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Tea for two and a piece of cake by Preeti Shenoy !!!

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             I still remember when I saw "Life is what you make it" by Preeti Shenoy in the Bestseller list of Flipkart, I was so keen on trying it. Finally I did and I ended up recommending it to all my female friends. It had something in it which made me fall into the girl character and see the whole story as mine. I was myself a patient of that sort hence I was too happy to witness that a writer has perfectly described the sickness. Then, Preeti Shenoy walked away leaving Srishti Publication and joined Random House for her 2nd Fictional novel "Tea for two and a piece of cake". Indeed the cover page is too attractive and colorful but I took time before finally picking it up. It took me 2 days to complete it(I don't know why as I complete 250 pages book in 5 hours :() and I can finally smile and say that Preeti Shenoy has lived up to my expectations. I can undoubtedly say that she is my favorite female author now. :-) Yes!!!

           Synopsis and Story of the book: Tea for Two and a Piece of Cake is a book that talks about the fickle nature of relationships, and how they may come to an abrupt end at any time. It charts the story of two people who fight enormous odds to be together, and here’s more.            Tea for Two and a Piece of Cake tells us the story of Nisha and the turmoils she undergoes in her life due to her relationship with two men. Nisha leads a perfectly ordinary life that’s hardly exciting till she’s 26, and she tries to live with the fact that men won’t find her chubby looks attractive. Little does she know that fate has other plans in store for her.            When the wealthy and suave Samir reciprocates her love, an ecstatic Nisha can hardly believe her fairy-tale lifestyle. But the fairy tale comes to a rather shattering end when Samir arbitrarily announces the end of their marriage after 8 long years.           Nisha is left abandoned - older, wiser and with two children, and she struggles to pick up the pieces and rebuild her life from scratch. As she see-saws through a series of emotions and feelings of pain and rejection, she finds Akash, an old friend, standing next to her through her dark days.Can Nisha build a new life with Akash or has her soured marriage put her off love forever?             The book is all about second opportunities in love.

              After reading the synopsis I was sure that the story is not much more than what is being scribbled on the back cover page but still I was adamant that the book will have enough substance to teach me some basic natures of human being as the author is Preeti Shenoy. Finally, I can smile that my guess turned out to be accurate. The story is exactly what it is written on the back cover but it has so many good elements in it that it has changed so many misconceptions I had. It has made me think about such attributes of human being about which I had no information about. Preeti Shenoy has once again written a book that is must for every female as well as male. Initially the book seemed to be boring and monotonous to me but after 50 pages, I started loving the twists that the authoress kept on inserting periodically. When the marriage gets broke up, we get to know Nisha's point of view. But the mail from Samir makes us think that even his point of view is genuine. And that is the moment since I accelerated my speed to know what's up next. 

                The book is basically about how marriage struggles if one of the either two starts dejecting the other for their personal interest. Here, Nisha gets intrigued in her children, hence Samir leaves her. It also tells us that one of the two shouldn't take any decision themselves if the other one is not sure about it. A struggle and dedication of a mother for her children is so perfectly described in this book. I got to know many more things that my mother would have done while raising me. It tells how the best friend can get jealous of you and might also snub you-directly or indirectly as soon as you see the lows of your life. And it tells how easily we should ignore them by forgetting the wonderful past with them. It is about accepting the opportunity for the second time even when the same opportunity troubled us when he chose them first. Nisha chose Akash even when her trust was broken by Samir. The book tells us how self-respect is to be preserved, how ego should be left behind, how every person should be judged on what he is and not by our past experiences with others etc. This is just few aspects I am talking about. The book teaches so many elements that I am getting a feel as I have matured twice than what I was before two days. :) Preeti Shenoy, HATS OFF to you. I am definitely giving this one a 4 on 5. GO FOR IT. Especially GIRLS!!!



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Unknown said...

You are right. Preeti Shenoy is the best female author of this era... Love both her & her works :)

Writing Buddha said...

Yes Srilakshmi mam.. She is an amazing authoress.

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