30 June 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

First Half 0f 2012 Ends- Do you remember the RESOLUTIONS that you boasted about??

622nd BLOG POST -->>

                I still remember the day when the world was celebrating the arrival of 2012 and I was busy writing a Blog Post so that I can publish it exactly at 12 AM and make it the first Blog Post of the year. :-) Today, its 30th June and after few minutes, we will be in the Second Half of this year. And I'm still writing this Blog to publish it before 1st July arrives. :-) Today, it's the correct time to analyze how has the last 6 months of our Present year has been. Everyone of us do make some Resolutions. And 90% of us forget them. Therefore, I always suggest all my friends to keep a Personal Diary even if they don't update it as passionately as I update my Blog, Tweets and other scribbling areas. :-) I do have a personal Diary which I update once every week. It's so entertaining to keep a track on myself. It helps me to be better than what I was yesterday. And through a personal diary, I always get to know the change in me in comparison to the week that has passed, the month that has passed and to be more detailed, how the present year is in the comparison to all that has gone away in the years that are never going to return back. 

             I did write the Resolutions of 2012 in my Personal Diary and to my surprise, in the First Blog Post of 2012 too. If you have missed it, you can read it here- 2012 Starts and Yes, I have RESOLUTIONS !!!. And as the First Six Months of 2012 has gone, it is an accurate moment to check the Resolutions and see what has been achieved and what is yet to be accomplished. There were 5 Major Resolutions that I had in my mind, on the 1st January 2012 that I have also listed in the blog mentioned above, they were- 

  1. To get a good college for MCA
  2. To pass BCA successfully as I would not be getting admission in MCA without    passing :-)
  3. To write 200 Blog Posts in the calendar year
  4. To start writing the most ambitious thing of my life- My First Book
  5. To read 50 Books.

              Now, going through the Resolutions, I am quite relaxed. Because it seems to be as almost everything that I had as a Target in this year has been either accomplished or is above 80% in the Progress Bar that is executing on the Booting screen of my mind. :-) I have passed BCA successfully and I am going to begin with MCA's admission procedure from next week. I have already secured a Rank that is enough to evaporate all the tension I should be having regarding the Admission. So, the First and Second Resolution is complete. Coming to the 3rd, this is my 110th Blog Post of 2012, I just have to write 90 Blog Posts in next 182 days. As I have maintained the average of writing 1 Blog Post in 1.6 Days in first 6 months, I can easily accomplish the target of next 6 months as I can even afford to write a Blog Post on every alternate days. :-) So, almost I am on my way to accomplish the 3rd one too. Coming to the 4th one, I am still lacking. I haven't begun writing my book. I'll have to at least start writing it to meet the Resolution's demand. I'll have to think upon this. :-) And coming to the 5th and the last resolution, I am currently reading 35th Book of the year. So, 15 books more(in the next 6 months) and the 5th Resolution would be accomplished too (And 15 books will be read in the month of July itself :-)). So almost 4 out of 5 Resolutions have been met successfully. :-)

            Our life comprises of uncountable seconds and minutes that form Limited Hours. These hours then make our Days and the Days turn into 52 Weeks, which  forms just 12 months. And Finally, one end up living a year of our life. If we will keep on wasting each second or each minute or each day, we can never meet any requirements that are essential for our Life to be something where we want it to be. I still have a big regret of wasting the following years in my life- 2006, 2007 and 2008. Hence I try to do as much work as possible so that even these Black Dots in my life can be covered such that no one can point at them and say "See you bloody failure, you were a loser in these years of your so called successful life". Everyone blame me for sleeping less, but have I not spent those hours of sleeping in working and developing, I would have not been so blithe today as all my Resolutions would have committed suicide by now. :-)

            My only request to all of you is- Before you regret wasting 2012 in useless activities like watching Sports, Movies, Sleeping and Texting, start if from this minute itself. Start reading Good Books. Start following the Tips that they give. Start working on the ambitions you have in life. Start performing every damn activity that will fulfill the dreams that your parents have for you. Start doing every bit such that on 31st December, 2012, when everyone would be praying God for making 2013 the Best year of their Life as they would have already wasted 2012 like every damn year that came in their life, you would be smiling at them and counting all the good works that you would have listed in your Personal Diary. :-) If you don't have a Personal Diary, Go Tomorrow, its 1st July, buy one and enter all the major successes of your life in it with all the downfalls too. And decide how the next 6 months of 2012 will be. And don't give that bloody idiotic reply to me that- 21st December is the last, why to think so much. I am telling you, if this will be the attitude, surely the world will turn upside down, leaving only you to survive alone. :-) You will end up dying by swimming continuously in the Water as it's said- Earth will be covered by Water on the day when it will eat all the Human Kinds, their inventions and creations and other living beings. :-) 

                I know I am talking like a Boring Lecturer but as I have seen Changes and Development in my life since I started noting down the targets of my life in my Personal Diary and keeping tracks of them, I want everyone to grow and improve with me. :-)

    Enough. Let's welcome the Second Half of 2012. And we will surely meet on 22nd December too. :-) 

P.S.: Last Time I wrote 30 Posts or more in a month was in July 2010. Finally after two whole years, I have managed to do it again. :-)



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Unknown said...

A good one ARB really ur xpressing ur view very nicely hey but its nt a boring leutr ok so chill keep it going on & on & follow ur resolution :) ;-)

Vijay Rajput said...

Hi Abhilash,

I will suggest one thing. Don't start writing book only sake of resolution.

Wait think.

Do you possess a story worth to share with World.

Will you able to call it your magnum opus.

It will be your decision when you want to start it.

But don't come up with something that will be lost in piles of contemporary books.

Best Wishes!

Yogesh said...

true said vijay, Bhai don't ever write a book in a rush just make a best plot on it.. There are many people who've been waiting for your book and i'm one of them. :)

Aarthi Baskaran said...

good..!! it wasn't boring at all..!1 waiting for your book :)

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Mahesh... I m happy that u didnt find this blog boring. :-)

Writing Buddha said...

Vijay, buddy, you know since when In thinking about this. I have the whole plot and story line in my mind. The only problem is that whenever I open MS WORD to start, I get under confident and I leave. :-) I hope there will be a day this year that will finally make me GO :-)

Writing Buddha said...

Yogesh, dont make me nervous, friend. hahaha.

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Aarthi, u made me double nervous. :-)

Anamika said...

Wow grt going bt wait "I haven't begun writing my book " hmmmmm...Nway All d best...hope u start writing soon..i think we've discussed a lot on dis bt i'll say it again...Waitingggggggggggggggg !!!!

Writing Buddha said...

Hahahaha.. Anamika, you are naughty.. seriously.. :-)

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