25 December 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Our Life is Burj Khalifa in itself!!!

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              Life is a monument. We, as a human body, are needed to give birth to it. This does not define its construction. The real life gets incorporated well in this Universe from the day we start developing and constructing it. The architectural process begins in the same manner starting from creating a Blueprint to building a foundation to starting the construction to getting the building finally done. But the problem here is that the building never gets completed. It only gets completed once your body leaves the soul it carries. That's the end. The best builder here is the one whose construction process inspire others to build their building of life in the same manner as them. Though not in the same area, but into another area with a better approach. If Sachin Tendulkar makes it in Cricket, Amitabh Bachchan makes it in acting, it does not mean that following them means doing what they did in life. It's about doing what we want to do in our own style in our area but with the certain values that they adopted while getting their building done. 

             As the process keeps on getting accomplished and we keep on getting closer to dying, what remains in memory is the milestones of our life and not the whole life. We never remember each and every second of our life, not even days and some times, not even years but what we remember is, is our achievements, failures and moments of test and challenges. And this is what makes us happy. Because, these are the floors of our building of life. We love each and every floor. Actually, we should love each and every floor. I forgot at the moment that some of you might hate or criticize certain floors of your life which you shouldn't. Respect each and every floor. People often ask me if I remember those 2.5 years of my life which were immensely sad and sorrowful. My reply to them is in positive. Then they ask me if it depresses me today. Why would those 2.5 years of depression depress me today? I am proud of those moments. Because, then I got converted from a boy into a man. I understood the meaning of life as I was counting every second of life and I realized how important each second is. 

            Then, there are certain institutions and organizations that we get attached to in our life. We achieve certain degrees. We shouldn't ever disrespect them. We should always take their name in respect. While applying to any job, one has to refer their previous Organizations by preceding "M/s". This is done to show some respect to the organization else directly taking the name of it does not degrade the stature of it, but still... I take the name of my school with pride even today. Though it was not a Convent school in which some of my contemporary friends studied, but I still convey all my respect to my school whenever I am asked about my English language, childhood etc. The colony in which I resided for 15 years is been criticized by my childhood friends who also lived there but I still take its name with pride. Because, no matter what, my childhood will always remain attached to it. No one can isolate the two. The script is been written. So, what sense does it make in saying anything bad about it? 

          I respect the college in which I have completed my Graduation. Though, for better results and a change/improvement in my life, I opted for another college in Post-Graduation, but I still have respect for the institution. I never criticize it. I may criticize the people working up there but I never criticize it. I am still open to it. I visit it at least thrice in a month even now. I have an attachment with it. If someone asks me, I still refer them my Deemed University as a career option. :-) And not only college, the degree that I earned is also as respectful as college. My friends do abuse the degree of "Bachelor of Computer Applications" but I don't. I know that this degree can never give me the kind of job that I dream of, but still I have all the due respect for it. This degree will always get its place in my Curriculum Vitae. Hence, if I, myself, will abuse and disrespect it, how can I expect any interviewer to respect it and give me a job on its basis? If I'll respect it, every person I'll talk to will automatically start giving some credentials to the degree that I earned. 

           And I have already decided that let my bosses screw me as much as they want to, and let me change as many jobs I will change in future, I will never abuse an Organization after resigning up from there. I will tell people how good and memorable they were for me. Because, all the institutions and organizations, academic degrees and vocational courses that I am getting over with, are turning into the respective floors of the building of my life. Even, all the flats that I have lived in, of the colony and on rents, are still respected and loved by me. Every time, I go to my colony, I make it sure that I go to pay a visit to the family that currently resides in the flat. Every time I go to Nashik, I make it sure that I visit both the buildings that I lived in. They have some moments of my life in them. 

           Similarly, I respect all the people who respect all that they have been the part of. And I automatically start respecting their institution by seeing the immense love and passion they have for it. Never criticize your institutions and the degrees that you earn. Just because you have been part of them, that you learned something or there would not have been any difference between you and an illiterate chap. The degrees that you earned will always give you bread and butter and not the degree of PhD that is earned by the uncle living in your neighborhood. As you are also part of this Blog space as you are reading this post, keep respecting it for all your life. This will remain the terrace of the building of your life. Ok Sorry. I think I should respectfully leave the space now. Haha!



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