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The Angel by Ishita Bhown!!!


           Miss Ishita Bhown is one of the youngest authoresses today. Her first book- "To Get Her" is already one of the favorite novels of youth. I have been her friend since her book released. I generally don't talk to authors but her humbleness is something that is to be complimented. She has promised to write on our Blog space every month on 13th. This is her last post this year and it has turned out to be quite emotional. Get ready to dive in pool of emotions. 


“Please move aside!”
“Clear the way”
“Excuse me!”
        Kuntal shouted at the peak of her voice, making way through the busy corridors of the most depressing yet busy place one could imagine. This was the first time she had been to a hospital- and, the place seemed like a confusing maze to her. She was unaware of the whereabouts of the Operation Theater, or the ICU, or even the reception. She was clueless about the long and demanding procedure to be followed before getting the patient on hospital records. She knew nothing what was to be done, or what laid in store for her. Yet, she was running at her fastest pace- from person to person, asking for guidance, looking for directions.

         She did not care how the other attendants or the visitors, or even the staff looked at her, running hysterically. She did not care about the stares she received, or about the murmurs that followed her. All she cared was for the person who laid unconscious in the auto, the patient who needed instant medical assistance. The patient was struggling for his life, while she was hurrying down to get a stretcher and a doctor in the emergency ward.
Her patient, who was the closest person to her heart- the person who had taught her to walk, to talk, to think, to do everything that she was capable of doing today. The person, whose presence was as vital as oxygen for her life .

          “Zindagi kaisi hai paheli hai..kabhi ye hasaye, kabhi ye rulaye..” , her favourite song, which was the ringtone of her cellphone made her come back to the appalling reality that laid in front of her. Her life too was like a puzzle, it was her happiest day today, and suddenly the dramatic turn of events had left her in a state of shock.
The call could be from the unknown “Messiha” , who had helped her in the direst situation she had faced till date. The stranger, who felt as close as a family now, who had not even told his name yet.

      She received the call.

      “Madam, Shankar speaking. We have got the stretcher arranged, and are taking him towards the emergency ward. Don’t worry, the situation is under control The doctor will analyze the condition and start the treatment accordingly. Where are you?” he sounded calm, and composed.
         Maybe, that is what age and experience brings to a man—the ability to deal with all the circumstances in a strong and graceful manner.
      She too was an unusually composed girl, but today, it was her father who was involved, and she lost everything when it came to him..to his health..to his survival..She had been crying hysterically when this stranger met her in the most unexpected circumstances, and helped her through.

Maybe he was the gods’s avatar, someone whom almighty had sent to support her.
“Thanks uncle, I am in front of the reception, I will join you in a minute. Thanks again.”
And she looked around to find her destination.
By the time she reached the reception, Shankar had done all the formalities, and her father was now being taken inside the ICU to start his treatment.
She tried to have a word with the doctor, before making calls to her relatives and informing them about the disaster.
But, apparently, the doctors were too busy to pay attention to the cries or worries of a 12 year old girl.
“I need to talk to the doctor, for once, to know if daddy will be alright.” She pleaded at the reception.
“But the doctor is busy right now. He can not tell you anything about unless he examines the patient.” The receptionist responded matter of factedly.
Shankar looked at the girl.
She was still in a better position now, atleast she sounded confident, for her age. He went upto her, to console her.
“Don’t worry Beta, your father will be fine. The doctors will take good care. Meanwhile why don’t you call your mother?” he suggested.
“Because she is too far, she will not be able to come.” Kuntal replied with a blank face.
“Ok. You are not a resident of Mumbai?” Shankar inquired.
“No. I am from Indore. I have come here for the first time. That is why I do not know anything about the place.” The innocence returned on her face.
“I really want to thank you uncle for helping me, at this hour of the day. I don’t know what I would have done, if you were not here.”
“No, its just the call of humanity that I answered.”

Meanwhile, the receptionist tried to call the doctor who was on emergency duty. She was obviously worried.
“Marie, I am going to my home for 1 hour. It’s my daughters sixteenth birthday, and there are no patients today. So I will give her a little surprise by being with her on the special occasion.” Doctor Kailash had promised to return within an hour, but it was already 3 hours since he was away.
She redialed his number , for the 19th time in past one hour, but still there was no response.
Marie pitied the little girl, who was under the impression that the treatment of her father had already started.
How could she tell her the truth- that the doctor was busy celebrating, while a patient was waiting for him, struggling for his life, surviving only on the first aid treatment that had been anyhow provided by the resident doctors.

She was furious at the irresponsible doctor, but power makes one blind, the doctor was blinded by his love for daughter and the convenience of job at government hospital.
It was because of doctors like him, that people preferred to go to private hospitals.

“Kuntal, do you have any relatives in Mumbai, whom you can inform about your father’s illness? Shankar suggested.
“No uncle, actually I was selected as a finalist in a music show, and had my final auditions today. It was my mother’s last wish to see me as a singer, and when I was informed about selection, my joys were boundless. My father is a rickshaw puller in Indore, we do not have much money, but even he knew of my passion for singing. So, he encouraged me to try for these auditions. I had almost given up on all the hopes, I was too scared to even ask him for permission, as Mumbai is far off, and it takes a lot of money to come here. I know how hard he works, especially after we spent all our savings for mother’s treatment. So, I didn’t want to increase our expenses. But, my father, my true supporter, my dad, he accompanied me till here. I suggested that I would come alone, but he knew Mumbai is a big city, so he was scared that I would get lost. I am thankful that Father came along, he was so happy when the judges praised my performance during auditions. The proud expression on his face, meant the world to me. He had even decided to shift to Mumbai, for better polishing of my talent. Mumbai has something or the other for everyone. Father had even decided to sell his rickshaw, and with the money, he wanted to get me the music trainings. His child like excitement made me excited too.

