8 December 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Apne Banaye Dharm Ko Todna Padta Hai!!!

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            There are many a times when we get confused about our beliefs because what we execute sometimes is something that we publicly decline about. If someone says that he does not watch television after midnight but finds himself watching movies every midnight since 5 days, he will start questioning about his own integrity and substance. Everyone wants to be morally right. And the biggest awkwardness arises when everyone witnesses every move of yours which contradicts to everything that you speak or believe in. If someone says that I am a great devotee of my religion and I never break its rule, he might not feel bad about some of them that he breaks. But the moment he'll realize that there are many who are witnessing him getting involved in the act of getting misled, he feels ashamed- not from people's point of view but he hates himself for the contradictions that has started taking place. This is the dilemma that one falls into once he/she finds that their own words are not getting converted into actions. One such thought came in my mind when I was remembering the last few days that has been an ultimate ones in my latest life. :-) 

             I am a great hater of gossips. I don't find anything interesting in people talking in groups against a person who is not present there. I am not even too straight forward to tell a person on face that I am not liking this-and-this of yours so please take care of it. But I like keeping all the problems I have with a person in my heart. I don't like speaking about anything of anybody to anyone. But, I did realize while thinking that I have been one of the greatest part of the teams where the gossips kept happening about some person who weren't present at the spot. And I also know that this will continue every time I'll meet my friends. But I don't even find any solution to this. Gossiping is a bad habit and there are many who won't say that they like it because it is considered cheap and downgrade in public. I am divulging the fact that I am gossiping these days, unfortunately, but not liking it. I am feeling ashamed of myself. I feel so bad about my life that it has nothing to do with it that it finds so much time to talk about someone at his/her back. Huh! Seriously.

               But, what if talking about a third person does give pleasure to you? What when it reduces your frustration and irritation? No bad in doing it. Now this is what I am speaking right now because it seems as if I want to prove myself right. Haha! But I have no other option. I am feeling as if by keeping too much negativity about someone in heart transforms us in a totally negative personality. And I fear from getting negative or depressed. I love being cheerful, passionate and fun-loving. Hence, when I feel that I need to talk about a person's bad behavior(that I feel is) to some friends of mine, I do it shamelessly. Though, in front of these very friends I say hundred times that I don't like gossiping but when it's need of an hour, I don't compromise. Some times, our morale and values should be kept away from ego when we are about to break it. We should kick the ego away which asks us to pursue them at any cost. No. Break the rules and go for the breaking of limitations. You find comfort and peace in it. 

              If, today, I say that I am not excited about marrying. But, tomorrow, if I'll feel that I need to marry, I'll have to keep my ego away and tell all the people that I want to marry. Though they will taunt me for whole life that I used to talk about marrying after 10 years from now and got married before any of my friends but I'll have to take the step that I feel is good for me. People will even criticize you if you will be too much morally correct. It happens. You have to ignore socialism and group-ism when you turn too morally correct. This isn't right. Being a human being, we should walk in the direction that the whole world believes in. But, in the same direction, we should find our different ways so that our walking shall look different from others'. But, we shouldn't leave socializing. We are here to maintain relationships. If we aren't building new ones, we should at least make it sure that the ones we have doesn't go away because of our love and ego for our morales and values. Hence, I don't feel ashamed some times when I myself don't follow what I preach. It happens. At last, we are human beings. How can we be perfect? Isn't it? :-) That's all. Hope I have proved myself and our whole clan-humans right. Haha!



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Anonymous said...

You put your points very well & produced a very nice article. Keep up the good work. :) & ya at last... I believe; Life is all about breaking the rules and follow your heart. - Apurv Verma [ @A_Humorist ]

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Apurva for grading me so high.. :-)

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