9 June 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Sorry Jiah Khan, I can't sympathize!!! I Better Live my Life!!!

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   Now it has been 1 week since Jiah Khan committed suicide and left this heaven for some imaginary heaven/hell above. The news came as a shock but I, for a single moment, didn't sympathize with the girl. I was shocked because a talent which could have delivered some greatness, epic and inspiration in the coming decades chose to end her life just because of few mishap or undesired result in life. Suicide seems to be easy for those people who are quite confident about themselves. Confidence of doing nothing in life. How can you ask me to sympathize with such cowards? Some of you might say that I have myself tried to commit suicide at a point of time and still speaking as if I have never even spoken this word before. Correct. I would not have asked you to sympathize if I would have committed suicide. The people who commit suicide are those who themselves sympathize on their condition. And their biggest reason of their sympathy towards themselves is that no one else is sympathizing with them for the failure that they are going through. Come On. Imperfection is part of everyone's life. 

            The actors like Nawazuddin Siddiqui have got the due consideration after almost decades since they acted for the first time in a Bollywood flick. Ram Sampath, the music director, is getting appreciation now when he has also been struggling in the industry from last 1.5 decades, almost. When the Bollywood people were tweeting condolences to Jiah through their Social networking account, some of the Twitter standup comedians were saying that they never supported her when she was alive but are now talking about the talent she possessed. I may be friends with approximately 2000 people. It is not necessary that I would be taking everyone's whereabouts. Everyone's life is struggling and challenging that one does not have time to have a look in someone else's life. Only when such tragedy/controversy takes place that we give the whole attention to the person. But still, for how many days? A day or a week at most. After that, we get back to our own lives. Why to think about a coward when he himself wasn't too thoughtful about himself? 

             No body according to me would have been more lucky than Jiah Khan. Her first break in Bollywood was as a child artist where she played Manish Koirala's childhood in the movie Dil se whose lead actor is Shah Rukh Khan. Finally, she got her first solo movie under Ram Gopal Verma's banner opposite none other than Amitabh Bachchan. After that she got a prominent role in Aamir Khan's Ghajini, a movie that broke almost all record of Bollywood. And lastly, she was seen in Housefull in 2010 opposite Akshay Kumar in a song. Who gets such an entry into Bollywood? I don't think anyone with less talent and struggle would get. And committing suicide just because the things weren't perfect for a short while sounds so immature for a girl who managed to get such roles in Big Banners opposite all the Superstars of Industry. 

            Her mother, now, says that this happened because of her imperfect and tensed love affair with her boyfriend. If this is the reason for which she left this Earth and you ask me to feel bad about her, come on, are you nuts? These love affairs are beautifully handled these days even by school kids. I have heard even them saying "Ek khatm hota hai toh dusra shuru ho jata hai". Even they follow the Move On Theory in life rather than crying over the past. If a 25 years old successful actress can not understand that a love affair is not something for which her life should cost, I would say that it's foolishness to even think about her. Our media creates more hoopla than anyone else. Large number of farmers have committed suicide in Maharashtra itself but they never care about it, a Bollywood actress commits suicide and they fix their 24 hours slot for showcasing every minute details about her. 

            Whatever, I would just say that committing suicide is never a result There are better things to achieve in life. I tried committing suicide when I was 17-18 years old. Now say, if I would have died then, I would have missed so much in life. All my remarkable achievements have come just from the next year of that immature decision and trial. Hence we should wait. Life is always late. It's only we who can make it walk fast. So rather than abusing it to be late, start working to make the desired events happen soon. But please don't die. That's all from someone who himself wanted to die some times ago but now, wants to live life with himself than with anyone else. :-) 



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Abhinand Jaguva said...

I agree with you.

Isha Naidu's Blog said...

Owh my God...Abhi !! man i'm starting to respect you more...i can say all my salutes goes to you now...you have just well said it and yeah to be truth i was even one of the stupid victim who has tried committing one..but later on i realized that i was going to do something stupid,not only stupid but something immature that could actually make people look down on me after my death and also look down on my family...i realized that every second and minute of our live is so so so important and precious one.. :) i really like the way you put it on..And seriously i like the way you said this " Life is always late. It's only we who can make it walk fast. So rather than abusing it to be late, start working to make the desired events happen soon." That line really lift up my spirit..thank you man !!
Isha Naidu

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Unknown said...

awsm post... must read.. like like like.. (y)

Rahul said...

A Tragic end, says how stressful Bollywood can really be for those struggling to make a mark-May her soul rest in peace, and let the younger generation realize that suicide is not an answer to a challenge posed by life-stay with the "problem" and you will eventually have success. Suicide is creating another problem for all those who loved you.

Apurv Verma said...

First of all, i support your point of view, but at the same time i feel you could have written it with a little bit soft hand.
Another point you raised about media coverage, media covered farmer suicides too and with greater intensity. SO i don't buy that argument of yours.
At last i want to say, that what you have written is based on what is publicly being told by jiah's relatives and credibility of what is being told in media is not worthy i guess. May be there is some other reason about it and her parents don't want to expose it to the public. But whatever the case of Miss Jiah, i feel you have raised a broader issue by using this incident and though i have slightly different point of view than yours, but i liked the article.

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks all for partially agreeing and even disagreeing. May Be I am too stern.

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