27 June 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

5 Points To Be Respected in Society!!!

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           Whenever it comes to gaining respect in life, people try several things. Some of them go out of their tracks to do something that will make them look different but end up looking horrible and funny while some get successful in their adventure. I have always wanted myself, my parents, my friends, their parents and almost everyone associated to me, directly or indirectly, to be respectful in society. Any time when I see any of them getting disrespected and being made fun of, I feel very sad. I wish that I could do something for them but then I sit back and continue doing my stuffs. Sachin never lost his track to bring Vinod Kambli, his friend on track. Amitabh B didn't lose his position by supporting Amar Singh who was doing wrong at the moment. Hence I think why should I go and keep suggesting my friends to be respectful than doing some funny sorts of thing in life to make fun of themselves; being followers of such personalities. I do issue them free advise for once or twice but I don't have all time in life to suggest them things. But, in my view, there are some basic things which makes us respectful, I would like to discuss them in this post. And yes, they aren't labelled in order.

1. Your Savings: People have a big misconception that the way they spend their money is what makes them popular and respectful in society. They never concentrate on the basic thing that once they'll do this, they'll end up spending so much of their money which could have been saved for the future. What they prefer is to look rich and luxurious among people. But let me tell you all, people respect those who have quite a money in their bank account than the amount of money they spend in their life. The sweeper of my society is respected among the residents because she has 10 lakhs in her bank account that she got after selling her ancestral land. While a family who has 2 cars, a jeep and 2 bikes aren't respected because they are in heavy loans and bank agents keep coming to their house on daily basis. Hence try to save as much as possible than spending. Savings of Rs. 1 can also add up to Rs. 30 at the end of the month which is enough to fill your stomach in extreme hunger and misery. 

2. Your Property: In my society, the people who are on rent are never called upon in the special functions such as marriages, engagements, receptions, anniversaries, birthdays etc because what the flat owners believe is- All these people are here for temporary basis and will leave the society after their agreement of 11 months, so why to waste 1000 rs/plate on their family. Every time a new resident comes, people start inquiring whether he's an owner or is on rental-basis. Once you will come to know that your friend's father has 4 flats, 1 bungalow and 4 plots with 3 shops in different areas, you will start respecting him. Because building a property takes lots of courage and conviction. Not everyone in India has their own flat. But whoever has knows that even in the extreme case of poverty, they will at least have roof over their heads. Hence, save your money as soon as you get job and start investing in properties. And yes, don't count your father's in your account, losers. I'm serious.

3. Your standard of living: Suppose you have lots of money and properties but you don't dress properly, you don't go to good restaurants whenever you go, you don't keep cleanliness at your home etc, people will still reserve themselves from respecting you or thinking highly about you. You yourself tell me- will you prefer to roam around with a rich friend of yours who does not iron his shirt or does not polish his shoes? No. Right? Hence, we should make it sure that even when we are not really rich, we have a good standard of living and etiquette. Even when a classmate of poor background comes and talk to us, in a well-mannered way, and lives properly, we respect him. Isn't it? While the one who is from a middle-class but does not dress/lives properly gets ignored by us. Maintain yourself and your life.

4. Your habits: Here, I am not talking about only those habits that were taught us in schools but it is an overall summation of the virtues we should have in life. If you turn out to be a person who has an abusive mouth, a fighting attitude, argumentative nature, disrespectful accent or you are a liar, thug, fraud, betrayer, criminal, woman-beater etc, people will see you with a very ugly grin even if you are minister of your area or the most powerful person of the society. We have seen several examples in our newspapers from last 7-8 years when we have seen how billionaires have turned out to be fraud and criminals and have lost all the respect they earned in all their lifetime. Hence always make it sure that you aren't involved in some illegal or indecent activity in life. Stay high in regards. And you will see good people approaching you themselves. 

5. Your Friend Circle: Last but the best. Always make it sure that your Friend Circle is awesome. When each and every friend with whom you hang-out, go for trips, sit on weekends are wonderful personalities and capable enough in life, people respect you. It is a powerful fact that every human identifies/knows that a human being always like the company of people like whom he/she wants to be. If I want to be a famous personality, you will find me meeting similar faces. If I want to roam with a girl all around the city, you will find me approaching the couples to be in my community. If I like traveling places, you will find me connecting with those who are regular trekkers and travelers. Hence, always make it sure that not even a single friend of yours is involved in any kind of Cheapiyapa. Because you are going to be judged by the people you even talk with; though its occasional. I have mentioned this point in the end so that this remains in your mind once you log out of Internet and log in the real world. :-)



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