18 July 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Guwahati's Molestation Case Made Me Write This :-(

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            I often ask my friends how proud are they of being a Brother to their respective sisters. And the answer that I get for 90% of times is "I am proud of having her as my sister but I fear about her safety and future because I have nothing in my hands". Raksha Bandhan is coming soon and once again our sisters will tie us Rakhi and request to keep her safe for the whole life. How many of us would seriously promise her from our heart about her safety? I don't think a single one from us can do this. I don't have sister but I am pretty sure that what happened in Guwahati is enough for me to be doubtful about me being a Bodyguard to a girl. How weak our world is, how exploited people's mind is, how unsafe we are and how dangerous our country is!!! After seeing the video footage where a 16 years old girl is being molested by 20 men/boy and other equal number of them watching her getting molested while a Media person of News Live filming it rather than calling police or interfering makes me feel how insecure everyone is. Not only girls, but also boys. We are familiar with Keenan and Reuben's case where the boy interfered when his girl friend was being eve teased and the man stabbed him to death. The culprits are still roaming free as no one knows who they are. While the boy was being murdered on the road, the people around just kept watching rather than interfering or calling police. We can't even say that the Guwahati girl would have been safe if some boys would have interfered. Yes, she might have got safe but we would have heard another case of murder on road. 

            People are saying that they are ashamed of being Indian after the case. This is not the moral of the story. Even our Indian brethren were getting thrashed in Australia, the country that is known for its rules, regulations, systems and accuracy. So we can't blame our country for this. Every country and the whole world is facing such extremes. The media person filmed the shameful scenario for 30-40 minutes without stopping the boys who are a shame to the whole gender clan. And these are the same Media people who keep screening "Maha Behes" every now and then over the issues which could have been avoided if government, police, neighbors or citizens would have been alert. What do you do when you are alert has been seen by the whole nation. There have been several other instances too when we came to know that you were filming rather than ceasing the crime. The media person not only filmed it for 30-40 minutes, also didn't inform police and more to that, he uploaded the video without blurring the girl's image on Youtube. Already the girl would have been so scared when those boys were beating and molesting her on the road, then she would be so depressed and scared to realize that 40-50 men saw her getting her cloth torn off by those dogs after reaching home somehow, and more to that, just imagine her situation now when she is been seen by the whole nation. How will she move out of the Four walls of her house? How will she face the cruel world now who blames the girl rather than the boys those who commit this heinous crime? And the Women's department that went to see her at her home, published her name too. HELL!!! 

Guwahati's criminals
             Some boys think that a girl exposing body, having alcohols and being adventurous is a Slut and giving her punishment is their own job. Boys, you do several such activities for which you should be hung till death. After the crime took place, I was unable to talk to any of my girl friends as I was scared that they might judge me on the basis of what these 30 boys committed. Because of some dogs, all the boys have to suffer insult and ignorance. And who are we to judge a girl and give punishment? Just because a girl comes out from a Bar, she is meant to be ill-treated because she did something that is not allowed in our so called society and culture? Fine, a boy does the same but he is not punished in the same manner because he is physically strong than a girl. A girl can't retaliate hence she is made to bear all the powerful attack from the opposite sex. Even when I see a boy getting beaten up by a group of 3 or more boys, I feel pity on him. Thinking about a girl being molested by 30 men is something that is making me too furious. While Anna Hazare shouts for corruption and Baba Ramdev shouts for black money, I would say that these are secondary things in our life, the basic things are out of our hands and reach. Please, ensure that we are safe. 

            A "Khap" came out with their own fatwa-kind-of-a-thing which said that a girl is not meant to roam around after the sunset. Actually, I don't really find anything worth criticizing in it. Every youth is being asked to stay in limits. Boys are asked to ride motor-cycles below the speed of 60 km but they don't find it adventurous until the speed is not more than 85. Girls are asked to wear appropriate dress but they don't find anything fashionable until and unless they don't find their body attractive from boy's point of view. I am almost 23 still I haven't learned how to ride bikes because I know that it's dangerous. When autos are available why is it necessary? I am familiar with the fact that just ONE accident can take my life away or 10 bones of my body broken. So its better to be away from this until and unless I don't get stuck in an urgency where I'll have to ride bikes. Neither do I go for Night-outs like other boys as I am also aware that it's a Friend who wants to take your life and not an Enemy after reading many articles in newspaper. It's one of our own friends who gets jealous about us; and plans for a crime against us. 

          When Kiran Bedi said that these kind of activities are prone in the places like bars, discotheques and late night parties, youth wrote so much against her. Isn't she right? Why should a girl go to bar? Is alcohol so necessary in life? Why can't one have party in afternoon? Why is late night parties so indispensable? Why can't girl say NO to her boyfriend(considering the fact that boyfriends had also been part of rapes) when he asks her to come with him to a friend's vacant flat? I know that it's not 100% sure that a girl or a boy might be safe after restricting themselves from alcohols, bars, discotheques, friend's vacant room etc. But at least we can try our best from our side, can't we? People are asking where was the police when the girl was being molested for 40 minutes on road. There are 150 Crore people in India, do you think its feasible and sensible to think that the number of police we have can protect all of us? We will have to take our own care. And when a Singham, Dabangg kind of a policeman like ACP Dhoble comes to stop the rave and night-out parties, the same Mumbaikars who are outraging against police's absence in Guwahati's case protests Dhoble. You don't like the one who remains absent when you are in problem and you don't even want to follow the one who is trying to stop you from doing what is not very necessary in life and may turn out to be hazardous for you. What exactly we youth wants? FREEDOM with NO DISADVANTAGES. Aren't we IDIOTS if we think so? 

