7 July 2012 | By: Writing Buddha


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            Reviewing a Non-fiction book is always a challenge to me as I read Fiction books back to back. After reading some 15 of them, I pick up a Non-fiction. In Fiction, I can get to know the faults as I have read so many but in Non-fiction, I find it too challenging to rate a book. Recently, I completed a book by Dhiraj Kumar. The name of the book is THE ASOCIAL NETWORKING Musings of the Real and Online Worlds. Dhiraj Kumar was born in Jamshedpur, studied engineeering in Sindri and MBA from IIT Kanpur. He has worked as a SAP consultant in the city that has Bangalored its way into the English dictionary. 

              The book "THE ASOCIAL NETWORKING" is about the newfound obsession driving people of all kind to network with their friends online rather than communicating with the one who is standing besides them. Everyone is so audacious to say a HII to a stranger on Facebook but not in the real world. The author has tried his best to tell you the difference of doing the same thing on Facebook and in real world. He has managed to clear many of the things that we wanted to convey. He has given many valid points about this scenario. Anyone who has stopped communicating with his real friends, parents and relatives, need to read this book to get the understanding of what importance communication has in real life. 

              While reading this book, I found various elements that forced me to think about my behaviour. Is it appropriate to upload each and every thing about me on Networking sites? Is it genuine to upload my pictures and show people that I am turning smarter day by day? And why do I do it? What do I get from it? This book also compelled me to think the important elements that I am missing in my real life because of these Social networking sites. And some of the chapters in this book really made me realize that there can be so much which I can do to make my real life interesting but I think that these things make my real life pleasant. Some chapters in this book are really intriguing while some are so repetitive while some are very boring. The language used in this book is too good but the book could have been kept shorter. I don't understand the logic of keeping a book of 320 pages plus when the same things could have been said in just 200 pages too. But everyone who loves to upload each and every thing on Facebook should read this book once. I could have given this book 3 but for its useless length, I am giving it just 2.5. Thanks.


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