16 June 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

What if you have lost your Father?? Don't weep but work!!!

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          I don't know how much population still believes in these days- Mother's day, Father's day etc but I do believe in one thing- if there's a day that is already being dedicated to someone, we must try to create an awareness regarding it. Now many of you might ask me- What kind of awareness? To get a mother from a nearby market on a Mother's day? No. I am saying this in regard of the class of people who don't respect the value of such people when they are near/with them. They keep degrading them by either continuously fighting or insulting them  for every now and then. For such people, on these respective days, we should let them know what the value of such people in our life is. Today is Father's Day. A very Happy Father's Day to all the fathers reading this post. Ab apne papa ko kya personally wish karna unke saath toh roz hi ye Baap-Bete ka khel khela jata hai. :-) 

           But in this post, I want to write about those children who are not blessed with father or their father is no more with them. First of all, if any of you is facing this, don't think that I am going to sympathize with you. That's life, you know. This is how the God has created the world. The two person whom we consider our God are the first to leave us in life if some unexpected tragedy with someone else doesn't happen. I, myself, can't imagine my life without any of my parent and I don't even think how my life would be without them because it's the last thing on Earth that I would like to think about. I know that not having any of the parent turns our life little depressing and hence, through this post, I want to give some instances/examples that will surely motivate you if you were unaware about it.

          Sachin Tendulkar- all of us know what a big phenomena he is. During a World Cup tournament, a news came that his father is no more. He loved his father a lot and he was shocked with the news. He was young as most of us are. It was hard for him to take this news. Leaving his passion of Cricket and dream of World Cup, he went back home. After few hours, his mother said that his father would have wanted him to play World Cup matches than weep for him and he should return back. He came back to the host country and practiced throughout with his glares on. Many people saw him wiping his tears off periodically. In the next match itself, against Kenya, he scored 140* in 101 balls. He dedicated this century to his father and since then, all of us have seen that whenever he touches the number 100, he sees towards the sky and dedicates the century to his father. 

          Virat Kohli- another phenomena who seems to be the next big thing for Indian cricket after Sachin Tendulkar. He is continuously in the scrutiny of people for his over-aggression and abusive conduct on the field. Yet when he comes to bat, people watch with all their eyes glued on the shots he plays. And as soon as he gets out, people lose hope in the same manner as we did when Tendulkar used to return back to pavilion. After many lost opportunities, when Kohli got to know that he is getting a chance in Ranji Trophy for the first time, he prepared very well for it. But during the tournament, his father expired. His mother and coach, both asked him to play the match the same day as its very crucial for the team and if he leaves this opportunity, his dream of being a big cricketer will get out of his hands. He went and scored 90 runs on the same day his father demised which made his Delhi team win that match. His mother quotes, "Virat changed a bit after that day. Overnight he became a much more matured person. He took every match seriously. He hated being on the bench. It's as if his life hinged totally on cricket after that day."

          Shakeel- all of us have seen him for various times on several Comedy programs on television. After Raju Shrivastava and before Kapil Sharma, he was the one who kept the life intact of Comedy on Indian television being a Pakistani. I remember that he won some award and said in his winning speech that there was a day when he was in a show where the audience came in the biggest number till date. He and his team were in wait of such a moment. Finally the day came when he was to perform for the first time in front of such a huge crowd. He says that he was very excited and while he was in the middle of his stand-up comedy show, a man came from behind and said something in his ears. He says that he still kept performing for next 2 hours and made people laugh a lot. People gave him standing ovation and clapped a lot. The man said to him in between the show that his father breathed his last a few minutes ago and if he wants, he can leave the show and go. But he continued. Shakeel said,"Jis din mere baap ki maiyyat pe duniya ro rahi thi us din main logon ko hasaa raha tha aur shayad yahi mere pitaji ka aashirwaad hai k aaj main is mukaam pe khada hun". :)

   Priyanka Chopra- if one actress who stands out unique and different out of all the contemporary actresses, its she. She has an amazing fan following that can be seen on Twitter and Facebook. She has highest followers among actresses on both the Social networking sites. She has 2 100 Crore movies in her bag. Her upcoming flick- Krrish 3 is going to be a part of 200 Crore for sure. All of us know that her father, Mr. Ashok Chopra died after a long fight of cancer in this week itself. For last one month, she was with her father. Every one knows about her attachment with him. She even got "Daddy's little girl" tattooed on her wrist a few years ago unlike the fool, Deepika Padukone who got her bf's initials tattooed on her neck who is now her ex. Stupidity! After Priyanka Chopra's father expired, in all the pics that the stupid media clicked of hers, she was seen shattered and continuously weeping. But even after that, within 3 days of the incident, she was on the location to train hard for the role of boxer-Mary Kom that she is going to play in a movie. Even when Sanjay leela Bhansali asked her to take leave, she said that she is prepared to get trained for this hardcore training. And she is back to work.

         All these examples show us that Fathers are truly important for us and we need to respect him but if he dies of a sudden death or because of old age, we shouldn't stop our lives because our fathers never want us to ever stop working. In fact, they love when they see that their child is tough. Hence lets not make their soul weep with us. Let's motivate ourselves to smile and hence, make our father's soul smile wherever they are in heaven. These people mentioned above didn't stop working even when their father expired when they were between of the work. They continued it with the same passion and went on creating the legacy which, I think, is hard for anyone else to break easily. On this Father's Day, this is all that I want to say to all the people who have lost their Fathers. My best wishes with all of you. Let's dedicate our success to our Father who have always lived and earned for us since our birth. :-)

P.S.: I know it's easy to preach than doing it ourselves. But Sorry, all my efforts has been to motivate my friends who have lost their father and nothing else. No offense meant. 



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Isha Naidu's Blog said...

Well said..i can say that you are like a god...to be truth i'm actually one of the person where i dont have both parents..even last night i was crying thinking about it..i was even going to write in my blog today and there i saw this post and i got something precious...guess after this i'm not going to cry or what but move on in my life as what my parents would wish..Once again Thank You Abhi.. :)

Writing Buddha said...

Very good Isha... Move on and achieve bigger in life... so big that your parents from above find only u on Earth and others sud seem as a miniscule. :-)

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