15 July 2012 | By: Writing Buddha



               Everyone of us know about the Guwahati molestation case that has taken place recently. It is as shameful as raping your mother and sister. I want to write on this topic but it is a proud feeling to see my Cousin sister speaking on the topic. Priyanka Dube, my cousin based in Navi Mumbai wrote this article in DNA Mumbai even when I didn't know about the case. The DNA has edited her article according to their terms. Hence, my sister wanted it to come on my BLOG so that my readers and even who drop here incidentally gets to know about what a girl questions after seeing such incidents happening in our surrounding. I will be Blogging about this but later. Now, it's time to hear what a Girl of 17 years old questions when she sees another 16-17 years old girl getting molested by 30-50 men openly. 


               I was always affected by our surroundings. Always thought about doing something about it. But didn't know what to write or rather how to. And then I started reading my bhai's writings whom people know as big blogger, abhilash, etc blogs. And saw what a fantastic job he is doing. This article that I have written couldn't have been there if his blogs didn't exist. The first moment that I started writing this article with all my heart I clearly knew my effort wouldn't be wasted as I knew if no newspaper publishes, my bhai would be there. So thanks Bhai and I hope it will at least awaken one man's conscience.

A 17 years old GIRL QUESTIONS US !!!


         I write this letter minutes after seeing the report on NDTV about one of the most disgraceful and disgusting incident taking place in our beautiful country INDIA. Where one side we everyday worship GODDESS LAKSHMI & SARASWATI and on the other side we see such a heart wrenching sight of a normal 16 year old girl.

           I completely fail to understand what kind of thinking goes in the mind of these boys when they commit such a shameful crime. I'm sure these boys are born normally. How do they get guts to forget their own mother while committing such a disgraceful act? Is this what 'mardaangi' means in India? Not even once did I see any man coming in the picture to help the poor girl. Why? Does the girl's self respect or pride have no meaning to these men around us? Being a 17 year old myself I can completely understand and comprehend with the girl's situation. It tears my heart out and makes me again disbelieve that we can trust anyone around us. Why? The boys involved in the incident are also of my age. Then why can't they understand a girl's plight. Why? How do they forget that we are also humans! Then why treat us like some toys? This incident is not new for girls. Every day when we girls step out of the house, why we and our parents are suggested about how or what kind of problem we will have to face in the society. Why is each day of our life some kind of a war?

          Since we are a toddler, we are fiercely protected from this bad world. Even in school we are protected from bad boys and we are taught how to behave. But why aren't boys taught the same thing? Like seminars are held regarding career courses, vigilance, etc why aren't workshops held for boys at the very school level to teach them and awaken their conscience about how a girl feels when you pass a lewd comment or wrongly stare at her or the most disgusting behaviour of trying to touch her. Do these boys for once realize how badly it affects the girl's psychology? Though I'm positive that in wake to this incident reported by the media, the culprits will be punished but will the girl ever be able to come back to her normal life? Will she be able to forget this incident and move on in her life? Will she ever trust a man in her life? The kind of torture she has undergone can't be understood and equaled with even murdering these boys. But it will serve as a good lesson to all the road side Romeos. It's high time the people of our country especially men of our country wake up.



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Unknown said...

I agree to this blog whic ur sister has written I completely agree with it :-|

Anamika said...

Yes Wen incidents like these happen surely every girl has all these questions running in her mindset...I too have one simple question "Is der an answer to all these questions ??"
I guess No..Ye Sawaal jitne mushkil hai unke jawab milna unse zyada mushkil hain :(

Anonymous said...

Very well written..I completely agree with the views.!!

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks for everyone for supporting my Sister. It has been 2 weeks still this is 3rd popular post. Thanks a lot to everyone.

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