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ForGetting the Unforgettable by Abhishek Agrawal (Book Review)!!!

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I remember when a long time ago, I read "Sorry for loving you" by Abhishek Agrawal. That was his debut novel. It was quite lengthy and after reading the whole book with lots of concentration and dedication, I felt as if I read a book written by some kid. I gave it 1/5. Whenever I rate a debutante book, I hesitate when the review is bad. But I do because I want the debutante to decide whether he wants to continue writing books or leave it for his own good. After reading this 200-pages book "Forgetting the Unforgettable" by Abhishek Agrawal, his 2nd book, I am seriously very happy to see the improvement in his writing. Though his first book did well and was the first to get the National Bestseller tag for its Publisher but I wasn't satisfied as I found it poor. After reading this, I can understand the amount of improvement the author has worked upon. He seems to be a totally new person. 

This is a heart rending story of the two passionate lovers who sacrificed everything just to lead the life in each others arms forever but their normal life got trapped into topsyturvy leaving the protagonist into an indefinite waiting for his lost love.

Always in your arms I will reside, always with you I want to precis

The story unfolds with a letter which is the only left out treasure of the memory of his beloved who is lost somewhere unknown to him and ends up with the same situation where it begins from.

A Letter which was full of emotions.....
A Letter which was as deep as ocean....
A Letter that strengthen his belief...
A Letter that gave him a reason to live...
A Letter which he used to read daily when he had nothing to share....
A Letter that was his companion when she was not there

Their love and their dream of staying together brought them to Mumbai on the deliberate pretex of their higher studies, but the cruel hands of the fate did not spare even these two innocent souls.

The fate engineers the conspiracy in such a way as she suddenly disappears leaving none to know her whereabouts and he keeps on waiting throughout the life for the day when the death would embrace him or he would embrace his long awaited love either.

Can anyone love someone so madly that he lives his entire life with just A Letter?

About the Author
Abhishek Agrawal started writing from 2010 and his debut Novel Sorry...For Loving You, was Published in 2011 which became the National Bestseller in its maiden year.

As being in the age of his 20 years he was honoured by the Jewel of Agrawal Samaj, for giving his extraordinary performance in the field of writing. He always dreams enormous & has the zeal of concurring the entire era with his words. He wants to share some more stories through his upcoming novels. His aim is to give a message to the society through his Novels. 

         Coming to the review once again, this book is about how one falls in pure love and respects it with his/her pure heart. When love is a two-sided affair, how beautiful it is, is clearly described in each and every sentence written by the author. The italic paragraphs are something for which I would recommend this book for all of you. Though this love story is as simple as other love stories that are being written by Indian authors these days but still this book is quite different because of the treatment that author has done with the word "Love". There's not a single love making scene or a moment describing a sensuous kiss. It's all about the feelings both the protagonists have for each other.

          I liked the way Mumbai is described in the first few pages and later on, when the couple shifts to Mumbai for their Master's, the description and the way they enjoy the city is the best part of this book. A tragic part with the male protagonist is another beautiful piece that made me cry. Though I felt that the relationship of protagonist with that family member should have been described before bringing a whole twist in the book because of that particular incident in the story. Whenever the conversation part came, I felt that author faced difficulty in structuring the sentences. There are many grammatical mistakes which irritates the reader. Another example of mistake is- Spelling of "quiet" is repeatedly spelled as "quite" throughout the book. Such mistakes are general. Rest I would say, prologue and epilogue are also wonderfully written. The cover page of the book is beautiful. Synopsis on the back cover is exciting. In all, I would give this book 3/5. If you believe in love, this book is for you.



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