25 December 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Thank You Mr. Sachin Tendulkar!!! We'll Miss You!!!

751st BLOG POST -->>

           And the era ended yesterday. A Sunday that starts with a lazying mind was been awaken by the call that the Greatest Cricketer of the World took. The man with almost all the records in the format of the game announced his retirement by sitting at home. No Indian wanted the last phase of the Cricketer to be such but everyone is still left with lots of void. We wanted to celebrate his career end while we are left with nothing but grief. A grief of him not coming out to speak with all of us in abundant. A pain that we will not get to see a last ODI match of his after announcement of the retirement so that a wonderful Farewell could be given. A sadness that he left the ODI format without giving a hint from all these days. We were still ready to see him play the game for next 2-3 years even when he played just 21 matches out of last 50 matches that India have played. But.... there are many questions that we, the admirers will keep asking without getting a single answer in return. :-(

            It is still a shock and will always remain to be. Everything was so fine with this man till the time he scored 200* in 2010. He was on a brilliant high. All were astonished to see the best coming out of our favorite player at almost 37th year of his age and 20+ th year of his career. He were expecting more firework. Then, came the World Cup 2011 when all eyes were on this man as there was no other hope except Virender Sehwag and him. And as the past records reflected, the Legend went on scoring a Century, winning Man of the match against the most crucial game against Pakistan and being the Highest run-scorer from India's side and second most in the Tournament. He achieved his childhood dream of making India win a 2nd World Cup. He made it possible for us. And the team gave him the biggest respect by carrying him on shoulders all around in the ground. That was the moment that all Indians will save in their heart till the spirit of Cricket is alive in our nation. 

            But then, suddenly, all changed for the man. People reminded him that the century he scored in World Cup was his 99th in the International Cricket and he needs to score one more to make us feel good about our Legend. The pressure dominated the confidence and talent up to a level that the Legend went out of the form. All got disheartened to see him not hitting a 3-digit figure of which he was so amicable with. The criticisms started and went on for months until the Boss hit a 100th 100 this year in 2012. But that was not the end of the "bad" for the Master. Now, as he was still out of his form, he was been questioned again and again about Retirement. And, with each surpassing day, the media, the people of the country, world and almost every printing and visualized form of communication started discussing all the failures of this superman who was unable to hit the ball as he used to. And finally, when the retirement has come, all have choked. There is not even a single Indian who can rejoice this moment. But, there's still a smile somewhere on our faces that we will get to see him in Test Cricket and in IPL sessions. 

            Personally, I would have almost died from within if the new Superstar would not have arisen in the form of VIRAT KOHLI. I am happy that before the retirement of the Legend, I have someone for whom I will keep watching Cricket with an interest. People say that "numbers" have no credentials in a Sports game like Cricket which is played as a team. I agree but I, as an individual, love the men with great numbers in any field. :-) Therefore, each blog of mine has a number attached with it, like this one with "751". :-) Sachin Tendulkar always gave me the power to be at the ever best in whatever I do. He taught me that age is just a number and not something that can affect the spirit and strength of a human being. He showed that consistency should be maintained in life with few inconsistencies coming up between the graph. He, in the last phase, also taught me as to how to not listen to people who don't help but only judge. Do what I want to do till the time I am loving to do it and not up till when people are enjoying me. He, just like Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, plays a big part in my life. Seeing him always teach me how to never talk about what greats have been accomplished by others because of our support. And never to speak about our specialty. Let others talk. Being humble even when we know that without us, certain possibilities in some people's life would turn into an impossibility. With his retirement, I have lost a part in me. But I am still positive as I'll get to witness him in Test Cricket. 




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Anonymous said...

We will miss you SACHIN!!!!!!! :((

Keep ON..

Writing Buddha said...

We dont even have other option, Raja sir.. :-(

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