30 December 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Dabangg 2!!! Arbaaz Khan fails as a Director!!!

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            The last two Blog Posts are interconnected with each other as 755th is about the end of Semester 1 of MCA while 756th is about the Convocation ceremony I attended for earning the degree of BCA the very next day. In the same series, you can call even this post connected with the last post as I watched Dabangg 2 just after attending the Convocation Ceremony in Pune itself. :-) Dabangg was watched by me with my parents in 2010. My friends believe that watching movies with parents is a boring experience while I loved watching Dabangg with them. It was a wonderful experience and the movie stays still afresh in my mind. Ask me and I can start watching it just now. There are very few movies of Salman Khan that I find sensible and kind-of-an-epic, Dabangg stands at the Top of the list. The first trailer of Dabangg 2 was so well-made that I was assure about it being better than Dabangg and hence, much more Dhamaka. But now, as I have seen the movie, I can say that I can spend Rs. 250 over Dabangg once again but I can never say YES to watch Dabangg 2 even on Television. And yes, even when I saw Dabangg 2 with 5 of my friends, it remained unable for me to get entertained by the movie. 

            A week has passed and the movie has already crossed 110 crore mark. This is definitely an era of Salman Khan but after watching this movie, I want the era to get shifted to someone else. 2013 is ready with many movies of many great actors, and some of them sounds to be sensible, and hence, I want some other actor to take the torch from Salman Khan's hands now. It has been a long time since he is carrying it without even being deserving. With Wanted and Dabangg, it was recommended. But after Ready, Bodyguard, Ek Tha Tiger and Dabangg 2, I just don't want any more SUPERHIT tag attached with Salman Khan's movies. Though, I also know that it will take 3-4 movies more for his era to end but still... HOPE.

            Dabangg 2 is about Chulbul Pandey and his family more than about he and his police force. Dabangg ended showing us how Chulbul starts loving his brother-Makkhi and father after years of misunderstanding. And, The Director Arbaaz Khan has tried to take the series forward by showing what happened after that. But he got so much lost in showing Chulbul's connection with his father, played by Vinod Khanna, that he forgets to show any other sequences in the movie favorably. Sonakshi Sinha, as the wife of Chulbul- Rajjo has played her part with maturity and sensibility while Arbaaz Khan has no role in the movie at all. The character of Makkhi was shown with apt in Dabangg while Arbaaz Khan has disappointed by assigning him such a small role. In the quest of letting the movie look like the sequel, writers have ended up showing some stupid emotional scenes in middle of it. 

            The jokes that the characters keep on cracking in between can not even make a Std. 4th child to laugh. The dialogue delivery by Salman Khan as Chulbul Pandey makes us interested in a movie only for a while but later it starts irritating because of lack of humour. His chemistry with his wife is the only thing that is shown sweetly but still, it does not make you laugh on any comical romantic sequence. The entry of Prakash Raj was expected to change the movie but it made it more worse. It seemed as if Arbaaz Khan wanted to cash him for his performance in Singham. But ended up making Prakash Raj a normal villain then an epic one. I am amazed to digest the fact that even Prakash Raj failed as a villain because he lacked his X-factor throughout the movie. I missed Sonu Sood terribly. 

             Four songs in the movie just keeps on blocking the move of the film as all arrives in first half of the movie itself. In the second half, Fevicol Se is played which does not stand any near to Munni Badnaam Hui. Coming to the action sequences, they are the only spaces on which the Director has concentrated. But still, you can't say that an action movie- Dabangg 2 has taken action to a different level. It is of the same level as of Salman's last 3-4 movies. But, at least these scenes give you a feel that you are watching your favorite star- Salman Khan on the screen. I loved Salman Khan in the fighting sequences. Else, I also liked Sonakshi Sinha's performance. No doubt why this actress has scored 100 crore for three times in 2012 out of four movies(of which she is a part) that has been released. And a single funny sequence is when Salman dances with a girl on stage on some song named "chutney". Else, every thing in the movie will give you a feel of a nonsense South Indian movie where no scene has any relevance with another scene. Rather than wasting bucks on Dabangg 2, purchase the original DVD of Dabangg and watch it every time Arbaaz Khan directs Dabangg 3, 4, 5 etc. 



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Rahul Shayar said...

When it come to sequel people will alwayz compare to one against another Dabanng 1 was much better much more entertainer the second one, Songs, item number compare to first were bad. fevicol cannot beat munni, the tere mast mast is much better then dagabazz Prkash jaa was better in Ganni bahi then bhaiyya jee... only out paapi jee urf Ghenda was better in his short role.

Writing Buddha said...

Exactly the same view, Rahul.

Anonymous said...

idiot what do you mean by nonsense south indian movie?? all recent blockbusters of bollywood are remakes of south indian movies. you people don't have any authentic stories to make, and coming to comment about south indian movies. mind your language you regional crap

Writing Buddha said...

Hahahaha.. Thanks Anonymous.. U seem to be too frustrated... Chill down..

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