26 July 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

26/7- The Day Took 5000 Lives from Mumbai :-(

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            It's 26th July today. I don't think any Mumbaikar can forget this day. This still remains to be another black 26th for Mumbaikars. One being 26/11 while another being 26/7 when flood struck Mumbai in 2005 killing 5000 people. Already the Gujarat floods gave a sudden shock to many in June 05 but just a month later, what happened in Mumbai is still in minds of Indians. As Mumbai is one of the productive cities of India, the productive people were on roads when the flood struck. They were caught on road, lost their homes and many had to walk long distances in water logged roads to reach their home. The rainfall because of which Mumbai had to bear one of its darkest day was recorded to be world's 8th heaviest ever recorded 24 hours rainfall. The rain continued with almost the same intensity on 27th too, but slackened between 28th to 30th July but picked up its intensity on 31st July again. Maharashtra government asked every Mumbaikar to stay at home between 29th July to 2nd August. Even the schools were given holidays. 

             It was not only the rainfall that brought Mumbai to halt but the heavy storm was the main reason because of which people started panicking. The Local train, which is the reason for the success of Mumbai, halted at 2.30 PM on 26th July because of water logging on tracks. And because of this, the traffic on roads increased too. Finally giving a final Full stop to the people of Mumbai who are known for running and running and running. There are very few instances when Mumbai stops and this is one of the most talked incident. The road traffic mooted at the level that the BEST buses started taking 4 hours to reach Mahim from Churchgate. And the situation worsened more when the cellphone networks went down in the evening by 5 to 6 PM. Almost at the same time, Powai Lake had started overflowing. My father was also trapped in this flood. As I was also scared like other Mumbaikars, I remember the Timeline almost by heart till now. 

              The government started rescuing people by buses and boats. Free foods were provided to the people those were stuck. Many people who lost their home were also shifted in Municipality schools, local buildings and other vacant places. The animal's blood and body were floating on the water scaring people of getting severe diseases. As the gutters and sewage systems got jammed, the contamination started spreading everywhere. 

                  The direct loss that was recorded financially by Government was up to 450 crores. The ATM facilities were closed for 3 days. Bank branches weren't working. Mumbai's domestic/international airports didn't function for more than 30 hours for the first time. Over 700 flights were cancelled. Mumbai-Pune expressway was closed for the first time in history because of landslides. 52 local trains damaged. 37,000 auto rickshaws spoiled. 4000 taxis damaged. 900 BEST buses damaged. 10,000 trucks and tempos grounded. The major factors that were vindicated for the flood were antiquated drainage system, uncontrolled, unplanned development in Northern suburbs and destruction of mangrove ecosystems. Many international documentaries included pictures of Mumbai floods after that. Two movies were also made based of Mumbai floods one being Tum Mile by Mahesh Bhatt. 

              On this day, that will always remain one black day for Mumbai, I would like to pay condolences to all the families of 5000 lives that turned into bodies 7 years ago. Many didn't even get their member's body for the last rituals. Nothing can be more horrible than this. Let's pray for them today. It's my Thursday fasting and I would be praying for them in Sai temple today. May the soul of every person who is not with us rest in peace forever. :-(



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dharanee said...

its really scary! i can remind how i watched it over the television :( impressive writing yaar! hats off to you for these words im memory of that disaster

Aditya Kasar said...

That horrifying day!! still fresh in my mind. Stuck in college the whole night and sorry to mention but at times when people were helping each other there were also some dick heads selling food for thrice the price and filling their pockets.
Reading this article made me revisit that black day, and hats off for the details you have furnished.

Canadian Economy said...

And in haryana there are no rain...We need this ...in NCR there are so hot....

Writing Buddha said...
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Writing Buddha said...

Aditya sir, such kind of incidents are always very scary.. and even when we want it to be forgotten we cant get over them.

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Dharanee.. :-)

Writing Buddha said...

Canadian Economy, I hope our country will do something about it too..

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