31 July 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

NEW COLLEGE from Tomorrow- 1st AUGUST, 2012!!!

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My previous college and new college. Thanks to Aabhas Maldahiyar for helping with the pic

            Finally, my longest vacation ends tonight. I don't think that I'll ever get any other vacation of 84 days in future. I completed Graduation by giving my last examination on 8th May, 2012. And since then, I have been waiting for my Admission Process for Post-Graduation. It finished on 16th July(for me) and from tomorrow i.e. 1st August, my college is commencing. This vacation has been one of the most traumatic vacation. In all the 5 vacations that I got during Graduation after finishing each semester, the only fear that came across my mind periodically used to be about the results. But somewhere in heart I used to know that I have performed satisfactorily so everything would be fine. But this time, it was more than this. My Graduation came to an end. A dream that I saw(that everyone accomplishes) got accomplished. But more than being happy for getting my life one level up, I always had one thought in mind every second- "I am going to leave my Graduation Friends behind". And this made me cry so many times that I don't think I have ever cried so much. Crying does not mean shedding tears every time but I have experienced lump in my throat almost 6753 times a day at an average. Hmm!!!

              In this 84-days Vacation, I have written 77 Blog Posts and read 36 Books(novels). This has been one of the most productive period of my life. But with it, I have also experienced the most emotional moment of my life (being out of depression, not including those days while saying this when I was in depression. Haha). First you develop friends, then you try to analyze who are of your type, then you select a perfect group comprising of everyone with the same thought process as of yours, then you witness some very beautiful moments with them, the unforgettable ones, and finally a day comes when you realize that you are so much tied with them that it's hard to leave them but unfortunately, that is the same moment when you have to say Good Bye and move on in life. Whenever I say this to anyone, the person immediately retaliates and makes me remember one of my Blog Posts "Dost Toh Aate Jaate Rehte Hain". My dear friends, because this is something I have experienced, I have scribbled it over my Blog. It is something that is too hard for me to handle, hence that Post came out as a Result but everyone mistook it as if I am too heartless to feel any emotions. I am the most Emotional person I know. Yes!!! And I am one of the most who succeed in hiding it from others. 

              I am finally a Successful Graduate. From tomorrow I will be going to attend My First Semester of Post Graduation- Master of Computer Applications. I will be meeting new people, new teacher, new staff, new classmates, new seniors, new college mates. I will be sitting in a new building, new classroom under a new ceiling, would be eating in a new canteen, will be halting for college on a new station, will be sitting among strangers and etc. Every time some similar moments would happen on which I used to laugh with my classmates in Graduation, I will look around to see them and laugh, and will end up realizing that all of them have been left behind in life. :-( Every time, I will feel like going to Canteen and crack jokes on other college mates sitting on other tables, I will realize that I don't have anyone with me with whom I used to share those silly jokes. I am stepping into a life that is unknown to me. Out of those 60 classmates I will have to face tomorrow, I might end up being BEST FRIENDS with few of them after 3 years; but tomorrow, their faces will irritate me, frustrate me and kill a part within me. They'll make me remember all the good buddies I had in Graduation. 1st August, 2012. Huh!!!! I don't know what experience I am going to get after 10 hours from now. 

              Tomorrow, I am going to step into a new land, new college, between new people and new environment. It's a new challenge for me. I'll have to once again fake happiness in front of new crowd to represent myself as one of the strong heart person. But through out the day, I would be weeping. I never really understood the POWER of FRIENDSHIP before Graduation but now I know why people send so many SMSes and Updates on FRIENDSHIP. And now I feel that I have won as a Good Human being because I have earned FRIENDS. I have people whom I can call anytime and ask for help. I hope Post-graduation will just mature me, improve me and acknowledge me more than what Graduation did. It's hard to stay strong when every cell of your body asks you to surrender, cry and lose. The 1st Semester will be the hardest to survive. I might get my sorts of people till the end of it but initially, I will have to face many challenges. I will be judged wrongly for some activities. I might get rumored for something that I am not associated with. I might turn out to be victim of someone else's wrongdoings. I might face embarrassment to the heights. But if LIFE would not have been so hard and difficult, who would have enjoyed living it? Right? 

             In the end, I would like to thank all my Graduation Friends for giving me the best Year from 2009 to 2012. Even The Blog would not have been so interminable if I would not have got the support that all of you gave. I wish all of you a Great Future. We may not meet every day, every month, every year from now but I promise that whenever I'll feel, I'll call anyone of you to meet me at my favorite hang-out place- Inorbit Vashi. :-) And I want to thank Sharon Vishnu who have been the only support throughout my admission process in MCA. Do welcome me tomorrow with a Friendly gesture. Because you will be the only known face. And Vrushali and Prashant, 3 more years with both of you. Bear me. :-) Vandana, Prema, Yusuf, Saquib, Gaurav and Sohail, stop missing me. :-(



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