13 June 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

"Jitna bhi try karo, life mein kuch na kuch chhutega hi. Toh jahaan hai, uska maza lete hai na"

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   Sometimes, we hear a sentence or a word and it stays in our mind for a long time and brings a total change in our behaviour. There's a moment in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani where Ranbir Kapoor wants to speed off to attend an event while Deepika Padukone insists him to stay over the place and enjoy the soon-to-happen Sunset. Ranbir says that what if they'll miss it to which Deepika says something like this,"
Jitna bhi try karo, life mein kuch na kuch chhutega hi. Toh jahaan hai, uska maza lete hai na" and Ranbir sits down quietly. This sentence stayed in my heart and I am just thinking about it since few hours. How amazingly this is put up. It's not a quote nor a motivating line. It's just a dialogue which can change our attitude towards life. 

            We run so much in life to achieve each and every thing that we sometimes, end up hurrying a lot. In this hurry, we miss our moments. Neither do we enjoy the work that we have been doing because it passes so soon that we don't even get a chance to capture it in our memory nor do we succeed in catching up the whole enjoyment of the event that we have been trying to catch up with while being in the chase for our former target. Such is our life. And mostly in metropolitan cities. I do see myself doing this. I travel in such a hurry every time because I have to catch up an event. Once I am at event, I end up searching return trains on the software"M-indicator". As soon as I am done with it and I am back in train to go towards home, I keep checking the time so that I don't miss the deadline given by parents. Once at home, I start planning about what has to be done now and what's in the account of tomorrow. Once tomorrow becomes my today, I repeat the same thing. How bad!

            Whenever I go for hang-out with my friends, I am in various thoughts. Thoughts such as what if I return back home by 8 PM or after that. Will I be able to cope up with my routine? Will I be able to read newspaper, Geeta, half of the novel I have already started with, write a Blog Post, tweet some funny stuffs for my demanding Followers etc? In such cases, I end up in destroying everything- hang-out and even my routine. What I get is plethora and mountain of tension and pressure. Carrying this heap in this ever-demanding life is like adding extra burden to it. We should at least try to bring some peace by not asking our mind to concentrate on anything else when we are already experiencing something. Yesterday itself, my mother took me to an uncle's house and I was like "Mummy, can I take my novel?". And I continuously got her stare. Today when we were going for movie, I asked her to keep the novel in her hand purse and she said,"Jee le thodi zindagi bhi. Ye sub toh zindagi bhar tera laga hi rahega". 

            And how right my mother and Naina, both are. :-) I am actually confusing my life more than it already is. I should chill up with some things while I am continuously bragging about the schedule that I have made to make my life busy. Actually it's busy according to me but the people who see me says that I have made it lonely, self-centered, messy and isolated. They are right. I am totally away from my friends, my circles, an eventful life, trips, hang-outs, traveling, trekking, dining etc. What I know is only the words written in black inks in many pages of numerous books. What do I get from all these things? Knowledge. Obviously. Actually I get lot of things which I won't like to discuss in this post but in short, it makes me realize my mistakes, correct it and take my life to a next greater level. But still, my life is a mess. I am missing everything. Let this vacation end and college start, I will try to keep myself a bit free so that I can enjoy every part of life and not only those which are being written in my schedule. :-) What have you decided now? :-)



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Dowdy gal said...

Actually this post reminded me of a Professor who's usual retort was "When you are young, you have got enough time and energy to soak the knowledge which you seek, don't let go of the phase". While some friends of mine travel incessantly, I feel left out. The vigour of youth ain't going to last forever. Touche.

Apurv Verma said...

The most common thing, which is never thought about by most people. Nice article. :)

Writing Buddha said...

Exactly, Dowdy gal.... We will have to give consideration to the life we are presently in rather than questing for something else..

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks a lot, Apurv

Unknown said...

This blog is beautifully written. It sure gives inspiration on how to live our life and take a break from our busy schedules..

ayush said...

Abhilash you are right
Jitna hai utne me hi khusi manani chahiye Baad ka kisko pta.

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