12 June 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

A Decision converts Basic Smartphone into an iPhone and an iPad into Nokia 1100 :-)

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    The challenges in life is directly proportional to the kind of decisions we take. Every time we see that we are regretting over something, we blame a stupid decision we once took. But the big deal is that the time when we took it, for us it was the best decision that we could have ever taken in life. How happy we were during the whole night after taking that particular decision. How happy we were the next day while meeting our friends because we knew that very soon we would be giving them a news that will surprise them. Every decision that is meant for a big change in life or a huge investment always brings an orgasm to our confidence. :-) I feel that out of every 10 major decision that a normal human being takes, he regrets for 7 of them at least once in life. Let me give an example as to which kind of decisions I am talking about. E.g., choosing the course for our Graduation, choosing our career, resigning from a company, marrying particular person, decision upon the number of children we want to have, buying a costly gadget etc. 

           Got it now? :-)

           I have seen some people crying a lot when they see that some or the other person in their vicinity is earning almost more than double, triple or 10 times than them. Their main problem is that they have been together since 16 years at the same position and how can that person achieve so much without giving them an idea so that they could have been earning at least half of what he is earning. Where were we when that person was taking such a phenomenal life-improving decisions? Why did we settle for mediocrity when that particular person was running behind excellence? The truth is that the people who run behind excellence never have time to discuss their ambitions with anyone lying below their thinking level. We can analyze even ourselves. Did we ever discuss with the last ranker of our class about what strategies we are following to defeat the upcoming exam? But we always did it with our teachers or the First ranker. Why? Because we wanted to learn more. We wanted to get some more ideas. And we knew that talking with anyone who has been scoring less than us will make fun of our hardcore planning or will surely discourage us. 

           I see many people cursing one of their old friends because he has secured a job that is far better than theirs. Why to curse, buddy? Even you had choice to select the course that he was selecting. Even you had choice to change your profession once you found that it isn't productive for a long term life. Even you could have devoted all your time in studying and collecting respected certificates than being online and impressing your friends by being available for them 24*7. Now when your friend has taken all the right decisions, you should appreciate him. And the positive thing out of this is- You can still work upon your life to moot it up a level. Deciphering someone's selfishness will not do any good to you. Become like a student to that friend of yours. Ask him what plans should you go with to achieve even 75% of what he is experiencing. I can bet you that the person will give you a suitable idea according to your potentials. But being reluctant and abusing that friend will never do any good to you. 

            I have many friends who have made into IITs, IIMs, foreign jobs etc. I never feel inferior about this. I, in my own way, is trying to build my pyramid. A strong one. I don't know how much time it will take but I am sure it will be built some day. Why? Because my determination is strong. My will to achieve is far more than anything in life. And whenever I meet these friends, I, happily, ask them about their extra-ordinary lives in such elite institutes. I know that I might never get a chance to experience what they are experiencing currently. I just want to learn the unsaid advises and tips that they give while narrating their experiences and challenging situations in the environment that produces the cream population of this world. If I'll feel jealous regarding them, i will always be left behind. And we can never achieve anything over mediocrity if we will keep procrastinating and avoid working hard without stoppage. 

            Life is not about comparing yours with others. Life is about creating and building yourself. Until you don't decide what you have to do, you can never be as excellent as your friends you are jealous to. You get into a love affair, commit a girl/boy and get married off to her/him, later you find that your spouse isn't as beautiful/handsome than your friend's and you start cursing your luck and your partner for not being what your friend's spouse is. And this is how even your marriage starts deteriorating. It is in our hands to chose what field we are going to go with, academically. The decision is with us when we chose our first job and any job. Every decision is ours in our life and we always get enough time for it to think and rethink and change if its not the best that we can take at the moment. Hence, never ever blame anyone else for leaving you behind in life and progressing because all of us are been given a brain that has ultimate processor but its upon us, how we utilize it. Give a basic smartphone to a gadget-freak, he'll use it as an iPhone. Give an iPad to a naive, he'll use it as Nokia 1100. I think this sentence says everything. :-) 



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Perfectly written.!!

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