and talk about the revolution in publishing industry but this one was first of its kind where Non-fiction creators came and told about the issues that really matters. I have always loved attending such seminars because it gives a beautiful insight into the matters that really matters. :-) There are many facts that we ourselves don't know about our society and surroundings. These geniuses acquaint us with such facts and real issues. 

          In the morning, I got to meet Ankit Fadia, the most respected ethical hacker of India. I interacted with him about my interest in computers and my weaknesses. In the end, he asked me to follow my passion than trying to jump into Computers if I'm finding it hard. Haha! I also got to meet Mrs. Tavleen Singh whose a renowned author and is also known for writing controversial stuffs. :-) Later on I got to interact with Ajit Ranade who has been a continuous face as an Expert Adviser in Kaun Banega Crorepati. He helped me analyze how weak our system is and how we should calculate all the ratios in our country rather than jumping on conclusions.

You can see my hair and nose with him on the left. :-)
   And finally the moment came for which I was waiting for since the whole day. I got to meet my idol and Superstar author- Mr. Amish Tripathi. I can't tell you the feeling when I realized that the person standing in front of me was him about whom I talk daily with my parents and friends. I approached to introduce myself to him. As soon as I said,"Sir, I am Abhilash Ru...", he interrupted and said,"Blogger Abhilash, right?" I was shocked and I said,"Yes". He said you better introduce yourself with this than with your whole name because that's your brand and I ended up telling him that no brand can touch the stature of Meluha brand. :-) After that we talked for 20 minutes which is 1800 seconds of pure experience of heaven for me. We ended up sharing our phone numbers. I got his autograph on my copy of his book and also on the xerox of the letter that I gave him. I also presented him my published short story in UYE and told him to take the romance nonsense lightly as this is not what I am going to write about in my writing career and he said how beautiful love stories on my Blog are. There was so much interaction that I felt as if I met an old friend of school rather than the Legend-Writer. 2 hours back, I got his SMS where he thanked me for writing a kind letter to him. Some day, I'll scan the xerox of the letter that I have with me and share with all of you. :-)

        Later, I got to meet Mr. Mahesh Bhatt because of the contest that I won. I went over the stage and asked him the question,"Why is Vishesh films making more of sequels that are based on the same old concept than creating something new that it has always done?" to which he replied that business is the main target these days and all is made according to it, basically, and then as creative art. I threw my second question,"Why don't we see you anymore as Director of a movie? Why are you just producing and writing now?" to which he replied that his name is being registered in the history of cinema as someone who made classics and now he wants new directors to conquer the floor with new ideas. Later on he came and got this picture snapped with me. He handed me the signed copy of "Director's Cut", a book based on 50 major film-makers of the modern era. I handed him the letter that I wrote for him and got his autograph on its xerox too just as I did with Amish sir. :-) I would be sharing this letter too, some day.
With Mr. Mahesh Bhatt!!!

      And let me tell you all, while I was on the stage to ask question to this legendary movie maker, I shared the stage with Minissha Lamba, Rahul Bose and Sanjay Ghadvi too. :-) I met so many successful people yesterday that the next 5 years of my life, even if a failure, will not depress me. It will give me a reason to smile and take me back to this day where all the authors were recognizing me, 4 of the people from audience came to me after knowing that I'm the blogger and book reviewer that they have been following from last 2 years or something. Thanks to them for giving me the little footage too among those epitomes of successes. Today is another day when I am called once again for meeting author Makarand Waingankar who has written a successful biography on Sachin Tendulkar. I would be again made to stand on stage and answer a question or two. I would also be getting chance to meet Sanjeev Kapoor who is another legend of India. Let's see how it goes. 

 Thanks a lot. Keep your blessings with me. I need them.


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Anonymous said...

Keep rocking. One of the striking quality that you possess is to keep striving and keep moving forward. It's important to have the undying spirit in you if you want to rock. I had read in a novel written by Robin Sharma wherein he said that do something for 3 years and they say you expert and stick with that thing for 5 years and they will call you a Guru.

I wait for you to complete 5 years of regular blogging. I bet you have far more awesome things waiting to land in your kitty. This is just the inception. And, please pardon me for not dropping-by on your blog regularly. I won't give excuses, but let me tell you I have read a plethora of your blogs and stories and the charm never fades. You've a certain style of writing, which can appeal masses, so I would request you to keep writing.

God Bless You buddy.

Abhisek Rai Akrant

Isha Naidu's Blog said...

Keep it Going abhi...I'm just proud that to be following your blog...You just deserve a high Salute...Way To Go..All the best for your future and you deserve more than this Abhi..Tc God Bless You More and More With his wanderous blessings.. :)

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