25 December 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

CHRISTMAS still takes me to my CHILDHOOD!!!

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            Merry Christmas to all the Christians and Indians. May the Stars and Sunshine of Christmas bring peace and love in your life. The happiness and sacredness that the Lord Jesus wanted everyone to possess should be a matter of fact and not fiction/myth. Let the question of God existing or not remain aside but on the mark of Year's last festival, trust in the God and the plans that he makes for us. Every Christmas, we pray God to send Santa Claus to our homes with the gift that we are waiting/dying for. As a child, all of us demanded something from our parents continuously. But they never used to give us in closet as they didn't want us to become adamant and someone not valuing things. Finally, before the arrival of Christmas, they used to ask us to write what we wanted on a chit of paper so that they can give it to Santa Claus. We used to write it. On the night of 24th, when we used to get ready for sleep, parents used to ask us to pray God and sleep so that, by the morning, when we would be waking up, we'll find gifts under our pillow. Many of us after praying never used to sleep for next 2-3 hours in an expectation of seeing how Santa Claus comes in the dress and places the gift. But we failed because of the amount of slumber we loved then. :-) Now, we prefer Facebook/Twitter over slumber. 

            Finally, in the morning, when we used to wake up, we used to find the toy that we asked for either under our pillow or on our bedside with few chocolates. Then, our parents used to make us bathe and pray God to thank him for sending Santa Claus with the gift. They never told us that they themselves are Santa for us who purchase the gift and never tell us that they are doing this favour ove us and not Santa. :-) And, in the evening, we used to visit our Christian friends to meet them on the occasion and the cluster of friends used to discuss as to what they wrote on their piece of paper and how they got their favorite toy. Some of us even carried our new toy to showcase it in front of our friends and boast about it. :-) After having the cakes and pastries cooked/brought up by our Christian friends, we used to return home. This is how I remember Christmas every year. And with the amount of love I have for this festival, I don't think that I will ever stop celebrating or prioritizing it. I love this festival to the core. Actually, I, since my childhood, have not been into celebration of festivals but I always respected every festival that came in my way. And I never knew what religion and caste were until my 10th std. This helped me a lot in developing up as a human I am.

             I always love my parents for this very thing that they never taught me what these words relating to religion meant. They never made me differentiate among religions. Even when a Muslim parents of one of my friends refused to send him with me for Vishwakarma Pooja in our colony, and I came home with disappointment and asked my parents as to why wasn't he allowed to attend any pooja, they didn't tell me that they are Muslims and hence, can not sit in any religious proceedings of Hindus. This is what I learnt myself because of this God Dammit society. Hence, Christmas for me also comes as a day that has lots of respect. 25th December is always special and will continue to remain. Though, now I don't have any Christian friends around with whom I can celebrate the day but whatever, this blog has always provided me with an option of celebrating and sharing anything with all of you. 

            A Merry Christmas to all of you. Do celebrate the day and try to make it sure that you do something different from every usual day. In the end, I would like to congratulate all of you as we complete 250 BLOG POSTS this year. Something that is happening for the second time in my 4 years of Blogging Career. Continue reading.



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