           If we will consider the girl who is being molested(I know it's not appropriate to judge her now but I'll have to), she was coming back from a bar, in short skirt, after sunset without her parents or anyone. How much effort did she take in prevention of her own body and soul? Now, you'll say that "Does this gives permission to the boys to molest and rape her?". No, they don't but can You and I or anyone change the mindset of some ignorant idiots? We can't. So it's our responsibility to keep ourselves safe. If I am out for a Night-out with my friends who are having Alcohols, I have kept myself in a Danger Zone already. If anyone of them starts stabbing me with a knife, I can't cease them as there would be no one to hear me. On Porn sites, I have seen so many MMS Clips where a girlfriend is been kissed, unclothed and romanced by her partner in a room. The girlfriend keeps on asking her boyfriend to stop recording the video. But the boyfriend does not hear and she can't shout at him. She knows that she is already in a room with him and if she'll shout more, he can do extremes with her. And later, this video is out on every Porn site. So when being with our own partner isn't safe, how can we trust others? 

           So friends, I am not saying that a girl is meant to be molested or raped if she wears exposing dress or a boy is meant to be beaten if he is alcoholic but we are very prone to be if we are not in the way we are meant to be. Please understand the strong message behind my post. No Police, No Parents, No Friends, No Media, No Citizens are meant to come at the time when we are in DANGER, it is we, ourselves who can SAVE ourselves. So, as we have heard "PREVENTION is BETTER THAN CURE", let's prevent ourselves. 

   AND MY HEART GOES TO THE GUWAHATI GIRL. The recent news is that 90% of those criminals are being arrested, just two or three are left. I hope a strict action is being taken against them so that the others who feel that a girl coming out of a bar is meant to be molested and raped can understand the consequences of turning their dream into reality. 



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Swanand Jadhav said...

Nice Article.
Strong Views.
I think and this is my personal view that Girls are subject to restriction of alcohol and all in our society because that Girl will become a Mother some day and it will be her who will be teaching values to the children. This cannot be expected from Males because no one connects to a child more than his/her Mother.
And once someone said If one woman from a house gets educated the whole house gets educated.

Anonymous said...

Nice Article.
Strong Views.
I think and this is my personal view that Girls are subject to restriction of alcohol and all in our society because that Girl will become a Mother some day and it will be her who will be teaching values to the children. This cannot be expected from Males because no one connects to a child more than his/her Mother.
And once someone said If one woman from a house gets educated the whole house gets educated.

Anonymous said...

amazing one.. It has certainly hit deep in my heart.. THUMBS UP - kashyap

Divya (Virmani) Chadda said...

Completely agree with you, Abhilash! I was mentally disturbed when I saw this news. I felt like I should go and meet this girl and give her courage to 'literally' shoot every one of those molesters in public. I was so agonized with this episode that I started tweeting to throw some anger out. I really don't understand when will our nation wake up? On one side we talk about equality and how our country is advancing and on the other side we hear these stories in the news. It's unacceptable! I strongly feel that our law won't give justice and this girl should take it in her own hands!

Rahul Thakur said...

Nice Article Veerubhai...prevention is better than cure..

Anonymous said...

Exceptionally well written. I can't agree with you more. You have presented both the sides of the story and aptly explained the case. My father who is in Police and has 20 years of experience says " In majority of case we are responsible for what happens to us"... For instance, he doesn't let me to ride bike because he has faced an accident while riding bike, so he says why not buy a car and ride that and it safer than bike. I agree to his notion and have till date avoided as much as I can to ride though I know girls want guys with bikes and money ... Apart from this I don't drink or go for night outs. My friends have always said I am conservative and my reply always is that there are thousands of other ways to enjoy life, I will choose which suits me and my future. The girl was underage and she should not have been drinking. Parents have some role to play in order to guide them such that they don't commit stupid act.

And coming to point of Porn films. Here's a shameless confession, I have watched quite a lot of Indian porn films in the past :P. I have seen that a majority of girls don't even know that their pics or videos would soon land up on a porn site. I saw a video called "Saharanpur Scandal" where the girl committed suicide after she came to know that here bastard boyfriend has posted the video on net. And Abhilash I don't agree with you when you say that girl can't do anything when she in room and being recorded. The girl can resist. It's our choice. I will consider dying rather than my video being filmed which can be used for wrong purposes. I remember a friend who had a nude pic of her girlfriend. When both of them broke up, the guy threatened to post the pic on various sites and paste throughout the college. thereby make the pic viral. The girl was about to commit suicide. I along with a friend of mine, however, stopped her else she would have committed suicide. I just don't understand how big time idiots these people are. God helps those, who help themselves. Girls have to help themselves. They need to learn Marshall arts compulsorily and become mentally strong to deal with bastards who are stain to humanity. I hate this "Male Ego" thing, and I have felt that even I have it. We men can't accept that a girl can get better marks or have anything better than us. We just can't digest how a weaker gender can take away something which has belonged to them for years. Girls/ Women need to Stand Up and Demand their rights to live as per their choice. But I repeat, we must not invite trouble. Keep Safe and Live Freely. Cheers


Anonymous said...

One of the best post of ur's...

Keep ON..

Aakash Deep said...

Very well written and presented.

What I really admire in you is your hunger to write more and more :)

Keep doing the good work.


Anamika said...

Grt attempt !! I agree to 95% of it n must say really appreciate d way its being concluded..
Strong views n Strong msg..Agree b'cos "Every body has to fight its own unique war "

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks to all. I have read all the comments but it is very hard to write so many blog posts related to the topic again in reply as comments.

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks sreedhar

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