9 July 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

BOL BACHCHAN REVIEW- Chalaya hai Comedy se Baan Re!!!

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           Done with the 3rd movie in the cinema hall this year. Agneepath. Gangs of Wasseypur and now, Bol Bachchan. Whenever a movie of Rohit Shetty appears, everyone starts criticizing it for its brainless story line. Still he collects 100 crore easily. The same was said when Bol Bachchan's trailer came out. Initially, the film didn't do any Hungama in Box Office but on Sunday, it collected a decent amount making the movie Rohit-Ajay duo's best Opening ever. We saw them together in 2012 in a typical Bollywood flick- Singham which collected approximately 33 crore in its weekend while Bol Bachchan's weekend ended at 43 crore approximately. And it is said that today i.e. Monday, the movie got more audiences than Friday, the day when it released. :-) So it is quite visible and obvious that movie is being talked among people and it is turning out to be Hit because of words of mouth. I think this is going to be the 3rd 100 crore club movie of this calendar year. 

              Even when I am not a Rohit Shetty fan (but I liked Singham a lot), I have ended up watching 4 of the 8 movies that he has directed in theaters. :-) I don't know how does he pulls me to the cinema hall. In Bol Bachchan, you'll find that the director has made this one in a very different way. He is known for his Golmaal Series which has turned out to be quite monotonous now. But seeing this overall different movie from him is quite a surprise. I am happy with the way he has added funny dialogues every now and then. I got a sensation for peeing at the 5th minute of the movie but I ended up going only in the interval. :-) Enough Said. :-) Ajay Devgan, this guy is almost Rahul Dravid of Bollywood. As Dravid got sidelined all his life because of Sachin T, even Ajay Devgn got sidelined in 1990s because of KHANS. Finally, he has come out in a very different form. The kind of work that he has done in Singham makes us expect too much from him. Happily, I can say that he has not let me down in Bol Bachchan. Every time he came up on the screen with his broad chest, he made me remember Singham. And that was enough for me to rejoice one of the many ultimate works of Ajay Devgn. Every 3rd movie of this guy turns out to be such a hit that we forget the other two flops. 

             Coming on Abhishek Bachchan now. Recently, I saw his interview on Star Plus where he said,"Whenever I give a hit, it is being added up in the credits of the other actor who worked with me. Dhoom went to John, Dhoom 2 to Hrithik, Dostana again to John and Paa to Amitabh Bachchan. And if the movie turns out to be a disaster, the only one who is blamed is I". This is Yes, an injustice. After Guru and Paa, the movie which you'll remember for Abhishek B's best performance, Bol Bachchan is definitely going to be in the list. Rohit Shetty has given a totally new face of Abhishek B in the film. He is too promising. He didn't irritate like some of his movies like Raavan. Instead, he made me laugh so much. He is the SURPRISE ELEMENT of the film. Rohit Shetty said in an interview,"Zameen is my first Directorial venture. And Abhishek got a flop because of me. Since then I wanted to cast him in a Promising movie and finally I have done my job" and I totally agree with this man. He has really surprised everyone by trusting on Abhishek B and giving him something that he did so perfectly. 

             Else, Asin has no job in the movie. She is just kept because a character of Abhishek's sister is in the story. Prachi Desai gets to do little more than Asin and she looks promising. But still, these two actresses should not be given any credits for this movie. Already Asin's 3 out 4 movies are in 100 crore club. If this goes too, it will be 4 out of 5. FUCK!!! KRUSHNA is just terrific. Every time he came on screen, he made it sure that he performs so well that people forget him for his stand-up Comedy Circus's performances. You'll remember Krushna for Bol Bachchan after watching the movie and not for his performances in CC. Archana Puran Singh is also mind-blowing. She did her role perfectly. Actually, this film is like a movie to which Comedy Circus is the trailer. :-) You'll feel as if Rohit Shetty gave tribute to Comedy Circus and not to the film-Golmaal(old) of which this is the remake. 

              Coming to the songs,"Chalao Na Naino se Baan re" is the best. "Nachle" is cool. Title track is being played while the initial credits and Amitabh Bachchan looked better than both the leads. :-) I am too disappointed as one of the best songs "Jabse dekhi hai" sung by Mohit Chauhan is not included in the film. Why, Rohit Shetty? In short, I must say HIMESH RESHAMMIYA is back with a BANG. :-)

             The first action scene of the movie where Ajay-Abhishek blows all the villains made me excited to watch the movie with more interest. The scene where 3 different mothers are being introduced by Abhishek Bachchan is the best scene of the movie. It made me laugh like a crazy drunkard. Another equally comic scene is when Abhishek dances as a gay in front of Ajay. That is the perfect performance being delivered by Abhishek. If not for the movie, one should go for this dance. :-) In all, first half of the movie is too comical and I would give it 5 out of 5. Second half fails to compete with the first half so I'll give it an averagely good-3. Totally, it sets out at 4/5. :-) Now, don't compare me with Taran Adarsh. :-) When you go to watch a movie like Bol Bachchan directed by Rohit Shetty, you are being warned to keep your logical and intellectual brain at your home. I did the same and hence I enjoyed a lot. I am an audience and not a Critic ke jabardasti weak points aur flaws nikaalun. The film is totally Paisa Vasool. Rohit Shetty has directed in his same style, action-comedy, both at the same time, cars blasting and dashing with each other. Ajay Devgn is promising as usual. Abhishek bachchan and Krushna are the reasons for which this movie is gaining publicity and appreciation. GO FOR IT. ENJOY.



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Aakash Deep said...

Jiyo mere bhai. I will go for the movie. Definitely.

You rock.

Unknown said...

Totally agree to your's review bhai..U can watch dis movie again n again..

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Aakash deep sir for trusting. :-)

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks mamandeep bhai.

Rahul said...

ajay did great job as well as abhishek did well but asin role in this movie is not effective.....but the movie is great.i love it...

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