27 June 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

The Faith of Manushya!!! (Fiction Story)

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   They were born in some jungle. Out of the egg, they came breaking their respective shells and kissed the earth with their two front legs. Their mother and father came near them, touched their shell, their body and face. They got to know that someone in this world exists to take their care. Suddenly, they found themselves among many of their breeds. All of them were of their age, just born. They started playing together and developed friendship. They loved roaming in the jungle together and eating whatever they could get what came under their diet. Even after they had some 50 in their group, these two who were born together never left each other. When one slept, the other slept. When one roamed, the other roamed. When one ate, the other ate. They were like partners. Incidentally, both of them were of opposite sex too. They didn't have knowledge about it but they were attracted towards each other.

             One day a huge personality came over there who looked like the superior of all the creatures on the planet and took all the 50 of them by sacking them in a bag made up of jute. They were kept in the vehicle. All of them got scared as to where were they being taken but they had no other option than getting hurt by every vibration and jump of the rear wheels of the jeep. All of them were quite silent and sweet hence they didn't decide to attack the person in unity. All of them promised that whenever they'll be set free, they'll stay in pairs so that even if they are separated, they'll find themselves with their favorite partner. These two made sure that they are going to be together. Finally, all of them were kept in a very dark place and occasionally, 2-3 of them used to be picked up from the bag and shown to the superior creatures of the planet. Gradually, two by two, in pairs, all of them were taken away by some superiors who were going to be their owners from now.

            These two were taken in the last by someone who made them suffer the vibration once again in their life; for 2 hours. They were kept in a pink kind of a vessel. Both of them enjoyed this environment as they finally got to see the sky and openness or else they always saw darkness. They enjoyed this owner as he always gave them food on time and made it sure that they are bathing, drinking water and eating food. Whenever he used to feel that they are sick, they were even kept in water dissolved with medicines. After 1.5 years, the male among the two expired. No one came to know about the reason but the owner got shattered. The female never ate food the way she did. She never swam in water she used to. Even when owner kept her in medicinal water, she preferred to keep her mouth above the water level. She wanted to tell the owner that she is lonely and she needs a company. 

             After 2 months she recovered from the pain that she went into after tasting the blood of her partner. Even she wanted to die but the owner was quite adamant and made her eat food time to time. One day, a male was placed in her vessel who wasn't as beautiful as her previous partner but seemed to be more active, aggressive and energetic than him. In the first two minutes itself, he scared the shit out of the female and she wanted to be left alone for some time as she didn't want a horny partner as such. The owner understood her plight and kept male in a separate vessel. After this new male who was bought from the same place got a wonderful treatment through perfect diet, open environment, medicinal water etc. He started behaving properly. After two days, while he was sleeping, he was kept in the same vessel as of female's. 

            Female came near him, smelled him from all the four sides and after realizing that he's from the same breed as her, bit him on his legs. He wasn't wild anymore and hence got scared by someone who owned this vessel. He didn't remember how two days ago, he tortured her but now he wanted to come out of the vessel as he knew that female is not going to accept him very soon. Wherever he walked, she followed him. Whatever he ate, she ate before him. But this time, owner didn't do anything. He just kept seeing them. He just didn't want both of them to fight physically. This treatment with the male was obvious as he was new in her premise. Hence the owner and his mother enjoyed this game of the species. But after 12 hours of this running and following, when they got tired, rather than sleeping separately, both of them preferred to sleep together. This indicated that monsoon is the season when these species come together. While they were sleeping together, owner clicked the photo and remembered the male that expired. He just wished and prayed Lord Shiva to bring the female and the male closer as soon as possible and give them a long life unlike the male who left him in a short time. Somewhere in Himalayas, Lord Shiva smiled. :-) 

P.S.: Only the pet-lovers will understand this post. :-)



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