12 December 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

CHANGE Is Not For Peer Generation!!!

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             It's 12-12-12. No, I am not from that class of super excited people who think that such days will change their life but I do smile when I see such numbers in co-incidence. But to make it "little" memorable, I, with my friends, started studying exactly from 12:12:12 PM. Thodi hoshiyari nahi karunga toh marr nahi jaunga main? :-) And just one hour ago, I have got a very happy news. I will not reveal it now but will discuss with all of you once it is officially confirmed. I also got another good news just after the day began after 12 AM. So, incidentally, this special day did turn out special for me. I am happy. And actually, I stay happy in whatever conditions. Ok, let's not talk about me. There's no specialty. Just exaggerated write-ups. :-) Haha!

            We, as the part of this new generation, want changes. We feel that the world should change, not gradually, but within few hours or days. And when we see that there's no change in a long time, we stop putting efforts in that area. The biggest example of this impatience has been seen in the Anna Hazare's movement. All of us came together initially but later, when we saw that the bill is taking time to get passed and there's no elimination in corruption, we withdrew ourselves from the movement. These days, Arvind Kejriwal keeps screaming every another day on our television screens and we find it better to watch weird Bigg Boss than listening to the polls that he discloses. We are super-cool generation. :-) And therefore, we celebrate when we see that Ajmal Kasab has been hanged, India's name getting flagged up in all the sporting events, Congress losing elections in the major states etc. We need change. Anyhow. And at any cost. We just can't compromise. 

            I am with my generation because we are desperate to see positive changes. We even try to be part of the process through which we can bring change. But, let's get into one section of this dynamic process of change that we want to bring up in our generation. The basic that we want to get handled and pellucid is what our old generation thinks of some ethics and culture. A legacy that has been in continuity should remain in continuity. This is what our old generation wants in spite of the progressing world. Every day, we see so many changes around us but our parents have some old age ideas as the solution to the problems of today. Some of their concepts are true and right, I agree. But some of them are too questionable and objectionable. But, should we point our fingers at them after one stage? No!!! We should just follow what they preach.

             In my recent blog post, I wrote that if you feel that what parents ask for is not right, do what you know is perfectly right for you. At this statement of mine, I was questioned by a girl. So, I want to make the other side of this coin visible in this post. Let's take an example of Inter-caste marriages. Every parents want their children to get married according to what religion, customs, traditions and legacy preach. And every religion asks us to marry one from our own religion itself. But as our generation act as love-hungry poor humans and seems to be desperate for love, they get into relationship with a person of any caste. And then, wants to get married to the same person by breaking all the laws that were made by the forefathers, grandfather and father. See, I am myself with inter-caste marriage but if my parents will ask me not to marry a girl whom I would be liking if from another caste, I will comply with what they'll suggest and go with their decision.

             The thing is that we are not self-created. We are given birth by the people of previous generation. Then, right from our first breathe to our current one, they keep interacting among each other as to what should be their next step to give us a better life. Then, how can we take the biggest decision of our life by contradicting to their views about it? The change that we want in our society to keep religion aside when it's about love and relationships, we should start it with our children. That will be the generation that we would have created, not our parents. We will be having full rights over what we have to do with our children. Let's teach them to keep religions and castes aside in love and relationships. But, for ourselves, we are not allowed to bring any change. Whatever we want to bring should be in the next generation. This is what I believe in. 

               Inter-caste marriage is just for an example. Here, I am talking about all such issues that we want to change in the current scenario. But, let's be little patient, friends. This generation is produced by our older generation. Let them bring whatever change they want to or let them keep everything unchanged if they love the former protocols. But, let's keep learning and let's keep noting all that we want to change for ourselves in our conscious/sub-conscious mind. Once, we are the rulers, let's change the close mindedness of the society by freeing our children from this traps of religions and several other confinements. Change is the Permanent thing- All of us have read this. So why to cry when it's not happening any sooner. Being patient is also a great virtue. Let's follow it for some years. Bachchey paida karne mein waisa bhi hamara desh aage hai. Hum bhi karenge hi. Fir unke saath experiment karte hain. Abhi Maa-Baap k liye chup chaap apparatus ban ke rehte hain. Understood? I hope Yes. :-)



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