10 June 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Don't Disrespect Your Standard Of Living!!!

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 The excitement of job never dies until we get one. The day we start working from 9 to 6 and find that between politics, we are stuck and being victimized, we start hating the thing. But still we remain proud of our job because that's feeding us. The day we would be resigning, the source of income will stop. With it, the food for the next hour will become an impossible target to achieve. Things seems to be easy till we have a job in hand but we never consider it deserving, we always feel that we deserve more and are being exploited of our values in the current organization. It is only when we resign that we come to know how hard the other organizations are. Job gives us a standard of living. And if you ask me, I would say that I need job somewhere 2 years down from here because I want my standard of living to rise a level up. 

       The biggest thing in life is to at least remain at the spot where we are if we aren't progressing. If I am Manager of my organization, I should keep my dignity as high as a Manager should have. If all other Managers come by Car, we should make it sure that even we are traveling by car. Though some of you might say that it's nothing but show-off or competition with our peers but it's not. You would have seen these days that many organizations give a huge contribution to their employees for purchasing cars, smartphones, other electronics etc. Why? Because that organization wants to maintain its standard. It wants to see its manager and top-level managers live in an atmosphere that's satisfying and luxurious. 

          After lots of effort, we achieve a standard and we shouldn't go below it until its about doing or dying (as I have very bluntly written in my last post why dying is never an option). Let me give you an example. If a Manager of a company feels that he should now be an entrepreneur and start a small business. There's no problem in this. Every business starts from a very small level and then goes on to becoming bigger and grandeur. But! If a manager is thinking to open a bhel-puri stall or sell vegetables on a bed-sheet at the road side, this is where I would say that all the Degrees that you have earned has been of no value. If it has not taught you the values and standards then the technicalities that it has imbibed in you is just machinery. 

           On a New Year's eve, every family wants to party. Some do not think about money on this very day as they are superstitious about starting the first day of the year with happiness and excitement. While some other families think that spending 1000s of money in a night isn't worth, its better to bring some special dish at home and eat together by watching TV. For me, I would say that both the options are cool. But a manager taking his family out for New Year's eve at a restaurant where truck drivers eat is something I can never agree with. It may be correct that the amount of money he'll spend here would be a bigger amount that he would have been spent in a decent restaurant of the area but there's some standard. Eat something of just Rs.100 per head but eat in a restaurant that suits your position. You know with what amount of struggle you have got a tag in life, to give it just away like this is unappreciative. 

            After my Master's would end, if someone would ask me to go for a Call-center job, I would never go until it would be very necessary, as I said, in a do or die situation. Because it's a job that is chosen by candidates who are 10th/12th passed/failed. It's not for someone who have studied for nights and achieved two degrees. I would go for some other job that would keep my standard intact. I have seen Engineering students doing Field work in Network-based companies. It is fine. But seeing an Engineering guy standing at the post of Salesman in a shop is purely disagreeable. If you are of BMW standard, never go for Honda City, if you are of Honda City standard, never go for Tata Nano. Do what you deserve, what you stand for, what you have struggled for in all these years. Don't crack jokes on your life. 

          I have not written this Blog Post in a sense to show-off in front of your relatives, neighbours and friends. I have just said in a regard that a person should dream and act big. If he is capable of doing something that's respectful, he should go with it rather than choosing some other option just because your brain has been washed by some fellows who are already ruining their standard of living by doing something that's not of the stature they are holding currently. A friend of mine is in Event Management business where he takes deals worth Rs. 10 lakhs out of which he earns almost 1.5-2 lakhs. High Income! Elite Clients. He says that he needs an iPhone now because his clients see what he possesses and when they see a basic smartphone Nokia Asha in his hands, they make a dirty face which itself makes him lose half of his chances of grabbing the deal. He says with an iPhone in his hand, the client would already get a hint that the quality which this guy would be delivering will be of the same standard of the products that he is handling. This is what I am wanting to say. When you are capable of maintaining a standard of living where you can afford an iPhone, why to possess Nokia Asha? It is a bad impression and it effects your job, career and progress. Hence, this isn't a show-off but necessity. Understood? No! Ok, best of luck then. :-)



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Samyuktha Semi Jayaprakash said...

Everything is not about money. And dignity needn't be bought my money?! And you don't become 'superior' or of a 'high' standard if you have a better job and there in nothing wrong with hanging out with 'poor' ppl and places. Very disappointing abilash

Samyuktha Semi Jayaprakash said...

To simply put it - don't disrespect other 'standards' of living.

Writing Buddha said...

Samyuktha, once you will grow up, you will once think about this...
Once u reach a standard of living, you should respect it because thats what you always wanted. Coming any down from there is like disrespecting your own struggles and fights in life..

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