11 June 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Jiah Khan's Suicide Note is an ALERT for our GENERATION!!!

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    I hope all of you would have read the Suicide Note written by Jiah Khan. Her mother while searching for her poems found it and shared it with media. There's no name written but its quite obvious that its for the asshole, Sooraj Pancholi, son of Aditya Pancholi who was her boyfriend. In her letter, it is clear that she was being tortured, raped, abused, physically abused, cheated and he also made Jiah Khan abort their child for couple of times. She has continuously written that because he never valued her love and always ill-treated her emotions is what changed her from being disciplined and ambitious to someone who wanted to kill everything in her, even dreams. At last, she said that there's no point in living this life as everything of hers is been exploited by him.

          I should not have picked up this topic as I have already written about it recently but after the letter, I was so shocked that it became hard to avoid writing this post.

          Even when Jiah Khan was talented and ambitious, she got into this shit called "love affair" and ended everything that she had which only 5% of the population has. While committing suicide, she died because that idiot didn't treat her well but she didn't consider the feelings of her mother even once. I am talking this not only in regards of Jiah but this is what most of my generation do not think while playing with their lives. Her death would have made Sooraj Pancholi smile k chalo balaa tali but every bit of her mother would have been shattered. If she would have chose to live, her mother would have supported her. They could have gone to the Police and lodged a complain against the boy if he would have tried to misuse her physically again. She could have concentrated on her career more seriously than giving so much importance to this relationship which already lost its meaning when the boy made her do what a real lover can never even think of. According to me, let the relationship be any beautiful, no one from the two has the right to even slap the partner. In love, we often say in emotion that if we would be wrong, you can surely slap me but no, practically, it hurts a lot. Its not a slap on our cheek but on our self respect. And there's nothing above self-respect, neither ego nor pride and not even our attitude.

          If you love someone remember that your good points should remain intact. If that are being judged, criticized, asked to be changed or played with, go off the relationship. Yes, its right that you are in love but the person with you isn't as if he/she would have been they would not have asked you to change your asset. It hurts me a lot whenever I find that a youth who isn't an orphan has committed suicide for a love affair. No. I don't feel bad for the boy/girl but for his/her parents who have given every bit of their life for the child. Right from the 0th day, they have been putting every thing of their life on us till we don't stand on our feet. But what are we giving them in return? An act which can never let them see straight into the eyes of people ever in life. Even when we go under a love relationship and it becomes viral in our locality, our parents find it difficult to face people. It's India and we are not meant to chill around in a love affair without our parents' consent. Boys and girls should understand this.

           Committing suicide is irreparable. Once done, its done. If you will share your acute problems with parents, they will scold at first, that's obvious. But just few minutes from there and they will do every bit possible to provide you justice and they'll make you stand again on your feet. When a child returns back home on 40th evening and says that "I am being rejected in an interview once again" and as soon as parents realize that now the child has lost all the hope, they start calling their acquaintances. They ask them if there's any possibility that their child can be kept at any position in their organization and they end up giving us a "Happily every after" conclusion. Which love partner, friend or social networking follower does this for us? Please set your priorities right, friends. For a love affair, don't give up your passion, life, self-respect, body, soul, vision etc. First of all its something in which we shouldn't indulge. Even if you are too excited to go into this shit, make it sure that you are in a limit. Don't get into the flow. Keep a distance. I am not saying this in terms of physicality only but also emotionally. There's different better things to get drained in than a love affair. We have Jiah Khan's example with us for our whole life. Let's keep our consciousness alert. 



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Ankionthemove said...

Even I was shocked to hear her death news.She was an amazing actor,atleast in few of the films she had done she had done full justice to her role.

Sadly,she looks to me to have fallen in love with the wrong guy.Also to me to some extent the letter looks like a one-sided love affair.Unless things get clear we cannot blame both parties,it could have been avoided yes.

Check my blog too,its on travel: http://www.ankionthemove.com/

Dowdy gal said...

Sadly in this day and age what all youngsters want is an epic love story. The quest for the perfect aesthetic features, lay forefront while choosing a mate, rather than individual values and compatibility and that's where the rot lies. Life is too short to waste it on people who aren't worth it.

Writing Buddha said...

Rightly said by both of you, Ankita and Dowdy gal.. Thanks a lot for commenting on this topic thats actually related for the concern of girls..

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