10 December 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Main Toh Khud Se Pyaar Jataaun!!! MY FACE!!!

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            Life recreates us. At every moment. Every second. And sometimes the whole life goes in recreation. Life is the best element that God created. And what I love the most about it is that it does not let us know what will happen even in the very next second. I might scream. I might get caught writing this post when parents think that I am sleeping. I might propose the girl I love. I might die. Any damn thing can happen which I don't have an idea of. This amazes me about life. And that is why I love life a lot. But more than anyone else', I love my life the most because I live it the way I want to. I do what I like to. When I feel like studying I study, when I feel like reading novels I read, when I want to write blog I write, when I feel like chatting I chat and when I feel like not sleeping for a week, I do even that. My life will never be awarded for being the most inspiring one but at least I will die thinking that I have lived the one that I always wanted to. We all should live life our own way. There are certain limitations drafted by parents but if those limitations are their personal belief, break it if your conscious knows that there's nothing down market in it. If your integrity stays alive by doing what you do, DO!!! Don't wait for anyone's approval. I am past 23 but still I feel that I have done nothing in these 23 years which I should have done and finished. Even the biggest dream of my life could have been accomplished by this age but I am still fighting and struggling. Irony!!!

            As I started this post saying that life recreates us. Life recreates itself. But it needs a catalyst for it just as Popeye needs spinach at times. What generates power in our life? Some who don't like to work but just eat and sleep would say Food provides energy to our body. Some will say Sun as it gives Vitamin D for free. :-) Some will say a glass of milk in the morning. Some up-to-an-extent sensible people will say music generates power in them. I agree, it does. Some spiritual souls will say that the amount of time spent in praying to the almighty blesses their body and life with power. And some real tharkis would say that Sex with their partners is the biggest power generation to their body. I need such people around me. Haha! But, personally, for me the biggest aspect that really charges up my life every morning is MY FACE. You can laugh at me but I love it. Let it not be an attractive one but for me, it is something that makes me feel that I am one of all but yet with something that's unique and my own identity. Yes!!!

             Every morning when I wake up and go in front of mirror, see myself, the only thing that I feel saying is- "Abhilash, you look better than yesterday. Let even the day be better than yesterday." And sometimes I try to do some heroic expressions in front of mirror, that makes me smile at my self. And when I see the real and tension-free smile on my face, I feel good about it. I find myself one of very rare humans who stay happy without taking much tension of anything. See, everyone is worried about their future. I am not worried about it, I am just too sure about what my future will be like. Because, day by day, as I am entering into spirituality, my desire with life is getting shrunk. And now the limits that I have kept for Abhilashas(desire) of my mind will always keep me content through out until some Satan does not start conquering my brain. Kitna sochta hu na main. :-) [DISCLAIMER: This is not about Self-obsession. Read with brain and soul intrigued in this post]

              Many friends ask me as to how my face is free from pimples, dark circles and rough skin as I don't sleep while their face is getting ruined day by day even when they sleep abundantly. I answer,"Because I drink lots of water". This is surely one of the genuine reasons that I give them but another fruitful reason is that I love my face whatsoever. Let people say that I have bucktooth, my eyebrows don't have a specific gap between them, my hair is rough, my neck is long and my eyes look strict but I feel just opposite of all this even when I know that they can be surely right. I feel that my face has spark, my eyebrows are attractive, my nose has a perfect shape, my lips are sexy, my teeth if are buck but still when I smile they look perfect, my eyes are expressive and my skin is desirable. :-) Now, this is not that I feel others should also believe in. This, I feel for myself. It motivates my life. It RECREATES my life. If I won't love my face, why would others love it? If I'll not compliment the way I walk, why would others go "Aww" when I would walk from audiences' arena till the center stage? When I will love the creation of God i.e. My Body, I will love everyone else.

            There are many of my friends who believe that some girls whom I had little affair kind of a thing in past weren't beautiful. Now, they weren't for you idiots because you want "fuckery-suckery". I need love and compassion. For that, I can go with a dusky complexion. You get your minds treated well. If those girls felt that my face was attractive enough to make them fall in love with me, by default, their faces become my favorites. This is how I am. And thus, I love my face. God spent his time in giving this shape to me. Why to feel bad about my looks? When I see my ring-clad fingers moving at a rocketing speed over the keyboard, I admire them. God made them long and quick- the way I wanted them. With 7 rings in my hands, it still looks less weighted. Indirectly, I am intimidating that I am going to add more rings to them. :-) Though even after getting inspired with my face if someone else would say that I look decent, I will deny. Because I am not arrogant a bit about this. This feeling for my looks and specifically my face is to motivate my conscious. My soul should feel that the body that is carrying the person that I am is as beautiful as the person I want to be. Am I wrong if I think so? No, I know. :-) [DISCLAIMER:And I don't compare my face with any other boy around me. Never!!!]

              When in Bigg Boss, they show Sana Khan admiring her face again and again in mirrors of the house, I don't feel anything weird about it. It's good to love our looks. Here, guys and girls are wasting their life in admiring each others' beauty. I am at least busy in loving and admiring mine. And it is bringing results. My life recreates itself every morning by getting the view of my face. It feels that the person on which it is wasting its 60-70 years is beautiful enough. Let the masses don't look for the second time at me because of my destructiveness, but at least I will look at me constructively for 100 times in a day. Until and unless, I will not feel good about the face that I carry, how can I deserve anything in life? Just tell me. It's the first thing that we showcase in public about ourselves. And what if we have complexities about the very same thing? Hell!!! So, my friends, start loving your face. Start loving each organ that is part of your face. When you will love your body, the person within it will surely bring the best outcome to get this face recognized to great masses. And now don't tell me that you don't crib for fame and popularity. Chalo main toh chala khud ko nihaarne. :-) Aap chahein toh khud ke chehre ki aalochna kar sakte hain. Par kya ye post padhne ke baad aapko lagta hai ki ye sahi hoga? HAAN? Toh fir patli gali se...... :-) 



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Unknown said...

Awesome!....infact very much inspiring...and i really needed this kind of motivation.Thanks...from today onwards,i will love my FACE.

Writing Buddha said...

Its good that you are a new reader here and still, you got motivated with my writing.. I am too happy.. i need to bring a change and you have assured that you are changing.. :-)

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