14 December 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

YOU Can Be POWERFUL Without Any Title!!!

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            Money! The whole world roars in front of any and every person but as soon as he comes in opposition to money, he bows down. His fight against all the masses ends once money turns foe. No one challenges the element to prove itself bigger than him/herself. Happily, we tell the money that she is big and will always remain to be. :-)

            Fame! Everyone wants it but none gets it. To achieve it, one needs to have an X-factor in him/herself. If one does not have the same, he/she can never think of being any close to this word. It needs struggle, hardship, passion etc. All the extra-ordinary traits that a human think he can never possess has to be possessed if one needs fame. One can get money, even little money in that case but achieving fame is a hardcore target to achieve. Only people with guts think of having it with them.

            POWER! One can have money and fame, yet one can be a depressing personality. Everyone wants to command over others. Every one wants to have an authority. A subject at which one needs to guide others and order at any cost. The reign of getting what one wants to get done is the biggest asset in today's world. If one do not have money and fame, he will get his life move on bit and bit. But if one does not have a bit of a power, one will find it hard to get his difficult works done. According to me, Power is more powerful than Money and Fame at any cost. The person having Power is always respected in society. Everyone fears. Everyone wants to be friends with such personality who have power at the seat on which they sit and the work they do. And we don't need to have money and fame to be powerful. It can be done with little wit and wisdom. 

             My mother got her Pan Card made with her own efforts. She kept telling the two men of the house to get this official work of hers done but we kept procrastinating. We always thought that why does she need any governmental ID proof when she has no involvement with any official work. But she wanted to have the equal rights as a citizen of India. :-) She wanted to stand in confidence and shoulder-to-shoulder with us. She met some jugaadu person and got her Pan Card made. Salute! Now, tomorrow she would be going to get her UID Aadhar Card made. And for that, I and my father heard lots of taunt tonight. :-) She showed her diary in which she maintains contact. I was astonished to see that she has the phone numbers of almost all the major leaders of our town. I don't know how has she collected it but she has almost all the important people of Panvel in her contact diary.

            When I ask her to save these phone numbers in her mobile, she refuses. She says that she don't believe technology over her own ways of saving and updating database. :-) Now, whenever any of her friends get stuck in any kind of a problem, she has 5 to 10 contact numbers as a solution to that problem. While if one tells me about such problems, my only reply is that I have never met such problem so I have no idea about it. :-) Now, with this approach towards life, my mother becomes favorite of all. Everyone says that my mother is the solution to any problem. And they know that if they are consulting my mother for something, they are surely going to get that work done. She even got my Domicile certificate made with her contacts. :-)

            One does not have to hold position to be called Leader or a Powerful Minister. One can lead without any position. She is not even a Nagarsevak but she does all these help as if she gets a fixed salary for doing this. Today, she is more powerful than any lady in our society. There's no need of being famous or known at State-level or National-level to prove your potential. There's no need of being on Wikipedia to prove that you are a true legend. We can be the same in a small cluster of people. We can be an inspiring and powerful example in our small world. Let's not get any medal, reward or recognition for it. Let's not even think of getting any recommendation for a seat or an opportunity. Let's do it just to gain what we can for our own satisfaction. My mother does not do it for any appreciation. She does it for smugness. She does it to help the human kind. That's where her motto ends. Hence, she does all the hard work for helping others without any say or corruption. 

             And hence, we should never use money when we have it. We should keep it for the times when we won't be having it. If we are famous, we shouldn't try to gain anything from it. We should save this recognition when we would be falling down from our position. If we have power, we shouldn't execute dictatorship and gundaraaz. We should keep this word-of-mouth promotion to be utilized when we would be thrown away from our seat of accomplishment. This guarantees a long-term benefit. Otherwise, if you'll spend/waste all that you have when you have that in abundance, you will have nothing left in the time of scarcity. Always save a respective amount of every credibility for the time when there would be no Aura of yours or less in comparison to that of today's. Being leader without any title makes your death funeral a historical event. :-) No, this post is not meant to motivate you for guaranteeing your funeral to be a success but to help the average humans to build a stature in society because of you. Be Powerful! In every aspect. Help People. Gain Respect. Retain it!!! That's all!!!



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