30 December 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

She is no more but Rape Cases are still on....

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             My 750th Blog Post had many questions for all of you. I received a lot of comments over it but no one has been able to answer the question and satisfy me. Hence, this is assured that, at personal level, no one can stop Rape in the city or state or in country. We will have to keep suffering it without fail. Finally, on 29th December, 2012, Delhi rape victim breathe her last. The whole nation mourned for her. It is a hard fact to believe that a victim of rape dies of something that no one has ever imagined for a rape victim. The most that we think is- Girl lost her virginity to someone whom she didn't want to. Hence, rape cases keeps on happening and we read it in newspaper and turn over the page thinking that it's just another news. But what happened with this girl has been a pitiful experience for all of us. Today's youth don't have time from their Coaching classes and Facebook but they showed responsibility this time by protesting at India Gate and other landmarks all over India. This is one of the rare moments when Indians made Government scared of us else all of us know that this is the era when Government is dominating us. 

            With the death of this 23 years old girl, what more can we talk about Rape and its consequences? What exactly will parents teach their sons and daughters? People blame parents of rapists but what fault are they committed to? The most that my parents tell me is- Beta, kabhi koi girlfriend mat patana. Kabhi kisi ladki ka peecha mat karna. Kabhi kuch aisa ho toh hamein bata dena hum baat kar lenge ladki k gharwalon se. Because they fear that I might stalk her and after the rejection from any girl, my ego might get hurt and in the anger of that, I might end up doing something as shameful as raping a mother. Now, if even after this, I end up raping a girl because of the so-called out-of-control Lust, what can my parents do in that? Yes, it would be their fault if after that, they come to defend me. They should directly ask court to hang me to death. 

              To a girl, what can a parent ask for? To be at home when it's dark. But how much does day time assures that a girl will not be molested or raped? Go over the stats and you would find most of the cases when a girl is been raped by her boyfriend or by her boyfriend and his friends. Now, even if girls find this genuine and appropriate that they can go to a flat with their boyfriend as they find protection when he holds their hand, how can one protect them? Loving someone is fine. Keep that in your heart. Even if your family is conservative, let your parents know that you have started loving someone with whom you can spend your whole life with through a relative who is open minded or some family friends. Why is it so essential for you to get the guy by proposing him and then roaming with him all around the city? And now, no fucking idiot should tell me that why am I not saying anything to the boy who rapes the girlfriend and why am I only pointing my finger at girl. The reason is- couples keep on getting more physical day by day. They earn no money but they find themselves enough mature to fall into a relationship and then get involved in all these calamities. Later, when girl asks the boy to keep a limit over this relationship, his ego gets hurt and he ends up doing that last thing- Sex without protection. 

            If, at the very first moment you will stay away from relationship, no such moment will arrive. Then, even if you are somehow in a relationship, if you keep a limit over all these things, you will not get prone to any such forcible incidents. And do share with your parents, let your parents decide if your love is fine or not. Let them keep a proposal to the boy's parents than you keeping proposal to the boy. Do it how the legacy has been. Follow the footsteps of simple human beings. Keep your life simple. Don't get into complexities. Every thing in life comes with some risk, chose the options that has the least risk involved. Keeping a Question over the society that why do boys rape us even when we are in short dresses will not give you the answer. First answer the society why are you so passionate about wearing short dresses. First be eligible yourself to question the society. 

             I am not born as a boy to dominate girl and use my physique to rape them. But some boys have such mentality. They are influenced by some of the characters shown in movies or by their friends' thinking and approach towards girls. Who will guarantee us safety? Just after the rape of this Delhi girl on the night of 16th December, almost 23 rape cases have been registered in Delhi. Many would have gone unregistered. That means while the big protest was on at India Gate, some guys even then had guts to rape girls. Now, girls should get the answer as to who will have to take their care. They themselves or the police or the boys or the society. It is very shameful that we have to ask our girls to stay at home rather than assuring them safety on roads and at any point of time in 24 hours. I want to bring a change but now the situation has worsened to a situation that whenever a rape would happen, people will ask at what time it happened. If it would be before 8 PM, girl would be given sympathy else she would be blamed. This is where our country stands now. 

             To the boys who do this, I seriously want something bitter and worst to happen with them. I have read it many a times in many Holy Books that we get punishment for our sins in hell. I just want our court to read all the Holy Books and give the same kind of harsh punishment to these people on this Earth itself. Let the rapist be below 18 years of age, punish him too. At such age, he understands what raping is, how can you call him minor? Was he playing game and incidentally got his penis inserted into the girl? He did it purposely by forcing himself on the Girl, right? So, punish him without considering his age. And please, don't hang these idiots. There's no punishment in making someone struggle for 1-2 minutes and finally making them breathe their last. Seriously, cut their hands and penis and tattoo it on their forehead- "I am Satan". And let the world treat them. Let the girls beat them to death. The same girls whom these idiots found physically weak than them. Let them meet death by the hands of our Goddesses. 

             In the end, I pay my condolences to victim's family. I don't know how will they live a normal life from here. World didn't end in 2012 but it seriously took away their world. I hope all such victims of rape and their family also come and protest with people sitting at India Gate so that Government get to understand that this protest isn't closing down any soon. Victim's soul can never rest in Peace. I hope she is leading a very good life in heaven, at least now. Her plight has become every family's reason to be sad and to weep. The environment at my home and when I am with my friends has become as if we have lost our house member. I hope this is the last time that we are hearing a news that is as horrific as this. May God Bless Humanity!!!



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