31 December 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

2012- One More Year Leaves Me With SMILE!!!

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            Aaaahhh!!! Finally the year 2012 ends. It's the last page of this book and thus, I would love to end it by thanking all of you. My job is to Write and a Writer cannot be successful until and unless he does not have a good amount of readers. I have been lucky to have some wonderful interactive readers. Some too responsible who bring a change in themselves and take out their time to mail and inform me. With such company, this Blogging seems to be endless and interminable. I always justify my blogs with conclusions because I don't want to just fill up the storage capacity assigned to me on this WWW. I want to bring a change among all of us. First, I bring a change in myself, then I share with an example of mine or my friends, and then I ask all of you to follow the same to lead a better life. Like take one instance here itself. It's the eve of New Year when many would be celebrating the day at some sponsored event or at a party. I always believe that this class of people are those who wait for a specific day to celebrate themselves and their life. For me, each day comes with the same enthusiasm of doing something great and celebrating the same by writing a Blog or a Personal Diary stuff. The same is been done tonight, here on the medium. Thus, I also take my Birthday casually. Because, if I'll celebrate these day by doing something too great then it will surely tease other days of my life by priding, "I am so much better than all of you". So, I don't let my Birthday or the celebrations like New Year to  turn egoistic and be proud of themselves. :-)

            When 2012 begun, I made some Resolutions that I also posted in the First Blog of the year - 2012 Starts and Yes, I have RESOLUTIONS !!!. Before moving further, I want to discuss a scene with all of you. When the Anna Hazare protest was on throughout the country, even I joined a rally once. I was disappointed to see how people were promoting Anna Hazare over the cause. I came home and complained about this to my father. He told me,"Beta, one should know about their leader hence they show the videos as to what changes he brought in his village- Ralegaon Siddhi at personal level". Hence, the reason that I am sharing my achievements of 2012 is just for a reason that all of you read what I write. Hence, you should also know what exactly your Blogger is and does. :-) 

          1st Resolution was: To start exercising. Result: FAILED MISERABLY. Didn't exercised for a single day. Hehe! Shame!

             2nd Resolution was: To pass the CET examination of MCA and get admission in the college I wanted. RESULT: I passed exam with the best marks  that I could have. And I am currently studying in the college I wanted to. :-) 

              3rd Resolution was: To pass BCA in perfect 3 years time and I did it with a wonderful score in the last semester. It was the second best marks I scored in all the 6 Semesters that I gave. :-)

             4th Resolution was: To write more than 200 Blog Posts and I have ended up writing 257 Blog Posts. The second best performance as in 2010, I wrote 261 Blog Posts. Wow! Wow! Wow!

             5th Resolution was: To start writing my novel that is the biggest dream of my life. I have started it. Yes. Just started it.

             6th Resolution was: To read 50 novels in a calendar year while I have read 75. :-) 

              So, out of 6 Resolutions, 5 are not only fulfilled but won over by big margin. :-) Else, there has been many new experiences too. I finally ended up writing 100 Book reviews. On Indiblogger, I became the one with highest contribution in Book's section. On Bookrack, I became the 2nd Indian to contribute the most. The likes of Hussain Zaidi(the only reporter whom Dawood gave interview before leaving India), Ravi Subramanian(Crossword's Most Popular Writer award winner of 2012) etc complimented my work. I also wrote 600th and 700th Blog Post this year itself.  This year, I also got into a new college hence this is a very big change for me which will effect next 3 years of my life and reflect my whole life. :-) A new experience has been a Debate Competition of which I was a part of in my college. I started reading Bhagawad Geeta which has brought terrific change in my spiritual approach towards life. 

             Similarly, there has been many such experience in 2012 which I am in no state to share with all of you, currently. In short, I would like to tell that since 2009, all the years has been better than the last one. And hence, 2012 has been the Best Year of my life till now. And I would like to thank all of you for being with me throughout the year. Let's promise that we will stay together in each other's success throughout 2013 too. I hope this year has been good for all of you. Though our country is seeing some worst era of its safety, security and prosperity, let's not think about it in this last hour of the year. Let's be concerned about it, let's protest about it rather than stop celebrating our life that God has blessed us with.


 ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU. Started this year with 513th Blog Post and leaving you all with 759th Blog Post.

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