7 June 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Plan Your Life!!! But Don't Waste Your Life in Planning!!!

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      Planning is the activity that consumes most of our time. Even when we are ready to do something, we get stuck because we have to plan the whole event before executing it. And sometimes, even when we start performing the activity, we get stuck later on because of no planning or bad planning. Planning becomes necessary as it gives us a path to walk otherwise we just walk without any directions, aim and guidance. Many of us do not believe in planning as we feel that we should live life spontaneously. The decisions should be taken at the time without much thoughts as the first voice by mind/heart is the best option. While the other group thinks that planning is essential as we should always have a Plan B if Plan A fails. A back up should always be kept in our baggage so that if we find any problem or lack of resources later, we can utilize our secondary  resources and keep walking in spite of getting stuck somewhere. Both the groups find their version of living life interesting.

           According to me, planning is very essential. Budgeting, the most important aspect of everyone's life, is related to planning. We plan out of whatever we earn, how much to spend and how much to save. Then we also plan about what expenditures do we have in a month duration and make the list of everything. This helps us know how the whole month is going to be. Suddenly, we get to know from a friend that Water Kingdom has given discount and it's the best time to visit and get refreshed from the amount of work we do on regular basis. We, then, check our Savings Account and withdraw money from it. Suddenly, the target to balance the Saving Accounts in next few months by depositing the same amount of money becomes our passion to achieve. Once we do it, we breathe a sigh of relief as we know that we have stabilized our future yet again and any emergency can be dealt with. This is what Planning does.
            These days, recession is something that's almost permanent or keeps coming after every alternate season. It has become hard for a Corporate professional to relax in life. He is never assured about what tomorrow's sun is going to give him. He never know when his Boss might ask him to get his account clear and leave the organization with the immediate effect. Until the job is alive, a person does not involve himself much in planning as the current generation feels that life is about living and chilling and not about grilling and crawling. But once the job is dead and there's no source of income, we start facing problem because these days the standard of living has arisen like anything. People watch movies, visit McD, KFC, eat in restaurant, go for hang outs, trips etc every week/weekend. This has made the expectation for basic income to be excellent. These days EMI has made it possible for freshers to purchase Car, mobile, air conditioners, electronics item etc. This makes it impossible for anyone to imagine survival without planning and saving. Agree?

           But But But....... As it has been proved that planning is obviously a necessity in today's world but it does not guarantee happiness. Though it guarantees safety. I have an example. An uncle started his career as an Engineer and with his determination and workaholic nature, he achieved the post of President in a company. He started earning money equivalent to dollars in India itself. He kept getting chances of visiting foreign for a month or two every now and then. He had just one child as he loved providing him with all the comforts. He decided to have this one kid with planning too so that even if his future gets imbalanced, he can feed and educate a child. By 2011, he was done with the loans of 6 flats in Mumbai while his son grew 23 years old. :-) Imagine! 6 Flats in Mumbai! Uncle used to be very happy as his struggle in life secured the future of his child. But yet, the habit of planning didn't go away.

          He asked his son, Jatin, to travel by local train even when car was affordable because he wanted his child to learn how to live once all the luxuries are separated from the person. Jatin had no problem in traveling by train as he saw right from his childhood how his father struggled to build this bank balance and property. One day, Jatin got pushed by crowd while entering into a local train and he got trapped under the train. His legs and one arm got amputated and when his dead body was sent at home, it was in 4 parts. Face was impossible to be identified. Aunty started weeping but uncle, sat in the corner of his bungalow, devastated. His tears were unready to roll down his cheeks and bring out any kind of emotions. Today, after 2 years, with all the property and bank balance, Uncle and Aunty have no life. They have stopped planning as they have realized that some things happen without planning that is not in control of anyone. They have started looking old in comparison to what their age is. 

          In the end, I would just say that life should be planned. We should be confident about our plans and strategies but we should not totally rely on it. There are many children who plan what they would like to study and be in life but suddenly their father expires or loses his job and the child baffles as to what would he do as he never ever considered this devastation in his plan. At last, he has to take the responsibility and start earning with as less as 3000 rs as salary because he has to feed his, his mother's and siblings' stomach. All the plannings gets dumped out of the brain/memory. So, always plan with a Plan A, Plan B, Plan C and even Plan Z if possible. But don't waste more than 20% of your time in planning. Also live life as you never know what might come in future that may ruin all the plannings you did till now. Right? So live life with planning but don't waste life in planning.



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majaal said...

Thanks for sharing this and i completely agree with you, planning is good but overdoing it can backfire big time. Actually planning depends on many factors including luck and there are times that you seem to be helpless and no plan works hence one should be prepared for that too instead of relying too much on the plans like you mentioned correctly.

Unknown said...

Nice thoughts bhai....!!

Writing Buddha said...

Yes majaal sir exactly....

And Pradeep sir, thanks a lot

Pratibha said...

I got time to visit your blog after a long time..... Worth reading it .... :) Healthy advice for youth like us and even for every age group.
Keep writing Sir.

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