1 July 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

And He Left Us!!!

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             On 1st July, 2011, I got a call from my friend that the Second Year Graduation result is being announced. Sitting in his car, I went to college and got satisfied with the marks that I scored. It was better than what I scored in 3rd Semester. I was too happy and we decided to visit Central Park, Kharghar which is almost the biggest attraction in Navi Mumbai as of now. When we were on our way back to home, I got a call from my mother, "Veeru, return as fast as you can. Dinesh Chachaji is no more" and she cut the call. I was out of my mind for a moment. I was unable to believe that an ambitious person like him can leave us at the age of 33 itself. The first marriage that I attended consciously in my life was of Chachaji in 2001. The only person with whom I used to talk in English on phone right from when I was in Sr. Kg. was him. The attraction that I had for relatives was only because of him. Right from my Sr. Kg., he called me on my Birth Day every time. No other relative did this. He always had a belief in me that I'll do the best among all the cousins. It was too shocking for me to believe that he is no more. 

           As I never see my Relatives as someone whom I should acknowledge, I took an oath in 2009 that I'll never ever visit my native place nor will I meet any of my relatives. But when my father asked me to book tickets for Jalandhar to attend the funeral of Chachaji, even after knowing that I'll have to face all the faces whom I hate more than Pakistan, I didn't say No. I got ready. When I reached there on the evening  of 2nd July and met my Chachiji, I lost all the control I had. I started weeping like a kid. It was hard to believe that my chachiji is a widow now. When I looked at Tanu- 10 years old daughter and Devu-6 years old son of Chachaji, I lost all the love for the God at the moment. I just wanted to ask God that why does he punishes someone who don't even know what Life is. We are asked to believe in Karma, how can we believe in it? How can Karma of these small kids be hazardous that they got this unwanted lesson from life of losing a Father before understanding the real role of a Father in their life? 

         I was asked the same evening to move towards Haridwar for Asthi Visarjan of Chachaji. I didn't even attend anyone's funeral before this in life. Hearing all this thing was so unnatural and strange to me. Next morning, I, with all the male candidates of the family went at the spot where Chachaji was burnt into ashes. We collected the ashes and I took off for Haridwar. When I saw the ashes flowing in water and moving away from me, I understood the real meaning of life. The only thing that came in my mind at the time was- I will never ever see my relatives the way I had been seeing them from last 2.5 years. One day everyone will die the way Chachaji has. There's no need of being enemy with anyone. I will go and apologize my elder cousin brother who is at Jalandhar. 

          And I came to know that Death is something that doesn't come to the one who is Bad, Impure or Useless. It can come to anyone anytime and anywhere. We should be prepared for it. 30 days before Chachaji expired, Chachiji went to her parent's home with her children. She learnt driving car and thought of giving surprise to Chachaji when she'll return as he always challenged her that she can never learn it. The day she caught train to return back, she called Chachaji and they had a formal chat. In the conversation that they had, she taunted something to Chachaji. Naturally as every husband-wife does between themselves. After Chachaji came to know that she is in train to be back to home, he thought of cleaning the home so that Chachiji will feel good once she'll enter after 30 days. After cleaning the whole house, he started cleaning Refrigerator. And that was the end. He didn't switch off the button before cleaning the refrigerator. As the cloth was wet with which he was cleaning, he got trapped in the flow of current and lost his life there itself. After reaching Jalandhar, when Chachiji realized that he isn't picking up the phone, she thought that it is because of that silly taunt which she made on him. But after she reached home, she found a Dead Husband and a Challenging Life ahead. :-(

        After I returned back from Asthi Visarjan, I found that my cousin brother has gone back to Delhi. When I was traveling back to Mumbai, I called my cousin sister and asked her to meet me. She didn't. But still I apologized through SMS. She accepted. But never ever tried to contact me after that. The relatives who were talking about meeting once every year because of the trauma they went through after listening about Chachaji's death, never ever visited my place. To be more detailed, none of them has ever visited Mumbai to meet us. The cousin brother who started talking to me talked something last month that pinched me. I am back to my Previous Mode. I have started hating my relatives again. The only soft corner I have is for the kids of my Late Chachaji. If I'll ever become anything worthy in life, I will make it sure that I help them as much as possible. My chachaji was very ambitious. He served nation as he was in Army. He had a chart stuck on the wall of his bedroom where he scribbled all his Dreams in life with the Deadlines. He almost completed 60% of them. But God didn't want him to complete rest 40% of it. Once, he asked me to forward all the Best Blogs that I write. I never sent it to him because of the hatred towards relatives. I still feel guilty for it. Because, my Grandpa and my Chachaji were the only avid readers my family had except me. And I have been unsuccessful in getting comments from both of them. :-( 

            This post is too personal and I don't want any of you to judge my blog reading this. I just wrote it here as I write everything that I feel here. Today, I have nothing in mind except this. :-( I will just advise all of you to unplug any electronic item before touching or cleaning them; as this is the reason behind my Chachaji's death. Even if you hate anyone, never pray for his death because it's the worst thing one gets to hear as "Breaking News". I still get goosebumps remembering the moment when I got my mother's call that Chachaji is no more. Do hate relatives, but if they have been associated with you, make it sure that you fulfill whatever they have asked you to, else once they'll not be with you, you'll always regret for your arrogance. As I do. I never sent him a single blog post thinking that "I don't need any appreciation from relatives". I still hate my relatives, but I would suggest all of you to share and spread love as much as you can.

           And in the end, I would like to ask God to take care of my Chachaji's soul. May his soul rest in peace. And yes, a good news to share with all of you. My Chachiji has been successful in overcoming the worst phase of her life. She has started earning as she has Master's Degree. And both the children are studying in good schools. One last suggestion too- Even if the girls of your family are married to a Rich family, do make it sure that you educate her well. Because, in any poor condition, it's Education that helps. If my chachiji would not have had her Master's Degree, her family would have been on road today. Do make it sure that your Sisters, female friends and others educate well before getting married. :-)



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