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Romi & Gang by Tushar Raheja (Book Review)!!!

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  I remember those days of my come back into reading when I purchased 15 books by Srishti Publication and ended up reading many IITians-turned-authors. Many of them wrote their journey of Engineering in IIT, the best university in India while others wrote love stories, that were unique and quite contemporary. All happened because of Chetan Bhagat's establishment in to the industry. Out of many books, some were really terrific and one of them which I liked a lot was "Anything for you, ma'am". I made many of my friends purchase it too. And all of them thanked me for it. I wanted to read more from the author but I got to know that he changed his genre and wrote something called "Run Romi Run". I was surprised.. No not only because he changed his genre but because no one came to know about his 2nd book in spite of him being a Bestseller with his debut novel itself.

            Finally, I am done reading Tushar Raheja's 3rd book "Romi and Gang". Actually, I am not sure but I, being in this field, have an idea that this isn't his 3rd book but actually, this is his 2nd book itself which is re-released with a new name because the old name and the old marketing thing didn't make the book look a success. A new publication called "Pirates" have re-released his 2nd book "Run Romi Run" with a new name "Romi and Gang". Its a book that's basically would be favorite of children between the age of 8 to 15 as the book is based on Cricket and a passionate boy for it who is himself 13 years old. Though I am reviewing it being a 23 years old boy because only a reviewer can review a book and not a child who's just started reading story books. Agreed? :-) Hence I will be reviewing it considering that the target audience of this book is the age group that I mentioned above. 


Unruly and reckless, thirteen-year-old Romi is the hero of his universe. His great affinity for adventure and the unknown is shared by his gang - the rascal Sukhi, the deadpan Sunny, the naïve Golu and his blood brother, Kim.
When legendary Kim disappears from Mauji, it is left to the four to conquer the maidan with cricket and the world with their wits. Of course, they must prepare for responsibility in between and, one day, go after Kim.
'A piquant tale of chasing your dreams and a reminder that there is some innocence left is everyone. It is a must read for all!' - The Hindu

About the author:-
Tushar's first book was the popular comedy, Anything for you, Ma'am. At the moment, he is a doctoral
candidate at IIT Delhi in the field of Applied Probability.

     Coming to the review, Tushar Raheja has touched a very different genre when compared to what he wrote in his first book. With a new genre, a story that is basically children-based, he has done a pure justice with it. He has kept the purity, innocence and playfulness alive. He has not dragged a childhood love story in that sense being a writer who has written a good love tale in his first book. I still remember the date scene that he wrote, its one of my all-time favorites. :-) But in this book, he has kept Cricket, an unofficial national sport, as the base. That's what we as a teenage kid do most often, right? The Romi and his friend, or better call it "gang", are normal and not someone who go over the board to entertain their readers. Romi is shown as a wonderful cricketer who plays skillful shots as his father was once an aspiring Cricketer. And author has maintained the balance by not narrating the matches where he scores the fastest century or a last-ball-six-and-a-win kind of segments. He has kept all quite realistic.

          Any teenager reading this book will understand how parents guide their children for good, how wonderful teachers are sometimes just with their one-liners, how innocent and caring our grandparents are and how supportive and a well companion our siblings are. Every time a Cricket match is narrated, we want Rumi to play like his idol- Sachin Tendulkar and what he does is, leaves the ground even when umpire signals him Not out because he feels that's what Tendulkar would have done being at his place. Incredible. Enough for children to understand the lesson of faithfulness and truthfulness. This book can be said as a kind of tribute to Sachin Tendulkar because the way he has been talked of is quite devotional. The suspense of Kim throughout keeps the book little out-of-track. The climax could have been done more better. In all, I would say its 3 out of 5. You can gift it to a teenager who loves playing Cricket with his friends. :-) Tushar Raheja, please come up with a new book for a guy of 23 years old too. :-)




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