14 July 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne !!!

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            There are some books that are meant for entertainment while there are some  that are meant for changing our life and thoughts. When I read the book that is meant for entertainment, I don't take it too seriously. But whenever I read a book that is meant for motivational purpose, I read every sentence with concentration, think and then go to the 2nd one. Therefore, "The SECRET" by "Rhonda Byrne" took 3 days to get completed. I heard about this book and a movie that is based on it from many people. I always had this book at No.1 Spot in my "To-be-read" list. Finally I got the chance after I finished all the books that I was committed to. And My God, the kind of book that this one is, I don't think that I need to say anything about it. People have already spoken a lot. The movie that is based on it with the same name is as popular as the book. The real good book is the one which is more famous and esoteric than the movie which is being adapted from it. And "The SECRET" is one such book. The odyssey of 3 days when I was reading this has been so beautiful and serene that I don't have any marvelous words to express and opine it. 

            As the name of the book suggests, this book is filled up with lots of SECRET that will CHANGE the way you THINK, LIVE and PRAY. For achieving anything, you'll remember this book and recollect all the tips and examples that are being shared. And when you'll apply them in your life, you will see the things coming towards you themselves. Your DREAM will not remain your dream anymore but they will be converted into REALITY. And before they'll become REALITY for you, you will already know that I am going to achieve it. Such is the power of those tips that are being listed out in this book. The book is basically about the "Law of Attraction" and how it applies in our lives too. We never think about this "Law of Attraction". This book will compel you to think about it and you'll agree to each and every point that this book has made. I am just dissolved in the motivation that the book has provided me. 

            The book tells how by seeing and thinking everything positively makes it a Reality for you. For once, I thought that the authors are trying to sound too good by saying all this, but while reading the book itself, I experienced the biggest experience of my life. It was "Friday the 13th" yesterday, the day which is considered to be unlucky and devastating. The one who'll see it with the same perspective, it will generate negativity in their day. The one who'll ignore the fact and will keep talking to himself "This Day is special" "This day is good" "Thanks Universe for giving me this day" "Something beautiful is going to happen" will surely see the Positive effect of it. This is what I learnt from the book. They would be calling Positive energies towards themselves. And there is enough energies in this Universe. I kept doing this. The day when the college that I was to be allotted for MCA was to be declared today. But I kept saying to myself that it'll come today and I'll get the college that I need. I didn't let the negativity come to me even for once. And the result, surprisingly, got announced yesterday itself and I got the college that I was praying for with all the positivism and pragmatism. I don't think that I can give any better example to you for why you should go for this Classic Book. 

             While reading itself, I applied one of their suggestion and saw the result. I don't know how many such results are coming up in my life. With every next page, the excitement of seeing our life getting changed increases and once the book ends, you want to read it again and again and again. I will surely read this once more. I have already read Robin Sharma's 10 books and that gave too much positivism to my life and this book has just sharped them more. I will not tell you about any chapters, any other things, I just want you to purchase this book and keep it with you. It has tips for gaining anything that you want- Money, Car, Home, Wife, Husband, Children and even any imaginary thing if you dream about it. :-) The examples and summaries are the best things about the book. I don't think that I have the so-called GUTS to give any rating to this book. It has already started changing my life. :-) It's your turn now.



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madhuri daga said...

hmm seriously this book is amazing...I have started reading this book 2nd tym..ppl who want some sort of change in der lyf must go through this atleast once..:)

Writing Buddha said...

Yes Madhuri mam, every one should read it..

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