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Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho (Book Review)!!!

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  Everyone knows about the name that Paulo Coelho has in the genre in which he writes. I picked up his first book some 3 years ago- The Alchemist, his most famous book which is been read by 27 million readers worldwide. After reading the book, I was extremely disappointed and I decided not to read him ever again. But his recent book release- Manuscript in Accra made me think about one book- Eleven Minutes written by him that I have in my shelf since 1 year. I thought lets try him once again after 3 years and  remove all the hatred I have for his book. The first half of the book is amazing. I started becoming fan of Paulo Coelho. But right from the 200th page till the last, the book started boring me. And by the end, my plan of purchasing the whole set of Paulo Coelho once again got cancelled. Now, I serious feel that Paulo Coelho is an over-rated author. 

            Initially, the way Maria's story begins, it gives a good treatment to a girl's character, her background, her parents etc. Later on, the way she realizes her puberty and finds the change in herself, even that is mentioned properly. Then the way she migrates to a different city and what happens there initially is also very beautifully written. Few experiences of her does make us realize how tough a life of prostitute is. Even a normal girl who goes through such phases is something that made me think a lot. The philosophical quotes that Paulo Coelho keeps using every now and then is something for which I think I'll have to read his other books too. Otherwise, in terms of story, I would say, its too simple, though feelings are emoted well. The Maria's diary part is also an eye-opener and are very well written. But in all, the book is quite boring in its last 1/3rd part. I would give it 3/5. An average book. 

 About the Book:- 
Eleven Minutes follows Maria, a young prostitute from Brazil, on her journey of sexual awakening and discovery of true love.
Eleven Minutes is the story of Maria, a young girl from a small village in Brazil. She is disillusioned by her failures in love. She moves to Geneva, Switzerland, aspiring to live the life of her dreams - a life filled with fame and fortune. Her dreams are shattered when she is introduced to the harsh realities of life.

One day, a chance encounter with an Arab man earns her a thousand francs for one night. Lured by the prospect of easy money, she ends up becoming a prostitute in a brothel in Geneva’s red-light district. Once there, she quickly learns the ropes and becomes quite successful, not to mention the envy of her colleagues. She shuts the door on love and only has time for the demands made by her body.

Her life is thrown into disarray when she meets a young Swiss painter named Ralf. She falls in love with Ralf, who is completely different from her. Her carnal feelings for Ralf and her true love for him vie for supremacy. She finally decides to move away from Geneva because she sees no future for them. But just before she leaves, she discovers the beautiful blend of sex and true love with Ralf.

Maria’s journey begins with disillusionment. It brings about her sexual awakening and eventually, almost brings her to the point of self-destruction. She sinks to the depths of despair before her phoenix-like rise to self-discovery and the heights of love.

Maria’s story explores the concepts of sex, prostitution, sadomasochism, and true love.

Eleven Minutes was published in 2003. It was originally written in Portuguese, and has been translated into several languages since then.

About The Author

Paulo Coelho is a Brazilian novelist and lyricist.

His books include The Alchemist, The Pilgrimage, The Greatest Gift, Brida, The Witch Of Portobello, Eleven Minutes, The Zahir, Veronica Decides To Die, The Fifth Mountain, Love Letters From A Prophet, Aleph, and The Winner Stands Alone.

His writing draws heavily from the experiences of his life. His books have sold over a 100 million copies across 150 countries and have been translated into 71 languages. Several of them have been adapted for other media. He encourages readers to share his books over peer-to-peer file sharing networks. He is also the bestselling Portuguese author of all time.

Coelho was born in 1947 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He was committed to a mental institution for refusing to follow a traditional path. He enrolled in law school at the behest of his parents only to drop out a year later and become a hippie. He has worked as a songwriter, journalist, actor, and director. He was once arrested as his lyrics were viewed as dangerous and left-wing by the military government in power. In 1986, a journey of over 500 miles on foot along the Road of Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain turned his life around. He eventually gave up his songwriting career to start writing full-time. He was named a Messenger of Peace to the UN in 2007. Coelho has established an organization that helps children and elderly people with financial difficulties. He is married to Cristina Oiticica. The couple spends their time either in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, or in Europe.



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Apurv Verma said...

I read this book few years ago, and yes this book is a disappointment. I liked 'The Alchemist' and thought of reading from Paulo Coelho again, then i grabbed 3 books of him naming 'Eleven Minutes', 'Manual of the Warrior of the light' and 'Brida' and only 'Brida' could impress me. Both of others are again a disappointment. And yes i agree, he is a bit overrated in India.

Tomichan Matheikal said...

The last book of Coelho I read was this one, a few years ago. I got it also removed from the school library. The book is not for students, to say the least.

Quite different from the usual Coelho dish, it does not really teach much about life. Nor does it inspire. In fact, I found Coelho quite repetitive and I have stopped reading him.

Isha Naidu's Blog said...

Actually i was about to read this book..As i just bought few of paulo coedho's book..which is The winner stands Alone, The Alchemist,The Zahir, and Eleven Minutes..Just started to read The Alchemist...But so far i dont think so Paulo Coedho's is and Over-rated Author...His book The Alchemist is good..i dont know but from my point of view i dont think so...maybe after reading the Eleven Minutes then i will know.. :) Tc GBU :)

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