19 June 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Nostalgia of visiting Childhood place!!!

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  All my regular brothers and sisters here would be knowing that whenever my vacations start, rather than traveling and exploring the world, I sit at my home, in my bedroom, on my study table, switch on the lamp and keep exploring the books. That's what vacations are for me. A period allotted to read and write a lot. And once college begins, and I start missing the beautiful life I was in, I start planning with my friends/parents to go somewhere and enjoy at least for a day or even short entertainments would do. My friends, once, planned for Water Kingdom and I enjoyed a lot. Once it was Matheran, again in the beginning of the semester. Last semester, it was CST and Marine Drive. And usually, it's Inorbit Mall at least for a sake of an outing. But this vacation, I went to my childhood place- Roha and very soon, I am going to be in the abode of Shirdi. Let's see when I am heading for it. Last year I missed it because of admission process and weak plannings of my dear parents but this time I am just going to head there alone if parents will again start to interrupt. No error this time. 

           Normally, I try not to visit my childhood place(now) because all my friends have migrated to their respective cities where some are in Engineering colleges, some are doing jobs while some are miles away from India. Going there makes me feel so lonely that I fail in even reading a novel. I just feel like sleeping and I do the same. All the sleeping hours that I cut here in Mumbai, I balance there. :-) Roha is some 60 kilometers from here and its totally a Hill-station. Its a bliss environment out there and mostly in monsoon. No Lonavala, No Khandala.. that place is itself magical. But this time, though I slept for a nice time, I found time to explore the same campus which used to be our playground in childhood. As obvious, I was the naughtiest kid in my friend circle because only I used to get all the notorious ideas to trouble people, puncture cycles,motorcycles of uncles, break watchmen's stick, throw ball at the car with alarm and run away, throw condoms where the girls of my age used to roam just to know whether they know about sex in my teenage years, steal friends' underwear from their ground floor balcony and show them next day in school bus in front of all etc. :-) I kept remembering these incidents regularly for the three days I was there.

           Even today, my juniors keep talking about the fun I and my friends did in the school bus and the company premise. There was not even a single child, uncle, aunty, watchmen who wasn't our victim then. Once in tuition, I and my friend were asked to study while aunty went to hospital. We went to kitchen, opened the freeze, saw strawberries, mouth watered and we distributed it among ourselves and ate. Next day Tuition aunty humiliated us by saying,"Beta aap logon ko khaana hi tha toh hamein bataate. Main de deti. Aisi neechta ki umeed nahi thi mujhe apne students se". That was the last time I ate strawberry until this year when one friend gave me when she returned from Panchgani. This humiliation hurt our ego. Next time, we saw that aunty had a beautiful set of 6 cups. She used to drink tea while teaching us in one of them. We thought lets spoil this set of 6. While getting out of the tuition class the next day, I hid the cup in my pocket. After coming out of the building, we threw it on the cemented floor and a loud echo as if a bomb has exploded trembled the whole building, almost. Aunty was already standing in the balcony and saw how her cup was used to vaccinate our ego. 

           From next day, we stopped going to tuition saying our parents that syllabus is over in a shame that how will we face her. Her phone went to our parents one day, finally and we were specially called at her place. This time we weren't humiliated like the last time but we were said,"Ye mera aakhri batch hai. Ab agle saal se main tuition nahi lungi. Tum logon ne mujhe bata diya k ek teacher hona kitna mushkil kaam hai". And yes, her tuition was the most famous from last 7 years and after that, she literally stopped taking tuition. And this is the story when I was in 9th std. :-) Now, when I send her friend request on Facebook, she keeps ignoring it and I keep re-sending it. I think the hurt ego is still pinching my naughtiness. :-) The whole life is changed but still I want to make her know that I still exist on this planet. Haha! This is one of the 114786 incidents of my childhood. And this is not even the best. But just because I recalled this today thought of sharing it with all of you. This is what nostalgia of visiting the childhood place does. :-) Wait, I have a work. I need to send her Facebook friend request once again. Bye Bye!!!



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Isha Naidu's Blog said...

Ahahhah this post is so cute...All kids when they were young they are naughty abhi.. :) Just thought of suggesting one..instead of sending a request to her you could actually sent her message on FB apologize her or something..may be she will feel better and add you.. :) Just a suggest may be could try..Nice post..Hope to see more like this post from you..You just made me laugh as i just woke up from sleep..Tc Man GBU.. Shri Sai Ram.. :)

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