16 December 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Sacrifice What You Feel You Can't!!!

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            Life gets tough with each day. At least, I feel that my life is getting tougher with each day. Some would say that see it positively and think that it's calm and lovely. I am talking from other positive sense. If life would be too easy and safe, it will become boring. Hence, when it gets tougher, I enjoy. I enjoy getting trapped into a life which makes itself complicated. And then bringing it out of complications is what I feel Life is. Come on, everyone plays safe. Ask me to go to a far-away place by a rented vehicle and I'll rock the trip with it. A 1st grade child will also travel this way. But, tell me go by myself. And the challenges that I will see throughout the journey will build confidence. Though at every step I will blame myself for not taking an easier path but once the journey would be over, I will feel love in surrounds for my life. But, SACRIFICE was made. To make life much audacious than it was, I shall have to leave the pleasure of going to the trip in a rented vehicle. But, it made life simpler later after lots of obstacle.

            Today, people want the safest option available around them. I don't say that I leave the safer aspect every time but sometimes, when I really want to see how powerful my life is or does it have any value, I go for the difficult one. And if I get stuck in it, I don't take anyone's help at the immediate emergence. But, I try as much as possible from my side and once when I realize that now the time has started taking its toll over my life, I surrender. I ask for help and then I judge what the friends can do for me. There, I test what role Friendship plays in my life. Are these certain people really Friends or they are just a chit-chatter box to me. And then I sacrifice these friends. It is not easy to sacrifice things in life but if one needs a LIFE, one needs to sacrifice. 
            Today, I was seeing Salman Khan's interview with Arnab Goswami on Times Now, he was been asked if he enjoys what he does these days or it has become hard and difficult for him. I was expecting him to say that he is enjoying his work hence he is doing it as often the artists say. But, Salman Khan said that it is difficult. He said that shooting 2 episodes of Bigg Boss in 24 hours makes him struggle. He said that now at 47, he feels stress. When a man whose every movie makes 150 Crore is sacrificing, how can I and you think of not sacrificing anything to lead a perfect life? Actually, a life with perfect results. There can be no term like "perfect life". My father sacrificed his father's funeral because of his job. My mother has sacrificed rest from her life to help almost everyone around her. And with these sacrifices, life just keeps on getting better. If my father would not have sacrificed my grandpa's funeral, he would have lost his job. If my mother will not sacrifice rest, she'll not be able to help others and thus, feel good about her life.

            Sacrifice people. Sacrifice lovers. Sacrifice parents. Sacrifice. And if you are not willing to sacrifice because of emotional drainage, I am telling you, you will never get to live in a life that God has actually created for us. What we live by being in a comfort zone is the life that we have planned for ourselves. But to live what God has planned, we will have to leave things behind to move further. You must have bargained while marketing and noted that shopkeepers reduce the cost of an object after lot's of negotiation. There, to retain you as regular customer, he sacrifices his percentage of profit i.e. his result. If you don't cry for certain things at periodic timings in your life, you have just not sacrificed nor taken risk. Some times, I feel crying for some things that can never be mine again- let it be some real things or a particular person or few of them, but then, when I sit to analyze what if those things would have been with me till now, I find myself 5 years back and not where I am today. The students who sacrifice parents and go to stay at hostel for 6-8 years see their life at heights after a decade. Then, they get to stay with their parents again but this time, with pride and confidence- the way every human wants to live with parents.

            The whole concept of India's one of the most celebrated festival- EID(both of them) is based on Sacrifice. The whole story of Lord Rama because of whom Diwali is celebrated is again about Sacrifice. In Mahabharata, there are lots of example where sacrificing is shown as the only option for human beings. Yet, if we will forbid ourselves from sacrificing, do you think we even deserve to be categorized into any of the religions? Leave religion, do you think you are setting the standards high for humanity? No, you aren't. It takes lot of time in making a decision of leaving something for ever but when you do it, you feel good about yourself. You find yourself as an epitome of maturity. Hence, when sacrificing does so much to our life, why not keep it as a KEY of living our Life? Now, don't start your life by sacrificing my blog for ever. :-) Sacrifice Facebook and Twitter, and thus, start by sacrificing these shits first. Haha! I hope you have understood the post. If no, then I sacrifice you. Haha!



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