12 July 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Sab Kuch Bhoola Diya Yeh Vafa Ka Kaisa Sila Diya!!!

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             Whenever we see the respectable judges sitting on their spongy seats in various reality shows like Indian Idol, Jhalak Dikhhlaja, we dream of being at their place. They are at peace. They have the only work to look at several talented and not-so-talented people and state their point of view on them. It feels so easy and joyous job to us. But as it is said, we never stay happy with the authority God has blessed us with. We always want to crib about what we don't have. Aren't we judges of our own life? Don't we judge people we have in our life? Don't we rate everyone according to their tuning with us? Don't we keep names of our teachers behind them? We are so judgmental. More than that, we mostly take wrong judgments in life. And why? Because we are so immature to judge our own life. Umpteenth number of  boyfriends get ignored by their girlfriends, hence break-up is the last chapter of their Amazing Love Story, didn't these boys judge these girls wrongly for them? This is just an example. We give many such wrong and incorrect judgment in our life. 

            I still remember the moment when I was being left by a very precious girl of my life. She looked sweet with her fair complexion and short height. She was so understanding and caring that I never doubted that there will be a day when she'll just go away from me without even informing. I still don't know the reasons that made her burn our relationship. I don't even want to know about it now. I have already filled lots of hatred for her in my heart. I just don't want it to turn into love and affection again. But this was the first time. Wrong judgments are expected. But that does not mean that I have to judge the another girl of my life on the basis of what this girl did with me. Why should I judge all the girls with the point of view that I have for her now? I didn't do it with the 2nd girl who came with a very surprising proposal in my life. She went away in just 15 days. Since then I decided that I will not get into any such relationship again. I am still not judgmental. I had flirted with many girls in these period of time but never went for a relationship with anyone. A sweet girl even proposed but I let her go. But I am in contact with her and yes, she is sweet. I have 4-5 female friends who are very close to me. Just imagine if I would have got judgmental and not have talked to them, I would have missed so much fun in life that I am currently experiencing. 

             I had a terrible experience of discrimination that is being done on the basis of Religion. I had met with such kind of accidents that I have not even shared them with anyone. Because I know that people will end up judging the people of the particular caste. Already, religion is the basic rationale because of which people have subjected so much hatred in their life for others. As soon as a Hindu sees a group of Muslims, he utters something shameful; and vice-versa. The moment some Maharashtrian sees a North-Indian they pass a comment that is too offensive to ignore; and vice-versa. But when I was subjected to such kind of offense, I judged the people and not the religion. Hence, today I have good Muslim friends in forms of Yusuf, Sohail, Saquib, Adnan Bhai etc. I also have good Maharashtrian friends- Pranil, Abhijit, Mahesh- whenever I go to Nashik, they call me to stay at their place. I have a very good friend on Twitter- Mahesh K who keeps on commenting on my blog every now and then. I would have missed so much fun if I would have judged these people according to the tortures that I had to experience from the people of the religion they belong to. Right?

            In the same way, if a marriage is broken, why don't people go into 2nd? Why do they feel that every partner is same? If a person had a bad experience in any State or Country, why do they start judging the whole state because of that one incident which happened to them? A reader picks an Indian author and says "How boring" and never picks any another Indian writer. A movie viewer sees Akshay Kumar's Chandni Chowk to China and decides that he'll never see any other movie from the actor. A bad experience with a neighbour in the previous building gives a person such horrendous experience that he decides never to open the door in the new building. One prays God for a serious tragedy to end in his life and when he sees that God isn't doing any miracle, he stops trusting God. Come on, grow up. Let's stop judging new people according to our experience with some people who were an integral part of our life in our past. At least, lets be Right Judges in our life rather than being critic to the one who are already sitting and judging others in reality show. Don't you think so?

   Enough said. I hope my point is clear. It is better to take judgment in our life about us and our people than to be a judge to judge others. Dusron ko kyon uska sila diya jaaye jo unhe nahi kisi aur ko milna chahiye?



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