1 February 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Will I Rock Or No??

            120TH BLOG -->>

         Finally the weekend is over..and as it ended up I enjoyed watching Star Screen Awards on Star TV which distributed quite a fair awards...It didn't raged the feelings and burst up the feelings of aggression by giving wrong awards..Shahid did his best as the HOST for the first time....I enjoyed him...He isn't Kaminaa at all....Days are wasted in these ages like anything...The journey from Dawn to Dusk ends so fast that there is a will to change our modus-operandi..Im rapacious for my timings and my work but sometimes your laziness and drizziness dont let you mark your presence at the very first ladder of success and achievement..and thus you remain back....Im very sad with my performance from last one month but I dont know why Im unable to help it and grow up...Hope as the days will pass by..I'll again be matured as I was in sem-1...It was a new beginning so there was a new zeal to perform but now as the thing BCA is old..My desire to get something is getting sunk...

              College days are the best days you can ever imagine...You shouldn't miss even a single flick of it as ONCE A MOMENT PASSES YOU CAN'T REGAIN IT...Right from my secondary classes and while I was in Junior college..I kept hearing the word FEST...I never understood what exactly this is...But now when Im here in the college...and when my college came with this enormous platform of talents and enjoyment...I felt like doing something Innovative..Doing something HATT Ke...Last time I felt the same enthusiasm @ Fresher PARTY...and for that I bought new dresses worth rs 900 just for some hours..and that will to do something Hatt Ke made me a CYNOSURE of that day 19th September,2009...I won Mr.Fresher and people after that started recognizing me..and then this Blogs are famous too...And now as my FEST WEEK is starting right from tomorrow...Im full of excitement and craze...I dont know any schedule and modus operandi and frame of the works and this function...But I do know that its a college activity where we have to show how frank we are and how cool we are...In this race, you always have a fear within you that will it be possible for you to grow up as a best performer ..

               Tomorrow is the 1st day of the FEST WEEK and its starting with the TRADITONAL DAY...As usual my lazy class and useless mates have no ideas and no support..Everyone has the only Gheesaa Peeta idea of wearing Kurta and Pyjama...One Muslim guy said Pathani...again his normal wears...But here the Mr.Fresher is up with the innovation...In the journey of being like Aamir Khan- MR> PERFECTIONIST...Im doing some activities of which even I dont know the conclusions...Im going to be a SARDAR tomorrow...With a rented TURBAN on my head...Fake Beard and Moustache...Kurta and Jeans below like Circuit of Munna Bhaai movie..and then a desire to be the best...Have confidence..Lets see what happens Tomorrow..One of the friend said on SMS that see Ifyou will be alone like that people can take you as a fool..I replied "If this would be the feeling then Aamir Khan would have never made GHAJINI.." and he AGREED....So lets see...What 1st FEBRUARY brings to me..


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