1 January 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Celebrate the Year... Not the First Day of it.. :-)

1st BLOG of 2013 -->>

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             So, we meet for the first time in the New Year- 2013. Leaving all that we had in 2012 behind. The relationship that bloomed in the last year is finally at its height now. No need to remain in the past. The one who remains in the past is a stale body and soul. The one who is in present is the one with whom the life is to be celebrated with. Hence, I want all of you to finally leave last year and step up into this new one in the same way as you change the calendar of your house with the provenance of a year. And with it, change your habits. Even if now you will keep on giving excuses, it's better to leave your life and transfer your soul into a new body which shall respect it more than you do. So better change yourself now. It's high time that the excuses have been the main focus and lead of our life. Let's trash them with 2012. From here, we have 365 days to change ourselves into someone that we would be proud of for our whole life. Change only happens when we push ourselves towards new environment. Let's leave our comfort zone. In this New Year, work harder to achieve what you want in life, be with your parents and family, respect them, follow them, but only till you feel their decisions aren't meddling in your journey towards your Dream. At least, first have a dream. And not just one dream but many. Then, you will have a dashing routine that will give you as much pleasure as possible. Stop wasting your time in bloody love and sex wala relationship. Life is bigger than all these. Our parents had no relationships, they got married by their parents' choice. And see how happy they are with us today. Leave this job of searching a partner for yourself for your parents. You focus on your life now. Later, don't regret when you won't have enough in life to have what you need. With this pravachan, I would like to wish all of you a Very Happy New Year. 

             When we know what good habits in life are, why not have them as our own habits? Why to keep clapping for someone who has those habits? Let's push ourselves towards these habits and passion. Why not live for ourselves now? Why not laugh for our happiness? Why not cry for our own self? Why to let others affect our life? Why not make it independent of anyone else's authority? No one can make me smile or cry today until and unless I don't want to emote these expressions. I am independent. Yes, we are social animal and we need socializing. But only up to a limit. With New Year, comes Resolution. In a recent survey, they found that India is 2nd ranked in the countries those who believe in keeping New Year Resolution. I am one of them. But, I just don't keep the resolution. I spend each and every minute of my life to make my current year the best year of my life. And I have been successful since 2009. First, I would like to force all of you to make a Personal Diary. And then, list all that you want to achieve this year. Then, write all that you want to achieve according to the months. And if possible, also segment tasks according to weeks. At least, for upcoming 10 weeks. I will share some of my Resolutions of 2013 with all of you here. No, this is not about revealing myself but this is about telling everyone about my resolution so that if I am not doing it, certain nudges and reminders would help me to get back to my routine to get all these accomplished. :-) The certain Resolutions of this year are:

Resolution 1:- I need to score more marks in my 2nd Semester of MCA than what I would be scoring in 1st Semester. (I am already done giving my Semester 1 examination so no say about it)

Resolution 2:- I have started earning, part timely. Last year, I earned a good decent amount. I just need to earn double of what I earned last year and save triple of what I saved last year. :-)

Resolution 3:- I started reading Bhagwad Geeta last year. I shall complete it successfully this year and then start reading it again. With it, I shall also start reading Bible. (I already know a lot about Islam so I am going for Bible first. Quran will be 2014's target)

Resolution 4:- Due to lack of sleep in life, I have some serious short term memory problem. I can't remember some recent moments. Hence, I don't know whether I will be able to sleep for 5 hours daily but I am definitely starting Yoga and Meditation so that I can revive my body and soul. 

Resolution 5:- This is 760th Blog Post. I will try to write 240 more and touch the milestone of 1000 BLOG POSTS by the end of this year. Fingers crossed.

Resolution 6:- I read 75 books last year. I will definitely try to read more than 75 books this year. 

Resolution 7:- It's high time since I am pissing off everyone about my dream of writing a novel. I will definitely complete writing my manuscript this year. Let it get published next year but I will try to complete my job at least. 

Resolution 8:- Last year has been good with my relationships. I have been a good and helpful friend to many. I will try to bring some good changes in lives of at least 10 people. 

Resolution 9:- The worst trait of my personality has been "Abusive language". I have already controlled it a lot last year and I have eliminated it by 95%. I will definitely be someone who will have a pure and clean language by March-April. Yes!!! :-) Aur agar thodi bahut uske baad degi bhi di toh kya hua, jawaan ladka hu yaar. :-)

Resolution 10:- I will reply to all the comments and appreciations and criticisms that all of you'll mail and submit to me. Last year I had been little irresponsible to this but this year, a strict NO.

           So, finally, these are those Resolutions that I want all of you to know so that by the end of the year, if I am unable to complete them, you can laugh at me so that I will feel ashamed of my laziness and procrastination. Others would be noted down in my Personal Diary. Some stuffs should be left for that dear one too. Right? :-) I would love to hear from you your resolutions. Please have many of them. It will give your year a path and way. You will have a focus and a life to live. A life without goal is a life full of gol-gappa. Ok Sorry. No, I don't have such sense of humour but I purposely did it to wake you all from this boring post. :-) And yes, if you smoke, drink or visit prostitutes, make your first resolution to boycott these bad habits. It's very shameful. 

            A very Happy New Year to all of you and your families. Celebrate the Year. Not The First Day of It. Yo!



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Happy NEW YEAR 2013 Abhi...

Keep ON..

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Same to you, sir

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