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Together by Ishita Bhown!!!

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             Many authors turned into one just by chance. They didn't have any aspirations or any such dream to be one. But when the life gave them an opportunity, they made it sure that they take benefit from it. Hence, in today's Indian book market, we get to see many such Commercial fictions which are not very great or epic stories but a personal diary kind of a thing. Every author has a past and he/she tries to pen it down with little mixture of fiction. If they don't, their friend has a past and they scribble it down too. Hence, while reading such books, I don't compare them with other good fiction books that I read time to time. And if the author is a debutante, I make it sure that I don't criticize them for too much simplicity in the book. But I do turn little stringent in their second book. Even if the first gets published by chance, I don't like people writing a simple story again in their second flick. One such debutante has been ISHITA BHOWN- born and brought up in Jaipur, has recently completed her B.Tech and is currently working with a leading software firm. General Press's published "Together" is her first fiction book in the market. 

           "Together" is the story of a girl who is quiet alien in her new world. The college of Engineering and the different people from different culture confuses her about how to take the life ahead without obstacles and loneliness. Finally, she starts developing friendship with a group of people who are as simple as she is. She starts liking her new company. She stops remembering her hometown as she rejoices every moment with her group. But an incident separates from her friends for a short while which teacher her many lessons of life. She understands the basics of Friendship, Relationship and even Love, by chance. 

            Ishita Bhown is one of the rare female young author we have around us. Ishita Bhown, as I said above, is an authoress by chance. Hence, I didn't expect much when I picked her first book up. Ishita Bhown has great thoughts, stories but the problem arises in forming sentences and clicking at the right area while talking about some incidents which needs more intensity. As it's her first book, that too at the age of 21, I will not judge much. But, I will surely like to see the standard of English little high in her second book.

           The initial chapters are very interesting. I would say that they are the best part of the book. The scenario when protagonist is caught with Lakshit is another heart chilling moment. :-) The scene of Jia and Kabir is another surprising element in the book. The climax is also suitable to the kind of story authoress has selected to scribble. In all, I would say that the story is simple in terms of twists and tales. The target audience for this book are the readers belonging to the age group of 15-20 mainly. 



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