20 June 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Let's Not Interrupt The Runners If You Feel The Track is Wrong!!!

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       If a question would be asked to all of us,"Is your life complete the way you have chosen to live it?" I am sure almost 99% would say yes. Disagree? You are mistaken. The question isn't asking "do you have all you want from life?". If this would have been the question, people would have told how much poor they are, how much more they want from life, how much struggle they are putting in etc. Here its been asked whether life is complete with the way we have chosen to live it. And because nothing can be more comfortable than the way we chose, we will definitely have to say yes even if we feel that our chosen path lacks the twinkle that the life needs to remain excited through out. Life is a destiny for God who worked upon giving some meaning to this skeleton which is covered with flesh and filled with blood. For us, this is a journey towards Death. Isn't it funny that we travel through so much struggle and pain just to attain our last breathe which leads us to death- a permanent sleep with our soul detached from us. :-)

         According to me, my life is perfect according to me. The way I have chosen is the one I would be choosing again in my next birth. There are some people who say how they are not happy with the life that they have chose etc but I am very happy with the way things have proceeded for me. I wake up early in the morning, I exercise, I go to study computers which I enjoy(until some complexity does not agree to enter my brain), I come home I read novel, newspapers etc. In short, if you will sum up my day most of my time goes only in reading. It occupies 45% of my life. Rest 55% is being taken by college and sleep. But in the period such as this when I enjoy my vacation, reading occupies 75% of my time while 25% is given to sleep. And I find God, heaven, peace, eternity in this hobby of mine. But will I like to see the whole world doing this? 

          There used to be a time when I wanted people to devote themselves in reading. Not because I am in this but because it is recommended by every great person. Even the parents who themselves never read anything in life asks their child to read newspapers and story books initially. Later on, even they stop saying because they know "Like Parents Like Child". I used to tell my friends, my family members and everyone I connected well to read books. I told them that the most practical knowledge we get about our life and this world is by reading books. Some of my friends did start ordering books on Flipkart but they ended up after some time. There were also some who know how entertaining reading books are but still never purchased a book. Seeing this behavior, I thought to shrink rather than expand and cover the world under this beautiful phenomenon.

         I see that some of my friends like tripping and hanging out around, some like meeting their best friend every another day and gossiping, some like getting everywhere in the city with their partners, some like crying over their failed relationships, some like watching all the reality shows that is being telecast on channels, some like spending all their time on Internet doing nothing but buffering videos, chatting with the same classmates with whom they spend their whole day with etc. This is what they have chosen for their life. Even if I'll tie them to a wooden chair with a thick rope, they'll disentangle themselves and run towards doing this stupid things that gives no outcomes but deteriorates the quality of life. Now I have stopped telling them to leave this and that. I have just cut off myself from their way of living and submerged myself into mine. And I am pretty happy with myself.

         With time I have understood that for everyone, their own style of living is the best. Reading book is heaven for me while for some its a total wastage of 100+ rupees. They sometimes tell me that watching a movie in 100+ rupees is entertaining as the whole story is being said in just 3 hours irrespective of a book that takes 2-3 days for them in reading. May God Bless Them and Their Great Thoughts! For many, traveling various locations is a heaven because they feel its God creativity that they are experiencing. True! For some, there's nothing bigger than spending time with your closed ones and talking everything as they are the souls that God have sent for them. Bizarre Perspective! Some like to cry for the same partner again and again because they feel there's no one with whom they can see their life with. Ok fine. This one is completely shit according to me. Huh! This is why I have stopped asking people to live my way because I know, for me, my style is best for them their's. Better live our own and let them live theirs. So let me go to read another book. That's my life. :-)



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Isha Naidu's Blog said...

Well said abhi...its all about live yourself...live the life you want...not for others as they are not gonna be there for you when you failed it..Nice one man...Thanks once again..Tc GBU Shri Sai Ram... :)

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