         We were just leaving for Indore, when suddenly he started breathing heavily, he panted and then fainted. I had no idea what to do, whom to contact. I had no acquaintance with the city or its residents. The excitement was suddenly gone, I was helpless. Mumbai is such a big city, yet people here are very busy to help. I cried for help, but none of the passers by stopped or assisted us. I was so scared. I still am nervous.” And she started sobbing again.

Shankar knew the remaining part of the story.
It was around 12.30 at night, when he had left for his house, after a tiring shift. Suddenly his phone vibrated..it was a little girl, crying hysterically,..
“hello chacha..i don’t know what happened to daddy. He has suddenly fainted. And there are so many strangers around, but no one willing to help. Chacha..what should I do. Please leave for Mumbai immediately.” The girl spoke between breathes.
Shankar knew he did not have any younger brother, so clearly the girl had dialed a wrong number, in the state of shock. He assumed she was in some problem, and decided to comfort her..
“Listen beta, what number have you dialed?” he inquired.
The girl went numb.
“I am not sure. I dialed 09XXXXXXXXX, it was supposed to be Jagat chacha’s number.”
“ No, it’s a wrong number dear. Please recheck if you have a correct number. 09XXXXXXX number belongs to me. Anyways, I understand you are in some problem, and are alone at the moment, may I ask where are you?” Mentally , he decided to help the girl if possible.
“I am in Mumbai, CST station. My father suddenly fainted, and I do not know how to help him I do not even know the hospitals here. And I am all alone.” She cried again.
Without a second thought, Shankar left for CST station. He could reach there in next 10 minutes. He thanked God , for he was not at the opposite end of this vast city.

         Within 10 minutes, Shankar found out a little girl, carrying an old man , on the platforms of the otherwise busy station. Since it was late night, the platforms were not very crowded,nor were the roads too busy.
Soon he assisted the girl to get the patient admitted in the nearest city hospital.

         He looked at the girl and felt sympathy for her. Alone in a city as big as this, suddenly shocked by her father’s ailment. She had every reason to be nervous. Yet, he decided to be by his side, unless her relatives came from Indore.

            He got up to ask the receptionist, about the whereabouts of the doctor.
Marie was wondering how to confront the little girl, or the innocent attendant. She knew by now, that Shankar and the girl were not relaives by blood, but shared a bond of Humanity. She respected Shankar for the help he had offered to a stranger. Under such circumstances, she did not have enough courage to tell them that the doctor was unavailable yet, that the patients condition was deteriorating, that resident doctors had tried their best to handle the situation, but had given up.
She wondered at the different human natures- there was a man called Shankar, who had helped a stranger , there was this little girl Kuntal, who had already lost her mother, and was praying under the hope that doctors are trying their best to save her father.. and there are doctors like Dr Kaliash, who are irresponsible enough to bunk from their duty, giving the excuse of his daughter’s 16th  birthday. World indeed is a mix of all breeds.
Thankfuly, just then, a doctor in a white coat entered the hospital, almost rushing.
It was Dr Kailash.
He looked at Marie, embarrassed.
Looking at a person with white apron, Kuntal suddenly got up and rushed to him.

“Doctor, how is my father now? Will he be allright? I have no one , but him. Please save his life.” She pleaded.
The doctor looked at Marie, and then at the little girl.
Wearing a mask of Professional attitude, he lied.” We are trying our best to save him. He shall be fine.”
Marie was dismayed at his shameslessness. The doctor had clearly lied. He had forgotten his vows, his responsiblities, and even humanity. He did not even know that there was a waiting patient, while he was celebrating his occasion.

Yet, she directed the doctor about the patient, and his health updates.
Immediately Dr Kailash sprung to action.
But it was already too late.

The next morning, when Kuntal’s relatives reached from their hometown, Shankar decided to leave - another busy day at his office awaited him. Before leaving, he promised Kuntal to return as soon as possible, and even gave another number to contact in case there was any further help needed.
He had barely left the hospital premises, when the phone vibrated.
It was Kuntal’s call.
His worst fears had come true.
For a 12 year old, the loss was too much to handle. Yet, she sounded composed when she broke “the news”- her father was no more. She was an orphan now.
Shankar did not know how to react, this girl was a stranger, yet he was worried about her future .
He wondered how a little girl could bear the sudden changes in her life- her music competition, her father’s sudden ailment and consequent death. Too much had happened over the night. She sounded calm and composed,which meant she had mentally prepared herself for worse to follow. Yet, he felt an urge to meet the girl.
He returned to the hospital, to console her.
As soon as he stepped in the reception, Kuntal ran to hug him tight, she was obviously crying.

Between her sobs, all she managed to speak was –
“Thank you uncle, you are an angel. No words are enough to thank you for all the help that you did. You were my pillar of strength for the entire night. If you were not here, I could not even have brought daddy till hospital. I would have blamed myself for entire life, and felt guilty for making him come to Mumbai. Now I atleast know that I brought him to the hospital on time, the doctors did their best to cure him, but maybe God had some other plans. We could not save daddy..but I will never forget you my angel.” Her words choked.
Dr Kailash was listening to the conversation, with his head bowed down.
He had seen many deaths, and many moaning relatives.
Yet, he knew this was a murder, and he was responsible for it.

He had given priority to his daughter’s 16th birthday, when this 12 years old girl was turning into an orphan.
He could have been “an angel” too, only if he had been in the hospital, during his duty hours.
His eyes were moist.



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