10 July 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Chetan Bhagat's 1st Non-Fiction Novel- "What Young India Wants"

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           Whenever it comes to Chetan Bhagat, so many people have so many views. Many call him the Most Entertaining Indian Fiction Novelist while others thank him for releasing Toilet papers for them. If you ask about my opinion, I have been his fan from last 3 years. I have read each of his novels and I think my Fiction blog posts are quite influenced by his writing style. I don't copy him but it is just that I admire him a lot as a Writer hence my Posts has some similarities with his Narrating style. I still can't forget the day when I met him in September, 2011. Since then, I have been so motivated about my Blog and Writing thing that it has become an endless journey. 

            Now Chetan BHAGAT is out with his 6th novel. YES!!! This is not a Fiction story like the last five. But it is the compilation of all the articles, speeches and columns that he has written and delivered. He has tried to make it look as a 208-page novel. I have no idea about what exactly is in the book but I am as excited as I was before reading Revolution 2020. That's a different story that I didn't like Revolution 2020 but it has not converted me into a loser like every shit critic who call his book Toilet Paper just to gain some attention. 

              The name of Chetan Bhagat's FIRST NON-FICTION Novel is " WHAT YOUNG INDIA WANTS" with the tagline of "Selected Essays and Columns". 

    The synopsis of the book:

In his latest book, What Young India Wants, Chetan Bhagat asks hard questions, demands answers and presents solutions for a better, more prosperous India.
Why do our students regularly commit suicide?
Why is there so much corruption in India?
Cant our political parties ever work together?
Does our vote make any difference at all?
We love our India, but shouldnt some things be different?
All of us have asked these questions at some time or the other. So does Chetan Bhagat, Indias most loved writer, in What Young India Wants, his first book of non-fiction.
What Young India Wants is based on Chetan Bhagats vast experience as a very successful writer and motivational speaker. In clear, simple prose, and with great insight, he analyses some of the complex issues facing modern India, offers solutions and invites discussion on them. And, at the end, he asks this important question: Unless we are all in agreement on what it is going to take to make our country better, how will things ever change? Non-fiction If you want to understand contemporary India, the problems that face it, and want to be a part of the solution, What Young India Wants is the book for you.

     The book is releasing on 7th August, 2012. Not even a month to go. Book is up for Pre-ordering at just 98 rs while its MRP is Rs. 140. Get it pre-ordered right now before it gets Sold out. You can pay once the book gets delivered at home to the Delivery Boy as "Cash on Delivery" facility is available. Go FOR IT. Link for purchasing "What Young India Wants" is given below by me in the form of banner.



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Pooja Mahimkar said...

i have read almost all chetan bhagat books, but none has actually helped me get inspired. his books are good for some light reading but when people group it with the LITERATURE category thats when the real dislike comes up.

Anonymous said...

waiting for the book :)

Unknown said...

looking forward

Writing Buddha said...

Yes Pooja, you are right in your own way.

Writing Buddha said...

Coming on 7th this month.. August.

Harshita Srivastava said...

I agree with you. There are many people who would think he is a DISGRACE to Literature but then if he wouldn't have come out with FPS there wouldn't have been people like you and me :D

pratyusha said...

Iam a gr8 fan of chetan...with whose books iam very much influenced..now eagerly w8ng for his first non-fiction novel....

Majorsri said...

I agree, that many have many opinions about him. But one thing is for sure, he made lot of people read in our country. Decent, clean and simple writing style dude. Keep doin it.

Rahul said...

What Young India wants A BIG TIME DISASTER !!!! A WASTE OF TIME & MONEY.....!!!
I don't know why Chetan wanted to write such a book at a stage when his career was shining, the book from starting to end seems to be disconnected and vague. Yes youth has power but there are ways to mobilize it not with writing fictitious crap please enter the practical world.

Sorry Chetan a poor show this time.

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