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Along the way by TGC PRASAD !!!

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           I just forget all the words and vocabulary that I have when I open this page to write a review for a good book. For a bad book, I am always up with many words to curse the author. :-) Recently completed reading a big book by Rupa Publications of 356 pages. But, it was worth it. It is the first novel by TGC Prasad. In his introduction,  I would say that he offers strategic, general management and HR consulting services to start-ups, small and medium enterprises, and Indian and MNC companies. He also offers executive coaching to senior management. He was on the board of Misys India, and has worked as country manager, global VP for Misys Plc. He has also worked with companies such as Wipro, Coopers & Lybrand, PWC, IBM, MindTree, and Alcatel-Lucent in various senior management roles globally and is on the advisory boards of several companies. Now, when a matured and experienced author with such kind of a profile will write a book, and that too a story that is based on the software field that he is working in from last 2-3 decades, it is sure that it will be a Page-turner and an epic work. The first fiction book by TGC Prasad that I'm talking about is "Along the way". Even if you are too lazy to read this review, let me tell you here itself- without any doubt, go and get this book. 

           This heartwarming love story offers a peek into the lives of software engineers and the workings of the IT industry. Romance, friendship, workplace politics, family dynamics and the clash of cultures are all part of the whacky mix of this page-turner- Actually this is how this book is defined on its back cover-page. And to my satisfaction, the book is exactly how the author/publisher has described it. It has all these elements in this book as the primary topic. None of them is discussed in secondary. Extremely funny book. It is full of humour, substance, maturity, intelligence, suspense(not much) etc. I don't need anything except all this in a book. And I got almost all the elements that I search for in a book. Even the characters are so perfectly described that you get attached to each one of them. And you don't want to screw even the villain boss- Mani. :-) You want even him to have a Happy ending in the climax of the story. :-) If you love Chetan Bhagat, I am telling you, don't miss this one. You will really miss something if you don't read this one. 

              The love story is simple in the initial part of the book but it is still a delight to read. Every character is given justice. About college, campus and its monotonous life, author hasn't wasted much time of the book, he has jumped to the Job part of the characters soon- And that is what I liked the most about the book. Author has made it sure before writing that what is the main motive behind writing this novel. Else, now-a-days, you know, story just flows anywhere it gets space. :-) 7 habits of Highly effective mean managers is a class by the author. :-) Even axioms. The project ReA kept a suspense alive in me. One-liners just made me laugh like stupid. I really screamed and laughed at some of them. :-) Even the PJs made my moment. "Adi and Swamy" chapter is just too surprising. "Salary Hikes" chapter just made me imagine the scenario and I laughed out like hell. "Shiva Samudram falls" chapter will make any addict leave and quit alcohol. The whole scenario of SRK is mind blasting. I just want to hear SRK's comment if he reads the book. :-) Torpedoes relation with the scene of Venkat's chat with his parents about Anjali is seriously the most interesting moment of the book. The character of Raj and Mani will remain in memory for a long time. Trivia between Venkat and Anjali's father is another masterpiece. The scene where Venkat replies with confidence and craze to the female officer in VISA office is another comic moment. Actually, there are many. I will just end up stealing the manuscript from the author's laptop and publish here in curiosity to make all of you read this one. :-)

              I didn't find any such drawback. And, coming to Rupa Publications, Chetan Bhagat's book at 95, now at 140 rs.. and this one at 295??? Why this Kolaveri Di? Please  reduce the cost so that every one ends up picking this one. But still, at such costly price, this book is still worth to buy and read. I am giving this one 4.5/5. AWESOME!!!


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Fever in Toddlers said...

I’m looking forward to learning more about TGC Prasad! All the best.

Anonymous said...

I didn't ever see...this much recommendation for a book from u.....book sales will be increase for sure... :)

Keep ON..

Writing Buddha said...

Yes he is a great author.

Writing Buddha said...

Raja, yes the book is very amazing. do read it.. any any how.

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