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Beep You! You BeepHole by Smarak Swain!!!

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            I am too surprised after reading this book. Actually, its the same kind of surprise that I got after I saw Shahid Kapoor in the trailer of Kameeney. I never ever imagined this chocolate boy playing the role of a raunchy tapori. In the same way, after reading numerous books by Srishti Publishers, I never knew that they have published something that is not a story but almost a Non-fiction kind of writing. Several times I saw this book in bookstores/E-commerce websites but I always thought that it's some campus story and hence never concentrated on it. But now, after reading it, I am too surprised to know that Srishti Publication has published a Non-fiction book too. But, they should have mentioned it on their cover page too. As the readers have stereotyped them as Fiction Book Publisher and they may end up being fooled. "Beep You! You BeepHole" is the Non-fiction book by Srishti that I am talking about. It also has a tag line "The Black Book of Indian Cuss and Slurs". It is written by a 2006 batch graduate from IIT Kharagpur, author of an academic book on Applied Psychology and this particular book- SMARAK SWAIN. 

               BYYB is a book about understanding human and social behaviour through swearwords and slurs used by people. Across India, the kind of abuses and slurs that are being spoken by people are mentioned in this book with their meanings. Author has even tried to tell us the origin of the word. He has also told us about the slurs which are really hurtful and which are just spoken out of excitement and frustration. In the Volume 2 section of the book, author has also tried to give us some tips of how can we control the usage of cuss words in our daily life. :-) I know many of you are thinking that have this blogger learnt something from this book or not. :-) As I keep on abusing on Social networking sites. :-)

            This book was initially very irritating and I thought that the author wants to be a Wanna-be hence he has written such a senseless book where he is mentioning the abuses in almost every sentence. But once, the 4th Chapter was completed by me, I understood the main purpose of the book. It makes us realize how these bad words can affect someone. Author has given the word meanings of small abuses like Saala, Haraami, Kameeney etc also. This has really opened my eyes. I never knew that these small words has such dirty meanings. But I'm happy that the most used word by me "Chutiya" does not have any harmful meaning. :-) This book can affect you in many different ways. The one who abuses a lot will come to know the meaning of all the abuses. Hence, after knowing that it can harm a person's honour, he may stop abusing. In other case, those who abuse just because they feel that they are odd man out, may abuse more after knowing the meanings as they may think "Cool! If this has such a meaning, it will hurt him more" :-) The best thing is that you come to know about all the abuses that are being spoken in different languages in India. That will help you understand if someone from different state abuses you in his language. :) This book is surely written after an extensive research. But, it becomes boring after a while. Volume 2 may really help some over-abusive people to control their tongue. After knowing meanings of some words, even I have thought of not abusing my friends with those words. :-) If you are abusive, you should surely read this book. Else, I'll give it an average- 2.5/5.



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