20 December 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

My Convenience over Anyone Else' Convenience!!! MOBILE PHONE!!!

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             Life is the biggest example of social networking. No one awaits a second for getting any of their work done. People have contacts with almost everyone in this world through each other. I, myself, get surprised when I see that someone I met just 1 year ago in the city is friend with one of my classmates of school. And when I go to get the details about their relationship, I get to know that they were together in graduation. Amazing! And this is how the whole networking gets on increasing. I am in love with this. The biggest role played for making this networking as large system as possible is of mobile and telephones. Everyone is just a call away. To get more friendly in specifying the role of mobile, just a SMS away. Okay, to get more precise, just a click on Whatsapp and the message is sent. Contacting any one is possible these days. I, sometimes, feel that even God will come up with a Devotee Care service where we would be able to talk to his secretaries and tell our current situation of life and ask for justice. :-) 

            In one of the recent posts where I talked about how one can be powerful, I talked about how my mother leads in her society just because she has the contact numbers of almost all the big leaders of the town. Just imagine- someone having contact numbers' database is considered powerful and leader. What an era of up-holdings. :-) Once, I had a great love for these facilities that mobile phone has provided. I used to love the fact that I can be in touch with almost everyone every time. But lately, I realized as to why do I need to be in touch with almost everyone? EVERY ONE!!! Emphasis, you know. :-) It's fine that my Morning motivational messages reach to almost all the cool friends staying across anywhere in the country but being available to all of them at every particular second is like living life with lots of interruptions. Isn't it? 

             There was a time when I used to study for whole night. Yes, then I wasn't a Blogger. :-) And used to sleep from 10 AM to 4 PM. But I never kept my phone at silent mode because I felt that I should be in the touch of my friends at every point of time. But later, I realized that this is just cutting even those few hours of sleep that I get at an unusual point of time after the rise of the sun. And then I decided that I would be switching off my phone while sleeping. I, then, understood that why Robin Sharma keeps saying in all his books that there should be some hours when we should switch off our cellphones. I conceptualized that my parents live with me under the same roof. They are the stipulated people who would need me for something very important. Else, anyone else will just remember me for his/her benefits. Any friend will call me for what? For a stupid plan which would include just expenditure of money for stupid reasons. So, I, without keeping any rock on my heart, started switching off my cell.

             With time, I have stopped switching off my cell but I have stopped keeping it at General mode at most of the times. When I talk to my parents about some real, serious and sincere issue, I keep it on silent mode because I know that nothing can be more important than this at this point of time. When I study, the probability of which is  2 days every 10 years, I switch off my phone. When I am reading a novel and I feel that the particular pages are something that I need concentration to read, I again keep my phone out of reachable zone. And most particularly, while writing my Blogs, I never keep my phone in General mode or even near me. In short, my saying is that I have this mobile phone for my convenience over anyone else' convenience. If I am not  comfortable with innumerable calls, why do I need to suffer them? For my convenience, ignoring the cell phone remains to be the best option. Just imagine as to how our fathers used to communicate with their friends in 1970-80s when there was not even land-line stuff. How did they manage to meet at a particular spot, talk during emergencies and get immediate help at any point of time? Let's learn that again. Currently, my mobile phone is just for staying updated with Tweets because it gives latest headlines over the Timeline. That's my only concern for my cell phone these days. Else, out of 20 calls that I get, I receive just two. No, it's not attitude or pride, but it's about convenience and priorities. 

            My friends know that I never ever call them. Because I don't want to get dependent on this instrument. I am okay with the time period I meet them physically. That's enough for talking whatever I have to. Once off and at home, this time is for myself and my parents. Now your interference through these calls is just a turn-off. As all of you might be knowing, my average sleeping is of 3 hours every day. Now, even if in these 3 hours I'll keep on getting beep tones for message alerts and Nokia tune's sound in my ear because of the calls, won't dying be a better option than sleeping for even these 3 hours? :-) Because I know that if someone will be in an emergency, if I'll not pick up the call, he/she will message me the whole problem. But for casual talks and asking for my whereabouts, my mobile seems a better Smart Phone in a switched off state. :-) Mr. Robin Sharma, thanks for teaching me why mobile is not important in life some 4 years ago. It's for our convenience first, and then for anyone else'. Keep this in mind, friends. And haan, boyfriend/girlfriend waale log is post ko bedakhal kar sakte hain. :-) Aur dusri baat, this is not an essay on Boons and banes of mobile phones. Hahaha! Otherwise, kids would use it for free in their school home works without giving me my due royalty. Ok, bye.



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Anjit said...

Something what I too do quite often. Sometimes when I call any of my mates, they cut the call and call back asking "Galti se laga kya?", and I am fine with it. Meeting once in a week/month is fine. You can talk like you meet everyday.
Once I had a sms pack, and I used to send 'original' sms' (mind you, people hardly does that nowadays), and within fraction of a second I receive some millionth time forwarded sms. So I gave up sms'ing too.
Except for the 'busybee' taunts, I don't think anything wrong with it. You are spending time with you best buddy, i.e. YOU. Why one should have objections got it.
Keep writing. :)

Writing Buddha said...

Wow.. perfectly said, Anjit... Awesome..

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