19 June 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Inferiority Complex is better!!!

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How skeptic we are whenever we are made to stand in front of the masses. We just start playing with our own fingers, rubbing our palms, controlling our smile, looking at ourselves if we are presentable, running our eyes away from the people who are directly looking into our eyes etc. Even the person with the best confidence comes with a little nervousness when he has to speak in front of the mass. I have been reading Amitabh Bachchan's blog since start and I have read many a times that even he fears when he has to present himself in front of many people. He says that before Camera starts its work, he feels as if he will mess everything but he says that as soon as camera starts, he finds himself comfortable and even 10 minutes of a scene does not terrifies his confidence. But initially even a perfectionist like him shivers. Yours and mine are officially certified. :-)

           The biggest reason of this nervousness and stage fear is not the lack of past experiences or some bad experience in past but it is an inferiority complex. Many of us might not like to say that we feel that we are inferior against others but somewhere in us, a keeda gets active as soon as it is being said to perform in vicinity of everyone. What we fear the most is the reaction of our opposite gender. A whole life gets wasted in impressing them and till death we never find that one among the other gender who remains with us in any condition. :-) But still when we are on stage, we think about their views as if if we would do something gracious, they will plant a kiss after our performance. A standing ovation does not come easily in India. Here people are more jealous and less supportive. So we should never think about what people or the opposite gender would think about us when we stand in front of all to present/speak something. Seriously!

          We, the people having inferiority complex, should at least be happy about this. This is actually positive. No? Shut Up. It is. The person with superiority complex knows that nothing can affect his performance. He is confident. But somewhere he is always in pressure to maintain his excellence. And the person who is known to be the best, perfect or ideal always try to do some ungli with their best talent to generate something unique and 8 out of 10 times, end up messing themselves. While we the people who are in the zone of inferiority have no fear. We know that people are already not expecting any miracle or grandeur from us. So even our average would surprise many and if by chance we end up doing what we never did before, we will get all the highlights while the superior one will get more anxious seeing us getting improved. Cricket is the best example. Players with lots of expectation scores 30, gets abused while with the one we have no expectation scored 20 and gets our respect. :-)

         When, for the first time, I was being said to present a PPT in my Graduation Semester 2. I was sure that I am going to get messed up with something on the stage. And hence I practiced all night. People often say that they don't understand what I speak because I speak as fast as I type and I read. :-) Did you see how I doubled my pros against a con? Haha! So I was very nervous a day before if after completing the whole presentation, the strict teacher remarks that she understood nothing it would be very demotivating. So I recorded my voice continuously in my mobile and recorded my expression on my laptop's front camera while practicing. At 5 AM in the morning, there were 45 recordings both- audio and video. The first recording of the same text ended in some 5 minutes while the 45th was of 12 minutes. This is how fast I spoke in the first attempt. And continuously sharpening myself, I ended up controlling myself up to the limit that I improved by 50%+. Next day, I was given 10 out of 10 in the presentation. :-) This is what Inferiority complex does. So don't fear because this complex helps us if we don't think of superiors. :-) Love you all.



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Isha Naidu's Blog said...

Well said..I'm really proud to be following your blogs..each blogs of yours actually it really lift up my spirits..You no what abhi you actually post this at the right time as i was so nervous about my presentation that i'm gonna have this coming friday..But you have thought me some ways in this post...Salute you High Man !! Thank you..Hope to see more And More intresting post from you..Tc GBU..Shri Sai Ram.. :)

Anonymous said...

Very well said. The complex is good as long as it is putting me on a healthy competitive mood. Else, it can be disastrous.

My experience... on a slightly different way -

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