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Taken Already by Yaagneshwaran Ganesh (Book Review)!!!

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  I am done reading "Taken Already" written by a 2nd time writer- Yaagneshwaran G. Yaagneshwaran is a product marketing Specialist at a reputed IT organization based out of Chennai, India. he is also an avid business blogger and conducts seminars for B-school students especially in the area of marketing. He is known for his earlier novel "The Group of Fools". Apart from books, the author has a keen interest in entrepreneurship and spirituality. This 130-pages novel has been published by Notionpress which is a self-publishing firm. I am sad to see that this book isn't available on all the e-commerce portals. An author should at least be given this privilege because most of the books are being sold on Internet these days. 


 Let's come to the synopsis of the book- 
When Arjun, who had fallen head over heels for his colleague Anita, realizes that she is engaged to his close friend, who knew her by a different name at a different place, all hell broke loose. 

As Sam Chacko investigates, he ends up uncovering a baffling mystery. He tries hard not to panic and soon understands that when hormones take over the intellect, it can ruin your life.

  Coming to the author, its his 2nd book while his first was also being released by a self-publishing firm. Author believes in writing a novel of less than 150 pages as he knows that there is no need of dragging a story which already has its plot very short and direct. I liked this approach. The first half isn't that good as its an average attempt to tell how a boy falls in love with a girl amidst friendship being a part of life simultaneously. But the second half is truly surprising and a total page turner because of the suspense that the author adds to make the book spicy and sensible. At least, its a good version than many such type of books which starts with a love story, shows some break up points and ends up either giving the couple a happy or sad ending. 
         I loved the sentences in italics that author has used many a times in the first half of the book. Some of them made me smile for a long time while some talked expressions of the protagonist which was again helpful in making this book a level up than usual fiction love stories by Indian authors. The character of Sam Chacko is the most interesting while the climax is been ended with a hope that there can be a sequel to this book. It's nice. 

        Talking about the drawbacks of the book, I would say that the language isn't that crisp as it should be. Even the plot of the story was quite different, author failed at many a times in bringing the kind of expressions that could have come up if written in a better way. The narration is also very simple. When a book has a story, one should not keep the language this easy, it should have some complexity because it adds to the quality of the story. I just want to suggest author to go through some of the books in the genre that he writes and improve his narrating style. Else, I would give the book- 2.75/5. 


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