7 December 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Why To Sympathize With Losers?

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            My close ones always complain that I don't share my health problems with them. They know that I am suffering with lot of things internally because of the great amount of hours that I sleep in every 24 hours :-). And they also get to know about my weaknesses sometimes when I don't crack jokes as often as I do while meeting them. They ask me about my problem and I start cracking jokes for next 5 minutes and again go in a silent mode once I feel that they have agreed with my fake behaviour and complied to what I tried to pretend. But, as I try to act smart, they are enough smarter than me. No doubt over this. That is the reason why they are my close ones. Ok Sorry. :-) But, I personally believe that sharing health problems with someone is not less than asking someone to appreciate me just because I need it at the moment. I just don't feel like gaining sympathy for something that is because of my carelessness. 

             2 days ago, I found that my practical files wasn't submitted to the external examiner because I forgot to keep it in the laboratory during my practical examination. The moment I found the files in my bag, I had a friend sitting with me. Rather than asking him to shower sympathy over me, I switched my mood and talked to him appropriately without making him feel that I am as tensed as Manmohan Singh's government. :-) I went and got my job done by requesting teacher to reconsider me and do something that will shield me from failing because of this stupidity. Now, why do I need to wait for someone's sympathy? Do I deserve sympathy for this? No. It is me who was lost in lab that I forgot to submit the files. That is my carelessness and immaturity. Isn't it? If I have a train at 8 AM in the morning and I wake up at 7 AM and miss the important train. Should I be someone for whom people should have sympathy with? What The.......!!!

              Similarly, a bad health, a disease or a frail body is the outcome of our own approach towards our life. I know that I never exercise. I know that I have never jogged in last 5 years at least. I know that I have never taken care of my health. I have not slept for more than 3 hours at an average from last 3.5 years at least. Why would God bless me with good health after such an attitude from me? I am with God when he keeps me ill for 20 days in a month, at an average. I comply with him when I am always affected with head ache and vomiting sensation. I deserve all this for the worst treatment that I do with my body. Recently, I was badly suffering with cold, cough and fever. I had my practical examination the other day. Everyone asked me to visit doctor. I didn't. I went to medical store, as always, and asked him for a dose for all these symptoms and I requested him to give those doses that have no slumber in them. He said that every tablet for cold, cough and fever will make me go drowsy. I compromised and asked him to give me a regular anti-body pain tablet. He smiled and handed it to me. For such person, should someone have sympathy? If what I do with my health, someone else would have done, I would have ignored that person completely.

            If tomorrow I'll get admitted in hospital and none of my friend would come to see me, I won't feel bad. Because I don't need anyone's concern for my health when I myself don't care about it. Yes, I do need sympathy where I am devoting everything of mine. If for that I won't get sympathy, I will surely feel bad about it. If I study seriously and I fail in examination, though it won't effect me as I have failed umpteenth number of times in past :-), but I would wait for some or the another close one to call me and ask my whereabouts. But if I would be enjoying the preparation leave and then fail in an examination, I will never feel bad about all the friends ignoring me at the moment. I will feel good about them that they realized where to sympathize and where to move on. Therefore, I, myself don't sympathize with any of my friends' health situation if I know that they aren't concerned about their health or any other such aspect. 

           What do you feel? Should we sympathize with the failure of a person if he/she was himself not concerned about it until the calamity happened? Just an hour back, my hand got tangled between two blades of moving fan at a nice intensity. It was because of my lack of awareness that I raised my hand while standing at bed and got my left hand injured. Now, should my parents or even I show sympathy towards this swollen bone of left hand? Strictly, No. This is what I think. Your take??? 


P.S.: I have written this whole post without using my left hand. But please don't sympathize. Be strict towards me. My Take!!!


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Aswathy said...

hey, even i agree with your take on sympathizing.. i too find it lame when people come and show concern to which we are least bothered about.. well written.. and take care of your health (not sympathizing :) )

Anonymous said...

I would say this post is in a bit disturbing tone but i support the point you raised here. 'Public sympathy for personal faults/issues: Inappropriate'
- Apurv Verma [ @A_Humorist ]

Writing Buddha said...

Aswathy, Hahaha... its good that you didnt sympathize

Apurva, thanks for agreeing.. :-)

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